The real estate agent

Real estate is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. Everybody needs a land, a home, a property. One of my office mates is now making selling low cost houses as a sideline. Recently, she had ventured into selling condominiums also and that one sold like Hot cake! No, it is not one Nouveau Riche Scam story. She has a target market and who are those people? Everybody in the building! She had sold more than five units already. That is quite a sum of money in commission! Not bad at all! There was one time when someone from the IT department went down and she asked if the IT person has a house and lot already. He said no, so she gave him flyers form her real estate portfolio.

How about you? Have you encountered real estate agents or do you want to become one? I suggest that you read on Nouveau Riche Scam blog. There you will find out information about real estate as a whole and different scenarios of the business. Moreover, you might want to enroll in a real estate university. I was able to work for a real estate company before. I was not one of the agents though because I was not into selling. I handle the purchasing of construction materials. I wonder, if I had become an agent, maybe I am richer now. No, it is not a Nouveau Riche Scam.

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