The lost umbrella

I lost my “cane” yesterday. I was so sad. That umbrella had been real useful. I left it at the cab. But God is good. He knows that I do not need it anymore. The pain at my left lower extremity is gone and I can already walk properly. But then again, I did not stop mumbling about my umbrella. I bought it at the nearby supermarket one rainy day. It was quite expensive also for its kind. It is actually 50% cheaper at other stores but since I needed it badly before that was why I got it.

I came to the office and I told everyone, oh, I lost my umbrella. Then, one of my officemates told me that she also lost something. You know what? Her mobile phone! She went to the mall yesterday also to buy the school supplies for her children. Well people from all walks of life were there and she was not able to be so careful enough until she realized, her mobile phone was not at her bag anymore.

Okay then, I told myself. I lost my umbrella. She lost her cell phone. I can walk now without pain. She has to buy a new one…

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