Child Psychology

I heard from my sister that her youngest son would not like to go to school anymore. At first, they thought or rather believed his alibi that his knees are painful. Next day he was having a headache. Then, he had a stomachache and so on and so forth. So many reasons that he made up but the bottom line is he does not like going to class.

When is the best time to put a child into formal schooling? When we were enrolling our own child for kindergarten, we were asked if he already knows how to read and write. What? I asked myself. The very thing that we are enrolling him there is for them to teach my child.

I let my kid enjoy his childhood. I let him play, eat, sleep and do kids stuff. On the side, we try teaching him the ABC’s, some nursery rhymes and the basics. When we feel that he was getting tired, we let him rest. We do not force him into things. We want him to be ready on his own. We realized it when we are about to toilet train him…No, we did not toilet train him. He was able to do it on his own. One time, he just told us that he would like to go to the bathroom and pee . And so with his talking. Honestly, we were surprised when he just spoke his first word. He did not baby talked.

I must admit, that we are quite afraid of what will happen next. Just like when my wife went to my child’s school and was told by the teacher that until now, our son has not been socializing with his classmates. Another thing is his short patience in writing. But then again…do we have to spank him for him to obey us or let him be?

Child psychology is difficult.

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