Manic Monday- Pride

For Manic Monday, the word for this week is PRIDE. Well, you are right, I would like to post about Manny Pacquiao once again because there is no doubt that he is one of Philippine's pride!
But, I have written about him in the previous two posts already..Lol!

How about Lea Salonga. Another pride of the Philippines.
Lea Salonga

Pride can be good.It can also be bad. Depending on how you apply the word to yourself.

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Pound per pound champion!

Wow! Pacquiao won in four divisions already? I put a question mark because I have not really gathered the facts yet. I am just excited to write about it because it is all over the news! I was able to watch a clearer copy compared to this video and it showed Manny's boxing prowess. Diaz said in his interview that he was surprised with the speed of Manny . It was obvious that the punches were nothing to Diaz as he stood there fighting even though his face was real bloody already.It was really a good fight!

Lucky Nine

Pacquiao had it at the ninth round!He won over Diaz! His hard work paid off again! I saw him in the news last night and he looked haggard at 135lbs? Well, I really wonder about the tedious and religious training the boxers take to lose or gain weight to get the right measurement when they step on at the scale!

Lucky Nine, indeed! Congratulations, Manny and to the rest of the Filipino community!


Light ideas!

Lighting is very important. Almost all rooms of the house have lights. Who would like to live in the dark? No one. Even the streets are being lighted up at night. Sometimes we like it bright. Some preferred it to be dim. Others do not like to put the light off even at bedtime. Good thing that somebody invented lamps.

Whenever we go to the malls, I cannot help but drop by at the lamp store. Oh, how I admire those fine art lamps! They exude romance and perfect for high ceiling houses. For other indoor needs, I think forecast lighting will fit in. By the way, these lamps are available online too! You can choose from a wide range of designs, sizes, colors and shades. Just visit http://www.farreys.com.

Hmn, I found quoizel lighting designs that are even perfect for the bathroom. I guess, it will not harm to beautify that area of the house. Outdoor lamps will also be perfect for the veranda. Great, great ideas! I am so excited and I am imagining our place right now with all the lamps to accentuate it!

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My son had his first quiz in Math yesterday. His shift is from 1-3 PM so we had time to review him in the morning. Well, it paid off! He got ten over ten! Perfect! Well, I hope you will not mind my excitement as a parent. I pray that my son will improve though in Arts. He is not that good yet in coloring. His writing also needs some improvement. Well, then…we got a lot of tutoring to do!

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Business Loans, anyone?

I came from the grocery store and I did not take a look at the prices before buying the items. I was just surprised at my bill! It is higher compared to the tags a few days . That is how fast increasing the prices of the basic commodities are. Where is hope? Well, maybe we have to look for extra income. Putting up your own business can be a good option, don’t you think so? Where to get the capital? There are business loans that are available. Better, get one with the fast process and as much as possible with few documents needed. You know, the very reason why someone is going to get a loan is because he would like to earn and eventually succeed and profit. More often than not, he does not have a property, a car, or big jewelries. Other loans that are available are Personal loans if one would just like a smaller amount. As long as you can pay for it, getting loans is good. It is best if you get an amount that is manageable and you could really pay in time. In that way, your loan can serve its purpose, right?

If you are interested in getting a loan, check on http://www.americaoneunsecured.com.

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Perfectly designed

There is one site where you can see the best jewelries you are looking for. Choose the best cut from the loose diamonds and design that perfect ring for your loved one. Find the finest diamond rings only at JamesAllen.com! You will definitely get to order one just by the sight of those earrings, necklaces, engagement rings and other products made of different gemstones featured at the site. If you want to get discounts, register the soonest and avail of special promos!

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Wordless Wednesday

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Fly Low

We are lucky in our company being given the privilege to travel at least once a year. However, we are on a budget so the first thing that we look for are travel packages that offer low fares. . It is really hard to find during peak seasons because everyone would love to have that summer fever. That is why airline tickets are very expensive.

We do phone calls to so many travel agencies just to get the cheap flights that would suit the cash provided It is a tedious job. It is really hard when the budget is limited and we do not want to settle for less. What happens is we tend to add money from our own pockets just to get what we want.

If only there could be choices at hand already and we just have to select from those. As if we just have to fill in a form, enter our preferred date, number of airline tickets, and destination, then there will be an automatic search. Voila! Lowfares.com can do that for us! Go to the site and you can try it. Moreover, they provide many options and you can select the package suited for your needs and what you can afford.

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It is your choice

We have just moved in to our little house and there are lots of things to still be taken care of like the doors and the windows. We have purchased the house sometime seven years ago and the doorjambs are being eaten by termites already. Certainly, that needs to be replaced, huh! Next to the door, the points of safety of any house are the windows. Besides security, windows and doors for that matter are also sources of ventilation and energy conservation. Whether good or bad ventilation, it depends on what kinds of materials are used for those doors and windows. Double glazing or single glazing? It is your choice.

Since building a house would really take a lot from your bank account, it will be best that you get materials to be used of high quality and at the same time of reasonable price. How do you do that? By canvassing, getting quotes, comparing prices and settling for one that would offer a good service also. If you are looking for quotations online from Double glazing company UK, you can log on to http://www.national-double-glazing.co.uk/. They will make sure that you be provided with many options where to get those Double glazed windows and more.

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Manic Monday- Night


It was a scary night as I heard howling of the winds…as if crying of a wolf. That was the gutsy winds of Frank, the latest typhoon that hit the Philippines . To date, it is signal number 3 in Metro Manila and there is no electricity in most areas. It is like night time since last night until today and the rest of the day, I guess. Even the roads were dark. The electric posts already lit up. It sensed that it is night time but actually it was even mid noon!


Text messaging

A father told his 5 year old daughter, " Did you know that the only word in the dictionary that starts with SU pronounced as SH is sugar?"

The daughter smiled and said, " Are you sure, Dad?"

I got this from a text message sent by one of my dearest friend, Patrick.

Text messaging is really a lucrative business here in the Philippines. A gazillion number of SMS are sent in a day. It is okay if it will make a person smile, just like this one. Pretty nice, isn't it? I do not really like forwarded SMS though. I still prefer calls rather than SMS also.

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Virus or Bacteria

It is my eight day of being somehow sick. The soar throat is gone. No more fever also. The joints are not aching anymore. Was it virus or bacteria? Well, I think it was only a virus. And, my antibodies are already up. Too bad, since it is a virus, it spread and my son caught it! Yes, he is now down with what I been through the past days. Well,well...absent also from class. His very first absent. But, do you know where he is now? Playing outside! I sort of tricked him so that I can use the PC because he was playing Wonder Pets and that meant I will not be able to make use of the PC until he gets tired. Well, he went to his Aunt's house. Yes, he is sick but when it comes to going out of the house, there is a sort of energy that goes in him for him to get up.

So, I just hope that my son will get well soon. Good thing weekend is here already.

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Going Broadband

Yipe! Finally I am on broadband. I know that it is like a turtle speed compared to Japan's or Us, a 370 kbps is already good for me. The timing was not that good though because I got sick and down for almost seven days too so I have not really been much on the PC lately. You might have been reading some personal posts though. There is an agenda behind this.LOL! I have an article that has to go down and not be seen on the front page. Kidding? Well, I want to be honest? Nah, it is just that I have written much paid posts lately. I am not really in my usual self though. I think I needed more inspiration or say, the usual energy that I had before getting sick. I have so many plans actually. I would like to create a blog... a new one dedicated to my child. You know, I will try to collect his pictures and "thoughts" eversince he was born and put everything in the net. What do you think?

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I Miss the Tomatoes

I love tomatoes! Fresh ones especially as a partner with fried fish. Actually I can eat tomatoes with all other dishes. These fruit/vegetable is really healthy too, right! But, now, are they really forbidden? Because of the dreaded salmonella!

I was watching TV a few days back and they are discussing ways to cook foods without the fresh tomato. At first , I did not know what was the real issue. I thought that it was just temporary because of the scarcity of produce. So, you can use tomato ketchup, or canned ones---those long preserved, etc...

Now, I read at food connect that tomatoes are being taken out from restaurant menus and supermarkets! That is because more than 150 people were affected with salmonella.

Uh, oh... I am missing them right now...Hope that this health issue will be resolved the soonest.

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My son got a STAR!

It was already a week since my son’s first day of school. We are not pressuring him to his studies because I think he is still young to experience that. I wondered, when he will get a STAR, though! Well, those stars are real precious because if a student did something good, he will be rewarded with that.

Finally, my son got home from school two days ago, and he got two STARS with mark- Excellent! I kissed my son, hugged him and told him that I am very proud of him. But there is still a mystery behind it. What could have he done to get that? My son is still keeping it as a mystery. I am shy to ask the teacher though. Hmmm…

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Extra source of income

I think it is high time for us to have a business of our own. Daily expenses are getting bigger as prices of commodities are increasing everyday. The salary does not go hand in hand though as it still remains the same. So, the solution is to have an extra source of income. Good thing that one can avail of a small business loan for starters. Not bad at all because it could be the start of something bigger in the future.

For small business loans, log on at ezunsecured.com and choose from choices of small business financing and other loans that might be applicable to your needs.

It is educational

I have to write an article about a sort of an adult content. It is actually about "enlargement" of a part of a body. I was somehow hesitant to write about it. So, I asked my office mates about what they think about it. They said that it is not actually being adult or not decent. It is actually educational to write things that is actually happening in this world. It is just a matter of how one will deal with it. So there, I might not limit myself anymore with being wholesome all the time. After all, it depends on how my readers will take it. And I want to believe that people are more mature and open minded nowadays.

Does it matter?

Does size really matter? If not, why are there male enhancement products in the market? They say that a man walks tall if he is endowed. There was even a joke that they add it to their height measurement. That is why; I could not blame those who are less in that aspect to seek means to improve physically. There is nothing wrong with that though especially if prescribed or allowed by a licensed practitioner. So, if you encounter male enhancement free trial offers, do not jump into that easily. After all, more than any size or penis enlargement, one’s health is more important.

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Online Stock Trading

Online stock trading is good business if you know how to play the game. Better, be guided by certain mentors so that what you will get into will surely give you some profits. That is why it really pays to study the trading industry first before getting into it. If you are interested, you can consult one financial as they provide cfd for beginners.CFD means contract for difference that is a contract between sellers and buyers. One Financial makes sure that when you let them guide you with your trading, you will be in touch with the best cfd providers. You will be up to date with what is going on in the market through SMS text alerts with Market Data. There is also training provided so that you will be properly educated in the business. The most important aspect that One Financial can boast of is its live chat to trading floor. In this way, access to trading becomes simple and fast. More importantly, the profit that you can get is maximized. You will be able to gain an asset without even borrowing it first. There is promised movement with CFD and the products that one do not need anymore will not remain in stock.

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Wordless Wednesday- Think Twice when your wife is around!


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Down with soar throat

Sore throat

I have been down with soar throat the past few days. Actually I am on the 6th day of rest! Yipe, in a day's time my antibodies are set and they will start combatting the virus! I already missed a lot of things but what can I do? I really feel weak. I am feeling better though as I can now compose something. I hope to get well soon...soonest! I was absent from office for two days also and it is not good news. Good thing it is my rest day today.

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Unsecured loans

Have you encountered a hard time in getting a loan? Some companies really ask for so many documents before granting you a loan like pay slips, certificate of employments, bank statements, or even collateral. The process is so tedious and long that before you get the cash you need, time could have lapsed and the intended purpose for a possible business opportunity is not there anymore. Good news, there are actually Unsecured loans being offered by America One. So, if you would like to apply for a loan minus the long process, go to America One. That is through the Unsecured Personal Loan offer.

Imagine getting a minimum $10,000 worth of loans! You can actually do it via online by going at their site and clicking the prequalify button. There are actually lots of good news that you get from this company. You can avail of the loan for a short period of 6 months to a longer span of 84 months, Interests are manageable too. After all, what is your purpose for the loan, right? To address your cash needs or even to improve it if you will be using the money for business. So, why avail loans that will enslave you paying the interest?

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Personal loan :to make both ends meet

Sometimes, it is really hard to admit that you run out of cash. We wanted to keep it as a secret if possible. Even with our friends, we do not tell them or ask any help from them. We do not want to disturb them or maybe be rejected or for any other reasons. When I was still single, cash flow had never been a problem. Personal loan or any kind of loan for that matter is alien to me. Now that I have a family of my own, there are times that the monthly budget becomes short. Imagine, there is an electric bill, water bill, house rentals, phone bills, food and many other expenses. Sometimes there are things that may get you overboard like those out of the budget expenses like increase in tuition fees, oil price hike, and basically increase in prices of basic commodities without change in your salary .That is when a loan becomes useful.

In the office, almost everybody have availed all kinds of loans, and that is including me. I really never thought that I would need it at one point or another. I am thankful though that there are organizations that offer loans. They help make both ends meet.

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Manic Monday- Under

Under the table

It is okay if it is a cat that is under the table and not some dirty dust. If you think that I am talking of physical things, think again and examine the words, just like putting it under a microscope. Som people do play as an under dog or a meek child.. What I am talking about? Under the table transactions, it is! Oh, its very existence! All around the world. Even in the simplest things like falling in line in a bookstore or gift wrapping service to the bigger deals such as a government project...people go their way through under the table. Pretty sad but reality bites. That is why some countries...like our country...stayed- under..sometimes no progress at all. I dare everyone to come out and stop working things under table.

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The lost umbrella

I lost my “cane” yesterday. I was so sad. That umbrella had been real useful. I left it at the cab. But God is good. He knows that I do not need it anymore. The pain at my left lower extremity is gone and I can already walk properly. But then again, I did not stop mumbling about my umbrella. I bought it at the nearby supermarket one rainy day. It was quite expensive also for its kind. It is actually 50% cheaper at other stores but since I needed it badly before that was why I got it.

I came to the office and I told everyone, oh, I lost my umbrella. Then, one of my officemates told me that she also lost something. You know what? Her mobile phone! She went to the mall yesterday also to buy the school supplies for her children. Well people from all walks of life were there and she was not able to be so careful enough until she realized, her mobile phone was not at her bag anymore.

Okay then, I told myself. I lost my umbrella. She lost her cell phone. I can walk now without pain. She has to buy a new one…

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Loans: the much needed cash

One of the Loans that I would like to avail is the educational loan. There are banks that offer low intest rates but of course, I would like to get the one that has no interest at all. It is actually possible in our company as it is one of our benefits, to avail educational loans that will be paid within a year at zero interest. The catch is we have to provide the receipts of what we paid for within a month. If not, then we have to return the money that we got. I guess that is just to ensure that the loan will serve its purpose, right?

To avoid getting loans in the future, why not avail a Business Loan, launch a business, earn and be profitable. Easier said than done, maybe? In these times that life is getting harder everyday, extra income is necessary and one way to achieve that besides working double is to venture to something profitable. Yes, something that will earn. Capital may not be a problem at all because a business loan is available.

There are actually many kinds of loans that one can avail. I myself am always availing of Personal Loans offered to us. As long as you have a job, loans come in handy. You just have to know how to balance your checks so that you will be able to pay for it. Better yet, when you will decide on getting one, ask if it is necessary. If the answer is yes, then go ahead and fill out that loan form.

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Do you believe in angels?

Do you believe in angels? I do! God let me be with three beautiful angels today! Really! I was about to go home and the person who I supposed to be my companion going home went ahead. I felt somehow sad. I am sort of having difficulty in walking because of pain in my left lower extremity. It could be a pulled muscle or a joint pain. Because of this, I was limping. I actually used my umbrella as cane. My first angel today was Lea. She is my officemate. God did not let me walk far and showed me the service bus to drop me off at the jeepney stop. Lea volunteered to carry my other things seeing my difficulty in walking. She also bore the dust just to accompany me to another stop where I will take my last jeepney home. There she made sure that I was fine before leaving me.Oh, I stood for more than fifteen minutes and the transportation ride going to our area was nowhere. Here came another angel. Her name is Lanie.She accompanied me to take 2 short trips so that we could already reach our houses and take some rest. It was 2115H already! It happened that she lived at the nearby barangay.Finally, I rode the trycle.The driver seemed drank. I was afraid and God sent another angel. At the next street, the woman asked, Liamson? Then I was at peace and got home safely. I promised that I will blog about these three angels. Their names all started with the letter L.It means God’s unwavering love for us. It is all around. We just have to feel it. We can see it in big or small things. My three angels today represented Him also are in three persons. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

photo source:http://christmas.howstuffworks.com

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A perfect place

Nice view, a romantic place, oh, the perfect destination for a memorable vacation. That is going to France. No reason is needed to go to this wonderful country. If I will be asked, I will immediately grab my suitcase and take the earliest flight to admire its beauty whether inside a Hotel Paris or roaming around its scenic spots with a bike . I am very sure all of you will agree with me that if given a choice, you will definitely choose going to France.

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Heads or Tails- Royal


How I love to travel and maybe ride this royal-Caribbean-cruise-line someday!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Manic Monday- Over

For this week, the word is OVER.

There are actually many things that come into my mind about the word, over.
1. When we are in situations that we do not like, how we hope that it will be over soon.
2. How about in meetings- boring ones make us pray that it be over soon.
3. On the happier side- I love the song- Somewhere over the rainbow.
4. I also like the song- “It’s over now”- it is sung by Joey Albert, a local artist here in the Philippines.
5. How about the movie- Over the Hedge- I have not seen it though.
6. How about US presidential election? I think most of you would like it to be over soon, right?
7. Over is also a favorite expression here like if a person is over acting, we say...Overrrr!

Oh, am I getting over now?

Okay, I am done.
Happy Monday and have a great week ahead everyone!

It is okay to be overly joyful!

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Technology transfer

If you would look back ten years ago, you would realize how much progression there is already. Be it in the field of science, computer, medicine, nutrition, water, security and others, you can say that everything is moving forward and it continues to do so as the days go by. Thank you to all researchers, students, inventors who do not stop discovering innovations.

There is a particular Technology Transfer company in Jerusalem, which is Yissum. They are the one who actually help the students and researchers of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which has the University Technology Transfer for the products be known commercially. It is for the benefit of the many including you and I. Imagine that they have nearly $1 billion sales every year over the past 40 years. That only means that the Technology Transfer Services are doing well and they can actually convince people to use the products invented.

Attention to all inventors out there! Do you have something to share? Do you think what you have in mind as an imaginative thing can be turned into reality and become a successful product or service that will be of use to humanity? Do not hesitate, invent, create, and innovate.

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