In case of emergency

My friend called and was asking me if I know someone who could let her borrow like a payday loan that banks give. She has to pay utility bills, which are due already in a few days time. I suggested some banks and loan facilities and she said that she would just check it out. I am quite sad that I was not able to offer my help. Life is really hard and when emergency situations come, sometimes people are unprepared. One time one of my officemates hypothetically asked me if I could lend her a specified amount in case she will need it. I told her that I do not have that many cash. She wondered how it could be. Well, she is single and I am feeding a family, right? In addition, our salary seemed not enough now to support our lifestyle. Imagine, the cost of French fires is already good for one decent meal! Eh, my son eats two servings. I guess, we cannot afford now to go out more often. I cannot even commit a once a month treat! We are studying our weekly budget and we cannot dictate now the food that we would like to eat but the other way around.

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