Do you believe in angels?

Do you believe in angels? I do! God let me be with three beautiful angels today! Really! I was about to go home and the person who I supposed to be my companion going home went ahead. I felt somehow sad. I am sort of having difficulty in walking because of pain in my left lower extremity. It could be a pulled muscle or a joint pain. Because of this, I was limping. I actually used my umbrella as cane. My first angel today was Lea. She is my officemate. God did not let me walk far and showed me the service bus to drop me off at the jeepney stop. Lea volunteered to carry my other things seeing my difficulty in walking. She also bore the dust just to accompany me to another stop where I will take my last jeepney home. There she made sure that I was fine before leaving me.Oh, I stood for more than fifteen minutes and the transportation ride going to our area was nowhere. Here came another angel. Her name is Lanie.She accompanied me to take 2 short trips so that we could already reach our houses and take some rest. It was 2115H already! It happened that she lived at the nearby barangay.Finally, I rode the trycle.The driver seemed drank. I was afraid and God sent another angel. At the next street, the woman asked, Liamson? Then I was at peace and got home safely. I promised that I will blog about these three angels. Their names all started with the letter L.It means God’s unwavering love for us. It is all around. We just have to feel it. We can see it in big or small things. My three angels today represented Him also are in three persons. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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