Sites within a site

My wife has wanted to take the PT boards but she cannot go to review school because she has to work. You know, both parents have to work nowadays to make both ends meet. So she said that she would just try to find a site that offers PT review or anything that could help her. She is even willing to pay for online review. But then again, she found a free website that has all the information she needs. Of course, you may say that the World Wide Web has a lot of free search engines but what she wants is something that is already there like a food that is served to be eaten. Maybe like a wiki. She is lucky enough to find wetpaint.com where there lots of free wiki available. She particularly found this Anatomy Wiki. What separates this site from the rest is that anybody can create a wiki and have a social network. There is a forum available for every site wherein the commentators can contribute more bites. The site has fun segments also like the “what’s hot” portion where you could take a quiz. Other tabs are for gaming, education and whole lot more other sites. I can say that this is a site that can also be called sites within a site.

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