Attention rice eaters

I am not really thinking of political, agricultural or economical issues before. I think that those are too big for me. I have lots to attend to in my own household. But, then again, should I really don’t mind?

One of the issues right now in the Philippines is the shortage of rice supply. Filipinos are rice eaters and they can call it a day by eating cups of rice mixed with water and salt. Yes, especially the less fortunate brothers, they can live by rice alone.

Prices are increasing as days go by. The Philippine government is denying that there was shortage though. They are saying that we just have to conserve so that there will be no real shortage in the future. But, how can they explain the increase in price? I really do not know how much a kilo cost now.They say that for the people to help in their own little way, they should limit rice intake. Restaurants and other food businesses are encouraged to sell half servings. Wow! That could help dieters!
See? the bowl of rice is so HUGE~
I do not know. I just hope that this will be resolved soon.

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Photohunt- High

The ceiling is not high enough for this tall vase and flower arrangement.

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Heads or Tails- Surprise


Skittles giving up her old blog is a Surprise to many bloggers.

Why give up something so big?

Many are trying to build their own mark in the blogger world yet Skittles gave up her Skittles0366.

Wait fellows, she is still here! Actually, she got two. Her own domain- http://www.skittlesplace.net/ and Heads or Tails’ own home at


Thank you, Skittles for your surprise!

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A Wake Up Call

After hearing the news that Cory Aquino has colon cancer, I and my husband told each other that we will shy away from eating fatty foods and those with preservatives. Could it be the purpose of the former president’s sickness? To be able to bring to everyone the importance of healthy living. Kris Aquino told Korina Sanchez in the news that there should be something deeper or God’s plan about inflicting her mother with the disease. I think that it is really a wake up call. Who would think that even the rich who could always pay for regular check ups will still be afflicted with such disease? The lesson is we should not take for granted any sign that seems to be not normal. We should seek medical attention right away. As the former Health Secretary of DOH in the Philippines always says, “Prevention is the Best Medicine”.

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Manic Monday- Egg

Sunny side- my favorite- anytime of the day!

Quite elegant egg!


Photo Hunt- Metal

A Flying Piece of Metal- Airplane.
This is a good theme for Photohunt- there are limitless of choices. Almost everyting has metal on it like cars, planes, household appliances, furnitures to the smallest items like keys, pens, needles, hairclips, and others.


Wordless Wednesday- It is ME!

bee-picture by Renee Dawson


Just Like A Bee

Just like a Bee, I would like to fly

Even though others say I can’t

Against all laws of nature

I will try to prove

Just like a Bee

Anything is possible, just like flying

I might be heavy, just like a bee

I do not have wings though

But I have you, instead

So, just like bee, let me

Explore the world

Smell the flowers

Spread the nectar

Make this world a better place

Just like a Bee

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Heads or Tails- What Part of The House?

Care to dress up this empty part of this house?

If you are to make it up a s a living room, what appliances will you put in?

If you are a Filipino, there will be a sala set, an electric fan, and a television. Basically, a typical Filipino living room has that.

For a bedroom, of course the bed, a mirror or what we call “ tokador” or drawer with mirror, a dresser, an air-con or electric fan and maybe a floor carpet.




Let me share this drink with you. A native beverage from the coconut tree- Lambanog!

They say that in Quezon, a province in the Philippines, everyone drinks lambanog. I am not really a drinker but I used to buy this whenever I go to Quezon. My relatives in Manila love it. I think the raw lambanog tastes like vinegar. But lambanog is now being manufactured in different flavors. Indeed, this coconut drink had gone a long way. Cheers!


ABS CBN vs. GMA 7: Network War

I have not watched the movie " Close To You" starring Sam Milby, John Lloyd Cuz and Bea Alonzo until today. Actually, I have no intention to watch it until I took a glimpse on the open television, though no one is watching and I saw that the film is being shown at ABS CBN Channel 2! Good thing! So I stopped what I am doing- yeah, here at my computer and decided to go to the room and watch there. So, it is because the Paquiao fight is today at the rival station GMA 7! Airing of the game is from 1000H to 1500H and so ABS showed two blockbuster hits films, the other one is " Ang Cute ng Ina Mo" at the same time slot! Talking about network war and getting advertisers! I bet many watched the films instead of the boring pre fights before the main event between Pac Man and Marquez. I was trying to search the web who won as of this time but it seemed it is not published yet. Anyways, I enjoyed watching Bea's feel good movie.


The Catholic Faith

At First Glance you might think that the building has green plants on its front yard.
Look again!

Those were actually, the "palaspas" for the Palm Sunday Ceremony. This shot was taken today- it is Sunday already in the Philippines and the people went early so that they could grab those palm and have the priest blessed it.

Palm Sunday starts the Holy Week, for me. Tomorrow will be Holy Monday. When I was younger, I was active with all the church activities. I was a member of the church choir! We had lots of things to do then. That is why, Lenten Season has always been my favorite season or religious event. I really felt close to God during those times. Now, I miss professing my Catholic Faith. I do not go to church anymore regularly and I am not proud of that.

For more stories about the Filipino Catholic Faith and what they do for the rest of the lenten season, you can click here.
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My First Visitor

I would like to thank my very first visitor, that is Lisa of Saturday Social. I went to the daily meme.com and is finding something worthwhile to blog about and I found her meme. I had no time to join yet a while ago because I was still in the office. I just left a comment on her blog that her idea was good. Sat Social is tagging the persons you first met in the blogosphere after reading or answering the question of the day. Am, I correct, Lisa? And, she immediately returned the visit. Thank you, again Lisa. You are the very first person in my blogroll. Take care and hope to see more of Saturday Social.
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I needed something to do to relieve some stress. Some time for myself. My world. I needed to express myself.

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