I will always love you

At first, I was surprised when Syesha sang "I will always love you". As I was listening ( yes, listening only because I am in front of the PC that time), I thought, oh, is she singing the right song? That is a Whitney Houston song. The theme is Dolly Parton songs. Then, Randy also agreed that her rendition was much like that of Whitney's for the theme song of the movie "The Bodyguard". But, it is really a Dolly Parton song. Maybe, when Whitney sang it, it became more popular? Or, are we talking of age now? Yes, I am a kid of the 70's and 80's! LOL!

Syesha sang it well though. And I am sure you all know that Ramielle is out. Who could be the next American Idol? I like David Cook. How about you?

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