Good for all

When it is rainy season, businesses seem to slow down. Especially those who operates outdoors or those who are practically selling on the streets. It is expensive to put up a concrete establishment especially for small-scale establishments. What do they do? They rent or buy Gazebos. I am sure that you have seen many of those especially at the sidewalks. I see many of these during Christmas or Holiday season when many stores open up. They just appear like mushrooms selling different kind of goods. If you would like bigger versions of Gazebos, you could check out Marquees. This actually can be used indoor or outdoor. I saw one during one of our company parties a few years ago. It was held in a very big place and to decorate or to at least have partitions of the area, marquees were placed. These can be very useful also during garden weddings and parties. Yes, it is not only useful during rainy season. Not everybody would like to take the heat of the sun, right? You could actually customize these. You could have tiled carpets in fabric or plastic instead of the cemented floor.

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