David versus Goliath

But they are two Davids! Who is Goliath, then? Yes, I am talking about David Archuleta and David Cook. Come to think of it, they are also like Peter Pan and Captain Hook, aren’t they?

From the very beginning, I knew it that David Archuleta will make it to the finals. David Cook was sort of a late bloomer. I only noticed him during the Mariah Carey episode. I think that Michael Johns was also a contender before. David Cook grew from one episode to another proving himself that he should be the next American Idol. I am sure though that he cannot be so sure about it. The younger David has a follower too. I watched the Season 7 marathon and David A.’s very first performance was a blast. The kid could also sing any song. He is superb doing love songs, though. And for David C., his rock and roll style is becoming predictable. Mellow at the start of the song, then becoming faster, then the belting…shouting of the notes...and the word Yeah…in the end.

I can’t wait until Tuesday or Wednesday? I hope the provider here will air the A.I. Finals live just like last year.

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