Who will be the next American Idol?

It is your choice, America! Ryan Seacrest always points out. I was able to watch the Top 5 performance and indeed, David Cook might win it with flying colors!
By this time, Brooke already said goodbye.Oh, I will miss her playing the piano and the guitar. It just had been so monotonous or predictable that maybe the reason why she was the one voted out.
The young David seems to be the biggest competition of David Cook. The latter though has the greater advantage as of fan base and most of all the songs that he can sing. After "Always Be My Baby" rendition, Cook had proven and is continuing to do so week after week that he can sing any type of song.
Jason is handsome, cute,charming.
Syesha- I am sure she will have a career ahead of her as a singing actress.She is good.

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