Feeling Blue

I am feeling a little bit lonely, disappointed, and somewhat not so positive today. I really feel down. I would like to be like this and like that. As I go blog hopping, I saw many bloggers with great ideas and their blog is really filled with “content” and worth reading. I then thought, oh, I hope I could also write like them. I know, I might be pushing myself too hard. Blogging is supposed to be my diversion and not something to pressure me. Well, I just want to give it to everyone who drops by here and hoping that they could get something here. I am seeing blogging now as an opportunity to impart or to share anything of value whether to entertain, make someone laugh, to educate or to inform. Oh, yes…sharing life’s experiences can be a source of a moral lesson and/or inspiration. I just hope that I do although not all the time. That is why; I would like to thank you all, reading what I have been putting in this space. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, I should stop feeling blue. Let it be yellow again!

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