Smart Broadband

I live in a subdivision where most houses are utilizing the Smart Broadband facility. That might be the reason the service is never down here. There was one time I had to call their Hotline because I experienced some technical difficulties but then again it was not because of a network problem but because of my own “wrong doings”. I am a member of the SmartBro users’ forum and there tips there on how to make the internet connection faster. I advise that you do not completely follow/listen what others have to say but trust SmartBro, instead.

My experience of using SmartBro? Not as fast as I expected but good enough. Better connections can be achieved thru DSL but then again, SmartBro has the best package of unlimited internet connection for only P999/ month. Besides the fact that it has the most number of networks installed meaning the widest coverage, wherever you are in the country. My friend who was in vacation in a far far away land saw a shanty with a SmartBro connection. Who can beat that?

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