Going Broadband

Yipe! Finally I am on broadband. I know that it is like a turtle speed compared to Japan's or Us, a 370 kbps is already good for me. The timing was not that good though because I got sick and down for almost seven days too so I have not really been much on the PC lately. You might have been reading some personal posts though. There is an agenda behind this.LOL! I have an article that has to go down and not be seen on the front page. Kidding? Well, I want to be honest? Nah, it is just that I have written much paid posts lately. I am not really in my usual self though. I think I needed more inspiration or say, the usual energy that I had before getting sick. I have so many plans actually. I would like to create a blog... a new one dedicated to my child. You know, I will try to collect his pictures and "thoughts" eversince he was born and put everything in the net. What do you think?

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