Heads or Tails- Share a Summertime memory

Sunglasses, Swim suits, Sun blocks are the few things that we must have during summer. Are you one of those people who do buy swimwear every year? I know someone who used to do that for picture purposes, lol! You know, we all love taking pictures also, right? So, we would like it to be different every summer.

As of one summer memory I will not forget was during one of our semestral breaks. You are right, I am talking about more than a decade ago, he, he! It was 1995-1996, I think. I got to bond with my youngest sister and her friends. It was swimming everyday. Dining out.Parties… Oh, by the way, we were at the province during that time. I really enjoyed that summer. The proof? When I got back to town for the opening of classes, my classmates did not recognize me because I gain weight and totally tanned!

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