She called me sweetie

Do you read your comments? I am sure you do. Since there are only few bloggers who leave comments nowadays, you would really know who reads your blog and those who just drop by. I have nothing against them because I am a dropper too, huh!

I have a favorite blogger though it is given already. I bet many bloggers like her too and read her blog everyday! Why not? If you would like to start your day right, go to her site. You will not leave without a smile or moreover, if someone is with you while you read her posts, you might be thought of being crazy laughing on your own. Who is she? Who else but Sandee! Well, I really appreciate her comments whether it is long or short. She has this innate sweetness that touches my heart. On her last comment, she even called me sweetie! It gives me a feeling of closeness to her even if we were miles away and have not seen each other in person.

How about you? Do you have a favorite blogger too?

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