What did you cook David?

It was the American Idol Finals and I was very excited. Thank God, it was my rest day. I was able to watch it comfortably at our living room.

I was waiting for David Cook’s shining moments. You know good songs that “everyone” can relate to or would like to listen to. But what did you cook David? I was not totally disappointed because he sang his songs well but there was nothing new I guess with what he did. Playing with the guitar and rocking it out. He looked like more of a singer guest than a contestant fighting for that big amount of money and a road to STARDOM.

Here are the reasons/lines that David said during the interviews before and after each round:

1. Why do something that he already did? - Simon told him that he could have sung one of his best performances before.

2. It is a progression.

3. He can sing the song that he wanted to sing

4. I am happy. I am in front of millions of people

Let us see if the A.I. fans all over the world liked what David cooked.

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