Successful harassment

I really could not believe how collection agencies can sleep at night with the dirty tactics that they are applying just to call the attention of those who could not pay yet their amount dues. My friend called me up yesterday crying because a police officer dropped by at their house apparently as a favor for a certain fiscal. She was told to call the fiscal right away because of a supposed pending case. She was afraid and was rattled. Most of all humiliated because the police officer asked their neighbors where to find her. She called the supposed fiscal and she was just told that if she wants the supposed case not to be pursued, she has to call a certain lawyer. It was a very long story, actually. But then again, I thought, why will a police officer let himself be used by the collection agency? I told her to report the incident to the bank and to the superior of that supposed to be SPO2. Yes, he came in uniform.

I do not agree that we should not pay our credit card debts bit I also understand that someone can go through hard times and set his priorities first. My friend is willing to pay. She is just asking for more time.

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