A necessity

We went to fetch our son and we do not have a car. My wife warned that it might rain and suggested that we bring the umbrella. We just used our tiny motorcycle to carry the three of us going home. So, we did not bring any umbrella nor the raincoat of my son. It was sunny when he went to class this afternoon. The moment we arrived at the school, raindrops started falling. We waited for about one hour until the rain stopped. My son was already hungry and so was I. Finally, the clouds became clear and it was already four o’clock. My wife had not taken her lunch, I remembered because she is on a diet? Nah…She just chose not to cook and wanted me to treat her to her favorite chicken house. The rain had not stopped but not that heavy anymore. As one character in a hit movie said, it was just drizzling. No, we did not use the motorcycle, my wife and son rode a tricycle. Our child just came from terrible cough and colds so we did not like to compromise his health over a few bucks paying for public transportation. Finally, we were settled down and were able to fill our empty stomach. Oh, no, it started raining again. These were the kind of days that make me think of getting an auto loan for obvious reasons.

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