Manic Monday- Over

For this week, the word is OVER.

There are actually many things that come into my mind about the word, over.
1. When we are in situations that we do not like, how we hope that it will be over soon.
2. How about in meetings- boring ones make us pray that it be over soon.
3. On the happier side- I love the song- Somewhere over the rainbow.
4. I also like the song- “It’s over now”- it is sung by Joey Albert, a local artist here in the Philippines.
5. How about the movie- Over the Hedge- I have not seen it though.
6. How about US presidential election? I think most of you would like it to be over soon, right?
7. Over is also a favorite expression here like if a person is over acting, we say...Overrrr!

Oh, am I getting over now?

Okay, I am done.
Happy Monday and have a great week ahead everyone!

It is okay to be overly joyful!

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1 comment:

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