Manic Monday - Quake

I can share two words about quake.

Earthquake - It was July 16, 1990 when the Philippines encountered the biggest earthquake. I was on my first year college then. I was lucky because I did not feel it nor affected. We were actually having our math class that time. Then after the class, the news came out that there was an earth quake and many died.

My last encounter of the earthquake was last quarter of 2007 and I was in the office that time. I felt it that time and I was most afraid. I was in the sixth floor and my chair rocked! I wanted to go under my table and hide or go downstairs. I called up my husband and asked if they were okay. He said that they were perfectly fine and did not feel any earthquake at all.

On the lighter side, let me share my second word...you guess it right! Quaker oats! My favorite breakfast. Now that we are into wellness, this fiber enriched meal will really help. I just hope that I can keep up shying away from the precious rice. Yes, its price is going higher and higher. So, eat Quaker oats and we are also helping to converse our most valuable grain.

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