Attention rice eaters

I am not really thinking of political, agricultural or economical issues before. I think that those are too big for me. I have lots to attend to in my own household. But, then again, should I really don’t mind?

One of the issues right now in the Philippines is the shortage of rice supply. Filipinos are rice eaters and they can call it a day by eating cups of rice mixed with water and salt. Yes, especially the less fortunate brothers, they can live by rice alone.

Prices are increasing as days go by. The Philippine government is denying that there was shortage though. They are saying that we just have to conserve so that there will be no real shortage in the future. But, how can they explain the increase in price? I really do not know how much a kilo cost now.They say that for the people to help in their own little way, they should limit rice intake. Restaurants and other food businesses are encouraged to sell half servings. Wow! That could help dieters!
See? the bowl of rice is so HUGE~
I do not know. I just hope that this will be resolved soon.

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