The American Idol Season 14 and Taylor Swift and My Composer Wife

American Idol Season 14 is here! I think I was able to watch 4 episodes already? As I have read in the articles about this Season, they are looking for not just a singer but an artist. Somewhere in the likes of Taylor Swift? Oh, a writer/composer as well? I always tell my wife that if you are a writer, you will really have a longevity in the music industry as you can write your own song and not depend on the other composers. Now, my wife wants me to teach her how to play the guitar so that she can compose. Oh, by the way, she does know how to write. She actually did compose a song already and I did the accompaniment. She wrote the lyrics and compose the melody. How did she do it? She sang it. That is why she wants to learn how to play the guitar. Who knows, she will be famous someday, right?


Becoming a tech blogger

It has been so long since I have not written on this blog. I was busy? Maybe! Anyways, I went to some blogs that I frequent before. I am really glad that they are still here. I sort of miss blogging. Well, obviously, right? Almost half a year of no post. Let us say that I prefer reading than writing these days. What are my plans for this blog? I want to resurrect this of course! I just need to be more creative, I guess. Well, what is my passion these days? Phones! Maybe I should become a tech blogger? What do you think?


Build or buy

I am glad to have found this: foam crown molding. I am planning to build a reading nook for my wife who loves to read before sleeping especially during weekends. I plan to place it by the window. I just need to convince her to trust my carpentry and arttistry. She prefers to buy ready made things while I like to build them. Sometimes, we do not arrive in an agreement thus nothing is accomplished. Well, no one wants to give in? Sometimes she tells me to build a third floor where I can do everything that I want. Now, that would be more expensive.


For the church wedding

My wife is looking at wedding bands for women. We already have our wedding bands but maybe she is planning to buy another set for our church wedding soon! Is it not the man that should buy those? Well, I want her to do it so that she will really be able to get what she wants. Oh, we are still in the planning stage of our church wedding. No definite plans yet.


Labelled and color coded

It is summer and convenience while travelling is very important. Light packing is also essential. Well, click for drawstring bags! I really like these bags as very light and easy to carry. I just need to put all my stuff inside. I prefer many small ones and a bigger one to put all of those! I learned it from my wife. I label them or make it color coded. So, time to pack! Still have time! Summer is still here!