They cannot tell

I am not really good in research and much more does not know how to write a Business thesis. I guess most people or students for that matter have the same predicament. Those subjects that require a thesis mean sleepless nights doing all the research to come up with a good one and eventually have a good grade. The dilemma of choosing a good topic is really exhausting. Moreover, if it is a group project. I had that experience in one of my subjects in college wherein there were five of us. Each one of us had a different idea. It was really hard. You have to look in so many books and interviews were also needed. The most dreaded part is the Research paper bibliography. It would really take patience, perseverance, and coordination for that thesis to be finished. I wonder if it is also happening today. With the advent of custom writing services, I think, there is less work for students. They just have to make sure that what they are going to submit did not come from Past dissertations. It is really amazing if your professor will not be able to distinguish if you were the one who wrote it or not.

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