Keeping the Faith

My wife and I met in a church. Whenever we say this, the people ask, if at an Emergent Church. We were members of the church choir before and it became the way for us to be always in touched with one another even though we were from two different groups. Would you believe that she sang in the morning mass while my choir’s schedule is on the last mass. Because of this, she heard two masses every Sunday. One in the morning and one in the evening. We missed those days. We felt closer to the Lord. Well, at least it helped us not to forget our faith even amidst so many trials.

I was able to go through a site, Horizon.org wherein you could seek some inspiration or even advice by listening to Pastor Bob’s sermons. There are topics like I Want a Better Marriage, Gone with the old and on with the new and so many others. I think that it is a good site to go to especially if you are down and you need some enlightenment. Like if you would like to survive the waves being in that boat called marriage. Going to a church though and listening to the priest or pastor personally is better. Good news to those who would like to Find a Church in Rancho Santa Fe who would like to meet members of Horizon.org and eventually be part of their community. Go to 6365 El Apajo Road, Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

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