God is so Good!

God is so good all the time! Amidst all the trials that we encounter here on earth, there is still something good behind it.
I have not been really able to thank God and even blogged about my blessings that is why I think in some ways, He tried to remind me about it.

This blog is such a blessing to me and my family because as you know, I am being given the chance to write and be paid for it. No matter how big or how small, still it is a great help!
Two days ago, I received the waited e-mail that I am accepted in a blog advertising company that I think almost everyone who is monetizing their blogs would like to become member of. I was very happy. It said there though that it is not yet final.
Well, I must say, I became too proud and forgot to thank God for it?
Some not so good news came yesterday. I got worried that I might not be accepted anymore. Then, I prayed and asked God that hopefully, I will still be accepted.
I stopped writing the past days and waiting for Friday to come. But, God is Good all the time. I am about to turn off the PC when a message popped up! I got excited. It was the answer to my prayers. This blog was accepted and I was given the password to log in. Well, no assignments yet as those will be given every Fridays and Wednesdays.

Ask and You shall receive.
Seek and You shall Find.
Remember: God is Good all the time!

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