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My skin type is oily and that would only mean that it has larger pores compared to a dry or normal skin. Lately, I have been experiencing daily breakouts maybe because of stress and late nights. We also moved to a new place wherein the mode of transportation is by riding a jeepney and no air-conditioning. Imagine that! My face is exposed to all the dust for at least two hours a day. I admit I have many pimples right now and my face appears shiny most of the time. I just hope that it will not develop to acne.

You might think why I am afraid of acne. Who does not? Though there are already many Acne Products in the market today that promise cure, how can we be so sure? How do we choose an Acne Product? Most of them contain ingredients that may even be more harmful than a treatment. I know someone that despite all the products that she put in her face, there was no difference. At times, it gets worse. That is depressing.

I think that if we are to seek treatment, we should find the Best Acne Products. How do we do that? First, consult a dermatologist and do not jump in and get any product that you see. Know if it will be good for your type of skin. Read the label and know the ingredients or composition of what inside that bottle or tube.

Acne might not be totally treated but at least it could be manage. It might leave some scars but of course, that could also be hidden. Daily hygiene and following the regimen religiously is also important.

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