Technology transfer

If you would look back ten years ago, you would realize how much progression there is already. Be it in the field of science, computer, medicine, nutrition, water, security and others, you can say that everything is moving forward and it continues to do so as the days go by. Thank you to all researchers, students, inventors who do not stop discovering innovations.

There is a particular Technology Transfer company in Jerusalem, which is Yissum. They are the one who actually help the students and researchers of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which has the University Technology Transfer for the products be known commercially. It is for the benefit of the many including you and I. Imagine that they have nearly $1 billion sales every year over the past 40 years. That only means that the Technology Transfer Services are doing well and they can actually convince people to use the products invented.

Attention to all inventors out there! Do you have something to share? Do you think what you have in mind as an imaginative thing can be turned into reality and become a successful product or service that will be of use to humanity? Do not hesitate, invent, create, and innovate.

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