Virus or Bacteria

It is my eight day of being somehow sick. The soar throat is gone. No more fever also. The joints are not aching anymore. Was it virus or bacteria? Well, I think it was only a virus. And, my antibodies are already up. Too bad, since it is a virus, it spread and my son caught it! Yes, he is now down with what I been through the past days. Well,well...absent also from class. His very first absent. But, do you know where he is now? Playing outside! I sort of tricked him so that I can use the PC because he was playing Wonder Pets and that meant I will not be able to make use of the PC until he gets tired. Well, he went to his Aunt's house. Yes, he is sick but when it comes to going out of the house, there is a sort of energy that goes in him for him to get up.

So, I just hope that my son will get well soon. Good thing weekend is here already.

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