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I was browsing through my old posts and you know, sometimes, it is good to look back, huh. Believe it or not, our brains have some sort of recycle bin too or auto archiving... well, for one, I could not remember watching this anymore or even have actually written about the American Idol contestant. True enough, it is a make or break when you join a contest...

Originally written 3/28/08 5:53 PM

I am sad that Chikezie is out of the competition. But, of course the consolation is he is still going on tour together with the rest of the top ten. But what really went wrong with him that he got booted out? I am sure not because he is a Nigerian and the others are more popular being real Americans in the real sense of the word. Actually, I was afraid that it could be the girl from the Philippines that will finally say goodbye but not. Chikezie has a better voice though Ramielle is charming and cute.Before he sang, he was saying that he did not want to sing what he was going to sing. Was it a ballad? I am not really good in music/song categories. But he was encouraged by the piano master or voice coach that he can do it? Well, at least to try something new and go out of his comfort zone. Why shy away from something that has been good to you? It is like not eating your favorite food. For the past weeks that he sang upbeat songs, he was praised by the judges and those sailed him through the top ten. So he listened and took another path but it was not his niche. So he was drowned and finally out.

What can I say? I hope it is not the end of the road for him. Yes, Chikezie, we already know your name. Best of luck!
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