Light Up My World

I love shopping for decorative lamps. They are very good to look at with those different designs. I think almost all houses have lamps. Why not? Its purpose is not just to accentuate the beauty of a living room or your dining area but also to really give light. There are actually many different kinds. There are, floor lamps, desk lamps and others. The one that you usually see in bedrooms are table lamps. They are perfect for reading before going to sleep, right?

Another reason why I like lamps is because I think it can give me savings. It consumes less electricity compared to lighting up the whole house. I always like a little amount of light even if I am already sleeping. It gives me a sense of security. With a lamp on, I feel safer and it gives a cozy look to the room, doesn’t it?

Oh, now I would like to go online and look for those lamps and lamp shades again! I might need more of them for our second floor. How about torchieres along the hallway? That will be very nice!

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