Disability insurance

A doctor was shot on his hand and it affected him a lot in all aspects because he is not just an ordinary doctor but a surgeon at that. Sounds familiar? Yes, if you are also watching this medically inclined show, it was tackled in one of the episodes.Come to think of it, what if it happens in real life? Is there a disability insurance that would cover that?

What is disability insurance? I thought that it covers the loss of a part of a body or if a person is afflicted with a disease that made him stop working. True, it can be defined as that but to put it simple, it is the loss of capacity to work. Those days that you do not earn money are really hard to imagine. Example is physician disability insurance. Once a doctor encountered an accident or any sickness that would cause him to take a break from his practice, that would be covered by his disability insurance. Quite a good promise, isn't it? Especially for those who have their own clinics or who earns in a per operation basis, having this security is very much needed.

How long will the insurance company pay for the disability insurance claims? That is something that one should study before signing up for a program. For more information, there is a site that could help and where you can get a quote: http://www.protectyourincome.com.

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