I remembered when I was a kid and I was at my aunt’s place. Their gate has a mailbox. Before, I do not understand what that is for though almost all of the houses in their subdivision have Mailboxes. They are not uniform though. Each has a different design.My aunt’s was just a simple one. Others have beautiful styles and quite sturdy to look at. Some are made of steel incorporated with their gates. Some has the wooden type. A Mailbox with a stand adds to the beauty of the frontage. There are also Mail boxes that are installed at posts. That was how I see a mailbox before.

I know now the importance of a Mail box. That is a drop box for bills and letters. It is necessary especially we do not stay in our houses all the time, right? I am working for a telecommunications company and we receive concerns of unreceived bills. If only they have a mailbox, then maybe the messenger could have just put it there.

There is also a non-residential type of mailbox. It is a must for companies because most of the time, the guard on duty can misplace the letters or bills.

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