America Loves DC

America Loves DC! No, not Washington DC nor the White House. It is David Cook! So, he won! America loved what you cooked David and I think all of your other "dishes" to come.

The moment that Simon apologized to David Cook, I knew it that he is the winner! Actually, the 56 to 44, (was that right) ratio was really still thinkable who would have won until the final announcement.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I thought David Cook would win but small David's performance last night put some doubts in my mind. The younger fellow really did well, did he not?

Now that A.I. season 7 is over for me...well, I will not be able to watch their tours because of geographical reasons... I will just have to wait for season 8! I might try watching the replay telecast on Sunday though.

Congratulations, Cookie! That's my friend 's term of endearment to him!

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