I Miss the Tomatoes

I love tomatoes! Fresh ones especially as a partner with fried fish. Actually I can eat tomatoes with all other dishes. These fruit/vegetable is really healthy too, right! But, now, are they really forbidden? Because of the dreaded salmonella!

I was watching TV a few days back and they are discussing ways to cook foods without the fresh tomato. At first , I did not know what was the real issue. I thought that it was just temporary because of the scarcity of produce. So, you can use tomato ketchup, or canned ones---those long preserved, etc...

Now, I read at food connect that tomatoes are being taken out from restaurant menus and supermarkets! That is because more than 150 people were affected with salmonella.

Uh, oh... I am missing them right now...Hope that this health issue will be resolved the soonest.

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