Career path

In terms of following a career path, I was so naïve as a child. I wanted to be a lawyer before like my late father. My classmates then would like to be a doctor or an engineer, a teacher, a nurse and so many other white collar jobs were mentioned. Nobody mentioned that he wanted to be a businessman and venture into real estate. But look at the more successful individuals. They are the ones who joined the investor’s world. I know someone who got rich selling lands. She was not even among the top of the class during college. Maybe she went to Nouveau Riche University that made her who she is now. There is really a future in real estate. My wife actually worked for a real estate/ construction company as an executive assistant. Too bad she is not one of the sales specialists. We could have our own house in a prestigious subdivision which was one of her previous employer’s projects. Well, she had not heard of Nouveau Riche University yet that time. Is she planning to pursue it? Not in the near future but she already advised her other friends to check it out. We are all not getting any younger .There are always rooms for second chances. Education and comprehensive training could be of help in anything that we want to venture on. Nouveau Riche University can give that.

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