Now, finally, I hope that I can really be active in writing here again. I was away for three days and I miss all of you. Actually, I have written some articles before I go for my three day hiatus...I tried to post those here but my connection in that early morning of Friday did not permit me to.

I wrote about Kristy Lee Cook.

Okay, I do not like that remark neither. Finally? I just cannot think of a title. Anyways, there she is, Ms. Kristy Lee Cook. At least she had proven her worth contrary to what Simon had told her that the farthest she can go is to the Top 12.She made it to Top 7. There could be some intrigues along the way but what can she do? America loves her!

I liked Kristy during the time that it was she and Amada left at the bottom two. She was shocked that it was not her that got the lowest number of votes. I wonder what she was saying to Amanda then. I thought that maybe she was apologizing because she knows that Amada was far better than she was.

American Idol is a singing competition plus many other factors. Keeping Kristy is not one of them. However, the girl was able to go through the contest with excellence. My friend said though that somehow, her head had grown big getting back at Simon with a not so good comment. Maybe, it was just her way to gain more confidence.

Anyways, Kristy is very beautiful. I wish her all the luck!

Just now, I downloaded David Cook's rendition of "My Baby" by Mariah Carey. It was really amazing. I will write a full account of David when he already won the title. Do you agree?

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