Google makes me giggle!

Page rank is obsessing. I must admit that I so wanted my blog to have some PR. Some of my friends’ blogs have it. Google, I guess, recently have updated its rankings and my blog is lucky to have a rank of 3/10. Yeah, I am happy and it made me giggle after finding out. Thank you for noticing this humble blog of mine. One of my friends told me to enjoy it while it lasts. Is it true that when you blog for money, you will be punished and your page rank will be zero again? There are lots of sites though that have maintained their page ranks even if they are accepting payments for some articles. I noticed though that those blogs still have more personal posts than the paid ones. Maybe that is the secret?

I hope that if I join the wagon, my friends will stay. Yes, you are the one I am pertaining to! You are the most important .

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