Deal or No Deal?

I was in the kitchen cooking arroz caldo when I heard my wife shouting and screaming together with my son who was mimicking her. Well, they were just watching Deal or No Deal. Yes, we have it here in the Philippines at ABS CBN 2.It is hosted by Kris Aquino.It was the initial telecast and the first celebrity guest was Gabby Concepcion who is making a great comeback in the small screen via a teleserye being aired during primetime. The game was really exciting because there were four amounts left. The three being lower than P500 and one is worth P2, 000.000.00 that happened to be the biggest prize of the game. Gabby chose brief case #13 hoping that it was the right one. The excitement of the game was really on as Gabby went all the way, until three brief cases were left and the biggest offer was P513, 000.00.

Did he win the game? He said that he still did because he was able to make the crowd be in suspense of what his decision will be. Yes, everybody was entertained and Kris was thankful to him for it. Nah, he lost, and had P150.

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