I am back!

My last post was last April 8 and it was just a picture! Now, I am back! Oh, I really miss writing but I had no time for the past days. It was draining having worked for 5 days straight! I do not like schedules like that. At least that was finished. I survived the sun! Yeah, the heat of the sun here seemed getting all my energy each day. No one would like to get outside and just prefers to enjoy the free air conditioning provided by the office. In times like this, if people will go out, they would love to go at the malls or else, electricity bills might shoot up. You would literally melt down because of the high temperature. It is causing me some migraine also. So, when I get home from work, all I want to is to go straight to our bedroom where a small box is giving some cold air.

So, what is new? I even missed watching American Idol Top Eight Performance and Idol Gives Back. I was able to take a glimpse at the elimination night though that Michael Johns finally bid goodbye. Oh, we like him! Girls in my work place talks about him. He has the looks of an actor. He is so charming! I still hope that he will be around. But, he is married, right? In Philippines showbiz, it is a disadvantage if you are already tied up with someone. It is somehow harder to groom, especially if your target audience are women.

Only three boys left at A.I. Amazing that the girl Cook has stayed alive! Was she good at her last rendition? I had to watch her at You Tube, I guess. I don’t know. It seems like that A.I. is not that exciting as compared to the past seasons. Or, should I say that it is predictable this early. What do you think?

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