Chicken Noodle Soup

I can hear my wife having her regular allergic cough. Why regular? I think she is having it every change of weather. I cannot play the king right now as I know that she is not feeling, well,he,he,he…Normally, it will be her to prepare our breakfast. Though,I am a good cook. Thank you to instant noodles? Oh, Sharon Cuneta, the megastar of the Philippines has a commercial for one brand saying that it is good for the body. It is the hot soup that I am after. My wife likes to sip on hot soup whenever she has colds and cough. I hope that her condition will not progress to flu or all of us will be sick again. But, wait, she had her immunization for this year, ah! Therefore, I went to the store as we ran out of stock already. I bought the chicken flavor. You know, chicken soup is good for the soul…err… that is a book, right? Chicken soup is good for the body.

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Keeping it private

There are many offers of Personal Loans from different financial institutions in our company. With the recent increase in all basic commodities, the salary of each employee cannot help but turn to it. You know, the salary does not really increase with it. I, my self have been studying some options. We are sort of in austerity nowadays. I cannot even bring my family out because that will mean a crash in our budget.

There are many types of loans. Getting popularity right now are those Unsecured Personal Loans. This kind of loan is easier to get as long as you have a good credit standing. You do not have to present any property for collateral. There is a site that offers good loan packages. The main reason that a person would get a loan is the need for money so why pay for upfront fees? Accommodative Financial Solutions does not collect that. You could apply in as fast as five minutes and its service would make sure that your application is kept private. That is the beauty of applying online, I guess. No one would know that you are broke. Most of all, it saves time and gasoline (if you have a car) or transportation expense.Afsloans promises a 100% Approval Guarantee so if you are thinking of getting a loan, head on to this site now.

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Beautiful Sunday Morning

It is 756am here! What a beautiful Sunday morning. My wife and kid are still sleeping. I wonder what could be they dreaming about. Me? He,he,he. We slept early last night that is why I am early to rise. I always love days like this when you could be with your loved ones. Yes, no office today! Just quality time with wifey and kiddy.

How about you? What are you up to today? I hope you all have a great time before manic Monday comes again!

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Birthday Prayer for Michael Jackson

This is the text message I received from my friend,

It’s Michael Jackson's 50th birthday today. As a gift, please say a short prayer for him. Ü.

She is really one of the die-hard fans of MJ.Well, I could not blame her. Michael Jackson minus the controversies is a great artist. He is an icon already no matter what. I love his hit songs like Ben and YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Who could forget thriller? His dance moves and those beats. David Cook knew that reviving Billie Jean would pay off. By the way, where is Michael, now? I have not heard any latest news about him. His star might not be shining right now but how it sparkled will never be forgotten.

Happy Birthday, Michael.I wish you well. I pray that you are fine and may you be visible again. You and your music are very much missed. Take care!

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Groove it!

When you would like to search for something, what search engine do you use? I bet you are using Google, don’t you? It is one of the most popular if not the most popular search engine. You could really find almost everything there. The people behind Google are real genius. Moreover, they make sure that the searchers will not get bored. Have you seen those Olympic theme logos? I really like them and actually saved them. There are also many personalized Google services like Gmail, blogger, adsense and many more. In addition, have I mentioned that those are actually free?

Have you heard about Groovle? It is another way to personalize your Google Homepage. Pretty catchy term huh! I guess it came from the word, groovy. How cool! Look at the picture below. Are you bored already with that same look every time?

Why not turn it to something like this!

Whoa! I am sure that your study/working hours will be prolonged seeing this on your homepage! That is Personalize Google service at its best. Yes, you can do it too! There are lots of custom-made pages available depending on your interest. You can download your own photos too. You know, for some inspiration, you could put there the picture of your loved ones or anything that makes you happy. Oh, yes, it is also free!

Exam week

It is exam week. I took a leave from work to help my son review. His mother is not good at it because my son is quite spoiled with her.Wow, my son is progressing. He knows now how to read the alphabet. He can write his name already. I am looking forward to see if he really does when I see his test papers. The previous ones did not have anything on the name field. He could also memorize a sentence or two. Good job, son! Dad is proud of you, as always!

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Hire a Lawyer

Have you ever been in situations that need the services of a lawyer? On the other hand, do you passed on something and just settled it on your own without consulting an attorney? My aunt and brother encountered a vehicular accident last year. They were on a motorcycle when a jeep hit them from behind. My aunt fell and encountered bruises. The owner of the jeep answered for all the hospital expenses and future medications until my aunt got well. That’s about it. They just settled the matter on their level. The police officer who was there did ask them anyhow if they would like to file a case. My aunt did not even consult one. She said that she did not have any lawyer. There is where the problem lies sometimes. People do not know who turn to. That is why I am very glad to have found a site about Lawyers. It pays to visit them and it is worthwhile.Moreover, there are sample scenarios that might just apply to you in one time or another. It provides some education. You would realize that indeed, consulting a lawyer is necessary. You could see there attorneys with different specializations. If you need help, you know now where to go to.Remember, it always pay to make things right. Just like what happened to my aunt, which required more attention. What if there could be complications of the injuries? She cannot run after the one who caused it because of lack of documentation. On second thought, she still could. Hire a lawyer.


Smart gift ideas

My wife is bugging me to start shopping for the Christmas season. Last year was quite a rush for us so we ended giving our loved ones cash. Now that budget is limited, we need to find affordable gifts that they might like. A DVD or a CD would be a great idea. Almost all of my family members are into music and movies. What we should do now is to ask each one of them what CD or DVD they would like to have. There is Borders.Co.UK anyways where I could search for those. This site has the widest collections of DVDs and CDs for all ages. Books are available too. You can choose whether you are looking for a fiction or Non-fiction Book, educational, children’s stories and much much more. I found Britannica Visual Dictionary. It only costs £20.99 from a high of £34.99. That is a huge savings of 40%. All items are actually discounted. It is a real deal. I believe that even though there is internet, books are still necessary. What if there is no internet connection or electrical power and you need to read or research on something? Having books proved to be helpful every time. After all, if these are not important at all, then there should be no more libraries, right? I think my son would love this book because of the colorful pictures. Children are still visual. For me, I searched for Eric Clapton. I was actually looking for his albums and I found a book written by him! It is Eric Clapton: The Autobiography. I have always loved Eric Clapton’s music. It will be good to know more about him and what inspired him to become a musician.

This review has been paid by borders.co.uk


Michael Phelps and ADHD

The Olympics is over and I have read so many articles about it. The star of the Olympics of course is no less than Michael Phelps. Wow, eight medals in swimming! That is really something! We had our own sports fest and I saw in our swimmers the running out of breath and working on their endurance to finish that lane! It is not hard to become a swimmer and be the Star Olympian at that! The man worked hard for it and getting into the water had been his life, I guess.

What got my interest is actually the ADHD part. ADHD is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Thank you to his mother, Debbie Phelps who did not take the condition for granted. She sought medical attention so that it will be addressed. Look at his son now! Famous and most of all, healthy!

What is ADHD? What are the symptoms?
1. less attention span or cannot focus
2. hyperactive
3. easily distracted
4. tardiness

There are still other behavioral symptoms but the mentioned above are the most common thus the name attention deficit- hyperactivity disorder.

I also have a son that is why it caught my interest. Sometimes, when boys are hyperactive or “makulit” in Filipino, we tend to attribute it to their being kids and boys at that. In the Philippines, I am glad that this condition is now drawing some concerns. Imagine, Michael Phelps had it when he was nine. That only means that this condition existed a long time ago. Thanks to Science also for this discovery.

How to treat it? Prescription is therapy and some medications. It is also good if you convert a child’s hyperactivity to sports or anything productive that he likes to do.

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There is a cure

In our family, it is my youngest brother who is suffering from acne. He goes to the dermatologist regularly for check up. He has been taking those facial products and we see some improvement. I just hope though that his facial skin will be free from acne soon. It adds to his everyday pressure as he looks at himself in the mirror. However, he still maintains hope and a positive perspective in life. He knows that it has a cure and he is nearing towards it.


Manic Monday- Club

For today’s Manic Monday- the word is club.
Long time ago, night clubs are in. People go there to unwind. As a young man, I used to go to nightclubs too, he,he,he. There are wholesome clubs and there are some that are for adults only, I guess.
There had been a negative connotation when someone goes to or work in clubs especially here in the Philippines. People seem judgmental. I brought my girlfriend then, now my wife to a club before. Well, only to that place where someone is singing to entertain. Of course, at first she got annoyed because most of the customers are men and all drinking. Well, I just wanted to show her that clubs are not just for men but for women too.

Come, join Manic Monday by Mo. Just click on the button or here.

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My Entrecard Droppers

I saw in one blog that she even had more than 300 return drops. I never had more than 200 return drops even if I religiously dropped to 300 blogs each day. Maybe because I do not really have a list of blogs to visit. I depend on my drop inbox then click also on the widget advertised on that particular site until I reached the maximum.

I studied my drop inbox and there are those that return the drops regulary. So, I thought, why not just depend on what is in my drop inbox? I listed the following as a gratitude for dropping their cards. I really appreciate it. I will update it every month so that all those who drop their cards here will be given due acknowledgement. Again, I would like to thank you, all!

  1. http://rhyan.net/
  2. http://comedyplus.blogspot.com/
  3. http://morgenfiles.blogspot.com/
  4. http://www.brownpinay.com/
  5. http://www.mamaflosatx.com/
  6. http://writingsofmaria.com/
  7. http://geekmommashup.com/
  8. http://edsnanquil.com/
  9. http://www.drunkduck.com/Ninja_Shizatch/
  10. http://www.gamefreakzblog.com/
  11. http://matt-speak.blogspot.com/
  12. http://www.ibrahimo.com/
  13. http://www.mummydiariesblog.com/
  14. http://www.bizphere.com/
  15. http://www.livelaughblogg.com/
  16. http://banicmanic.blogspot.com/
  17. http://treasurehunting.today.com/
  18. http://57designstudio.blogspot.com/
  19. http://www.newdilemma.com/
  20. http://blancadebree.blogspot.com/
  21. http://www.caraganon.com/
  22. http://guitarbench.com/
  23. http://capetownnews.co.za/
  24. http://beadedtail.blogspot.com/
  25. http://www.solarenergygreenlifestyleforyou.com/
  26. http://shower-of-manna.blogspot.com/
  27. http://www.pinaymomblogs.com/
  28. http://www.ivorytasks.com/
  29. http://buddysfitness.com/
  30. http://blogging-plus.com/
  31. http://www.shearyadi.com/myworld/
  32. http://gandangnanay.com/
  33. http://www.communicationexchange.blogspot.com/
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  37. http://www.eversun.ph/seo/
  38. http://ravonslumber.blogspot.com/
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New gadget

How much will you spend for a gadget? Globe telecoms launched Iphone 3g. According to them, they are the first to offer this product. The mobile phone costs P37, 599 and P43, 799 respectively. Is it not that it only costs around $400 in the US?

I love gadgets and if I have the money, maybe, I will buy Iphone too! When I was still working abroad, the most expensive one that I bought was a Phillips projector. Yes, my wife opposed but she could not do anything about it,lol! She did enjoy our home theater though until the lamp of the projector lost its light. It was only good for 2000 hours. Now, it is already at the stock room. Purchasing a new lamp would mean buying a new one. I must accept, it was not wise to buy it in the first place. As usual, my wife is right again.

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Secured storage

When we are about to transfer to our new house, my friend said that I should look for companies that provide moving pods. She said that it will be more convenient and our furnitures and personal belongings would be safer. It will be easier to load also because it is like a very big box. I think it is applicable especially if you are going to do it yourself. Moreover, if you are still tired and would just like your things to stay there first, it is possible. It was actually the first time I heard about it. Quite an amazing product and service, I think.

New haircut

As I walk around the blogosphere, I saw that bloggers either had new haircut, hair color, trimmed or just totally changed! Yes, many had changed their templates! I also see that many are using free templates. That is including, me! I actually saw two to four bloggers who have this template I have right now.

I am thinking to change my template. Any ideas? However, I like this look, Fresh and simple. Renovation is also hard, I guess. You have to transfer all those widgets. Maybe on the first anniversary of this blog, I will look for a new template.

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Who is Martial Bonifacio?

The life and death of Ninoy Aquino Jr. is being featured at ABS CBN Channel 2 from August 18-21, 2008. Benigno Aquino Jr who was more popularly known as Ninoy was a Philippine senator who revolted against the Marcos regime. Because of this, he was imprisoned and eventually exiled in the United States of America. However, he wanted so much to go back to the land where he was born. Carrying a passport in the name of Martial Bonifacio, he decided to go back to the Philippines in that day of August 21, 1983. He did or did not know that it could be his last day on earth also?

Why Martial Bonifacio? Philippines was in Martial law that time and Bonifacio was considered as one of the Philippines’ national heroes.

The death of Ninoy sparked the Edsa revolution which ousted Marcos. His wife Cory Aquino became the first woman President of the Philippines and the rest is history.

Ninoy Aquino is a Philippine hero. His death anniversary is a legal holiday in the country. He is also the image at the P500 bill.

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Heads or Tails

Where is the party? Do you know that it is the first birthday of Heads or Tails? I think everyone is invited. Why don't you go there now? There are balloons, cake, spaghetti, wine and fun! I am sure it will be a blast!

Happy First Anniversary to Heads or Tails! How time runs fast! I hope for many years to come!

thank you to photobucket for the cake.

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The Nebulizer

The nebulizer.My son has asthma.The pediatrician advised us to buy a nebulizer.We bought one when my son was less than one year old.This medical equipment has been serving my son for more than four years now.A wise investment?I would gladly terminate its use if that would mean my son is already asthma free!

Manic Monday- Wax

thanks to photobucket
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Freedom to choose

I prefer buying unlocked cell phones. It is more practical because you can use it if you would like to toggle from one network to another. Purchasing cell phones that are locked with a certain provider would mean extra cost. Unlocked cell phones give the consumers the freedom to choose the best telecommunications company there is. Most of these phones can also be used when you roam to other countries.

Stress Eating

After two slices of pizza, three slices of plain bread, a cup of hot chocolate and half liter water, I feel full and would like to vomit them all. Oh, I also had half cup of chips. Talking about dieting, huh! My plea/ I have not taken my breakfast yet and it was already 1PM. I must eat or else, I will not be able to function well. Worse, I will commit unexpected errors. Excuses, excuses, excuses. If there is a will, there is a way? Well, I have not been eating sensibly lately. I eat what I want. Stress eating, maybe? I do not know. I just do not want to feel hungry. I actually have one piece of chicken and a cup of rice waiting… Okay, okay…I will just bring it home for my late dinner. I hope.
Beatle closeup

Facial care

Some men are not comfortable on buying products that are identified with women. That was before. The male population is now more conscious of their physical appearance. Like my nephew, parts of his grocery items are facial products like his blemish acne cream, astringent, and beauty soap. After all, everybody has to observe proper hygiene and that is including care for the face.


Customer service

The products being sold are the same. It is the approach in selling them and the after sales that quite matter. There goes the battle in providing the best customer service. This is another department that every company invests in. It is always necessary to hear out what the consumers are about to say. It is a source of learning ways to improve a product and the image of the company as a whole. From there the satisfaction of the customer can also be measured. Brilliant ideas can also arise thru conversing with a client. You will know what they want and what more they expect. It is an advantage of the company if he can be reached thru all the mediums of communication. There is email, telephone, and chat service. Having the latter seems effective, less costly than telephone conversation, can cover wider topics and more interactive. That could be the reason why chat service is almost everywhere. You can see it on TV. You can even hear over the radio that they also have these chat sessions thru SMS. And of course, it is very visible online. In any service or product that you search for, there is an option for free chat as part of their customer service. Wise decision for those who already have this. Where to get that chat software? Go to www.uzoom.com .

Asthma again!

My child is having his asthma attack again. It is exam week and I do not want him to absent from school. So, what we did is we bought salbutamol for his nebulization sessions. My wife kept awake and monitored his breathing and temperature last night.
I really hope that my child’s asthma will disappear in due time. They say that it disappears before or at the age of seven. I really hope so. I am thankful to God that besides this condition, my son has not been hospitalized after he was born. I pray though, that he be completely healthy and asthma free!

Move in peace

Have you seen trucks loaded with boxes, furnitures, appliances, kitchen utensils and clothes in big transparent plastics? What an ugly site, is it not? Moreover, when at one point, those things fall one by one on the road.Uh, oh! If you were the owner of those stuffs, you will definitely feel embarrassed.You will then realize, you should have hired Boston Moving Company. If you did, then maybe you could have moved out hassle free. You are sure also, that nothing will be lost. Boston moving company is the name to trust in terms of transporting valuable items from one place to another. You can have peace of mind that your things are packed tight. The truck's humidity is also being checked. No melting temperatures even if it is a hot sunny day. More importantly, their people are the best. They love their jobs because they are also being paid well. Good employment transforms excellent performance benefiting the customers. Next time we plan to move out, I will definitely get their services. Imagine the convenience that it would bring me. They will be in charge of everything from the packing and putting those things in boxes, neat and very tidy. Their vans are enclosed too so your privacy is kept. Not all the whole world will have a preview of what is inside your home.

Get your own table

Whoa! I never thought that Poker Tables could be so gorgeous. It can qualify as a piece of furniture inside the house. It could definitely add beauty to the corner where it is placed. Could it be the reason why poker rooms are always jam packed? It is always nice to play in a good table where the distance between you and your opponents is enough for your poker face to be seen! Americangamingsupply takes all of that into consideration. They make sure that the poker tables they manufacture fit the game. There are simple elegant designs available. You could also have those that have slots for poker chips. Moreover, yes, those chips can be purchased there too! Choose oblong or circle. There are different sizes too! If you are planning to hold a tournament at the comfort of your own homes, better get the Poker Genie, which is a Manager Timer. For food and drinks, get the Poker Drink Food cart. All from Americangamingsuipply.com! It is easy to order. Get it online! Discounts are also available for bulk orders! There are lots of designs and are on stock most of the time. It is guaranteed that you will get your order within 1 to 5 days if not on the next business day.

So, poker lovers, check it out now! Why not get your own table and go on with poker fun!


Peaceful travel

Nobody would like any accident to happen but it is better if we are not caught unaware. When I was still into traveling from one place to another due to the nature of my job, my wife always reminds me to keep my travel medical insurance updated. I realized that she is right about it. I do not want them to suffer more by thinking about expenses if the unwanted and unexpected happens. Getting an insurance coverage is necessary nowadays.


Heads or Tails - Supply

It has been a long time since I post for HoT. For this week's theme- SUPPLY, there is nothing that popped into my mind but my favorite band/duet for all time! Air Supply! I could still remember their concert that was held here in the Philippines. It was a riot! Full packed and everbody here loved them! So, enjoy one of their songs once again here. Air Supply.

Wise investment

Whether we admit it or not, sometimes, we do fight over money matters. Financial problems really get into the midst of any relationship and it could even be the cause of a possible break up. That is why all of us work hard to at least have a sensible cash flow to support our standard of living. It is an added bonus if we are lucky, get into the top, and eventually become part of the Nouveau Riche community.

We have been reading about rags to riches stories. It is amazing because we thought that this only happens in fairy tales. However, it also happens in real life. There are people who are successful to get out of poverty and now a Nouveau Riche.

How do they do that? Can we also do that and become a Nouveau Riche? Education and application of what you have learned in your chosen field could be the key. I must admit that I have not used what I learned in College. Nevertheless, having your own business could be more profitable than being employed. Good investments are also necessary. They say that acquiring a land or a house and lot is one of the best investments. The value of a land never depreciates. They are right because the house we are living in right now already costs more than 50% of its original price in just five years time.


Build Those Bridges

I never thought that a successful man like Jim Piccolo could be so selfless and humble. That might be one of his secrets to succeed. I am very much inspired by his quote that to be able to be successful you should also make others successful. That is a very different kind of approach because most people would like to step on others just to make it to the top. To him, the more people that become successful because of him, it is his success also.

Jim Piccolo is the man behind Nouveau Riche University. He is always the most willing to share his knowledge to reach the top. He communicates with the students through various public speaking sessions. Think forward and continue to work hard towards your dream.

From his original business of after-market sport truck accessory designing, he was able to make other businesses to bud. He is considered as a visionary in terms of non-stop innovations of new ideas.

Build relationships. Build those bridges. Connect with people. That is the wake up call. If you would like to become rich, hear what Jim Piccolo has been saying. Many people had benefited and actually have an improvement in their lives.

Stay Healthy

There have been many articles written about women’s health. I am glad to have read this article at everydayhealth.com.
This is actually not new but just a reminder for us to keep it a habit:

1. Eat healthy foods. Maintain a diet that is low in fat and salt, and rich in fruits and vegetables.
2. Consume only moderate amounts of alcohol and caffeine, and do not smoke.
3. Have regular dental and vision checkups.
4. Get regular exercise for 30 minutes to 40 minutes, three to five days per week.
5. Protect your skin with sunscreen any time you are outside.
6. Guard against hearing loss by wearing ear protection when exposed to loud noise.
7. Take safety precautions whenever you can: wear a seatbelt, practice safe sex, and wear protective gear when playing sports.

Stay healthy, everyone!


The New Rich

There is a term such as the “old rich” which means people who have been wealthy all their life. They are born lucky, huh! However, many people who are on top nowadays belong to the Nouveau Riche generation. They are the ones who worked hard for their money, climbing the ladder to the top.

Who does not want to be rich? Who does not want to live worry free? It takes hard work, dedication and the right investment or business to be able to reach that goal. Proper management of resources also matters. Ideas that would spark a change and would let people welcome that fresh concept would also be good. People always look for something new, don’t we? I am getting excited, really! I would want to belong to the Nouveau Riche community! Why not? Dream big and work big. Think positive and act on things. Everything is possible with a determined fellow and the right tracks being followed.

So, which path to take? What kinds of ventures would really get you those profits? I read in Fortune Magazine about the 1991 Billionaires. Most of them are in real estate business, retailing, oil and gas manufacturing and other fields. I noticed though that their common denominator is real estate. Yes, they also have other businesses which are they are popularly known for but the thing is almost all of them are into the land business. The very main reason that makes them a part of the Nouveau Riche is that all of them had bought real estate properties that are worth millions if not billions of dollars. It only showed that one of the things that continue to appreciate in value is a piece of land.

Watch collection

My wife has many watches. She does not collect them but it is because of me. When I was still working as a supervisor in a duty free shop, I used to buy her signature watches. I think it is practical to give this kind of gift because we always run with time. Besides, quality watches last for a lifetime and proved to be really useful. Last August 8, 2008 was our anniversary and I have not bought anything for her yet. I am looking at Festina watches and the model in the picture caught my attention. I am sure this will look good on her. She does not have this color yet, anyway.

Life has to move on

Today was the last day that we were with our mother physically. The last six days were okay, having friends and loved ones around us. It was actually sort of a reunion with cousins, aunts and uncles, long lost friends and classmates who were there to grieve with us. Thank you to all.

We usually say during these times that at least our departed loved one is resting already and whatever suffering she might be having when he or she was still alive are all gone. The reality is, it is very painful for us so we just think of these things.

As the body of our mother was being put to rest, that was when it sort of sunk into me that she was gone. Everybody was crying, including me. We would really miss our mother.

Tomorrow, we will wake up. She is totally gone. However, she will stay here, deep inside my heart. I know, life has to move on. I must move on. I will. I have to. I guess, I just have to focus on this life. Be good. That way, I am sure my Mom will be proud.

I would like to say thank you to the following who have commented on the previous post. Thank you for your sympathy. I really appreciate it.

Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry

Sandee (Comedy +)



For My Dearest Mother

Have you noticed that I have not been around lately? I do not want to shout to the whole world about my grief but I guess writing about it would make things lighter.Yes, one of the most important persons in my life left. My mother died last August 3.My wife was suggesting of a eulogy but it was not pursued. No reason. It was just painful to everyone.However; here is what I would like to say about my dearest mom.

My mother had been very good to us. We are 7 kids.6 boys and one girl. I always tell my wife that my mom used to wake up early, prepare our food, wash and iron our clothes and even fetched water for our bath. She did not want us to tire ourselves especially during school days. When we grew up and become adults, we never heard our mom telling us to work when we were lazing around the house, jobless and all that. She was loving, understanding, caring.I only have good words for her. She never demanded for anything. I know there were times that she encountered hardships and pain but she stayed put. She kept her strength...Until that day. She bid goodbye, I hope with a smile. My endless thank you mother. You are the best.


Glacow Coma Sacle

Have you heard of the Glascow coma scale? It measures the best motor, eye opening and verbal response of a coma patient. It is actually my wife who told me about this because she was a medical student before. Scoring for each block varies depending on the elicited response from the patient.

I got this from Wikipedia:

Best eye response (E)
There are 4 grades starting with the most severe:
1. No eye opening
2. Eye opening in response to pain. (Patient responds to pressure on the patient’s fingernail bed; if this does not elicit a response, supraorbital and sternal pressure or rub may be used.)
3. Eye opening to speech. (Not to be confused with an awaking of a sleeping person; such patients receive a score of 4, not 3.)
4. Eyes opening spontaneously
Best verbal response (V)
There are 5 grades starting with the most severe:
1. No verbal response
2. Incomprehensible sounds. (Moaning but no words.)
3. Inappropriate words. (Random or exclamatory articulated speech, but no conversational exchange)
4. Confused. (The patient responds to questions coherently but there is some disorientation and confusion.)
5. Oriented. (Patient responds coherently and appropriately to questions such as the patient’s name and age, where they are and why, the year, month, etc.)
Best motor response (M)
There are 6 grades starting with the most severe:
1. No motor response
2. Extension to pain (adduction of arm, internal rotation of shoulder, pronation of forearm, extension of wrist, decerebrate response)
3. Abnormal flexion to pain (adduction of arm, internal rotation of shoulder, pronation of forearm, flexion of wrist, decorticate response)
4. Flexion/Withdrawal to pain (flexion of elbow, supination of forearm, flexion of wrist when supra-orbital pressure applied ; pulls part of body away when nailbed pinched)
5. Localizes to pain. (Purposeful movements towards painful stimuli; e.g., hand crosses mid-line and gets above clavicle when supra-orbital pressure applied.)
6. Obeys commands. (The patient does simple things as asked.)

The highest score is 15 which means that the patient would likely recover.
0-3 is not a good prognosis.


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Health benefit

The one that is keeping me from leaving my present job is its health insurance benefit. It is a great help because I do not have to pay for Doctor’s fees during consultation. It also has out patient and in patient coverage. Just in case that I would decide to work for another employer, I have searched for individual health insurance packages. I just have to study them first and get one that is suited for my family’s needs. I also have to consider the premiums if I can afford to pay it on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Better yet, I hope that all companies would offer this benefit.

A must for every home

Prevention is the best medicine. This is a very popular saying that I think every one should put into their heart. Our family is at risk for high blood pressure (BP) that is why we keep a blood pressure monitor at home. In that way, whenever one of us would feel that there is something wrong, we could already check if there is an increase in our BP. In that case, we could take precautionary measures to stop any attack.

Entrecard Magic

My Alexa rating already passed through that 500, 00 mark! That is really something for me! How did I do it? I am not the one who is responsible for it. I would say, it is Entrecard magic! In just a few weeks of dropping here and there, I am very happy to see that Alexa statistic. I am sure all of you could attest to that. What could I say? Keep dropping!

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When to let go?

If the doctor will tell you, let her go because she is already brain dead. You see that she is still breathing though. What would you do? Have you ever been in that situation?

My wife lost his father July 13, 1996. He was 70 years old. He died of hypovolemic shock as stated in his dearth certificate. I was not able to join her that time because I was still working overseas then. It was painful for her. She was only 23 years old and the oldest. The doctor came to her and told her that my father-in-law is gone and just breathing because of life support. She did not know what to do. As if she was carrying the world on her shoulders. She cried and cried. No, she did not listen to the doctor. She said that they had to do everything.

I could imagine the pain of having your loved one died on your arms.

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The television

Watching television is part of our daily lives. It is a form of relaxation, entertainment and we can also get information from the shows being shown. That is why, one of the electronic products that continues to improve as years go by is the TV. Have you heard of a pop up tv? Pretty cool, isn’t it? Imagine the TV that in one push will appear in front of you? Yes, somehow like the pop-up messages to alert you whenever you get new mails. Why don’t you check it out?

Dolphy at 80

I am watching Dolphy’s 80th Birthday celebration. He is a local artist here in the Philippines. The Comedy King. The show is now on the ending part I guess as Sharon Cuneta, the Mega Star had finished singing for him. Right now, a flashback of his life is being narrated by those who become a part of his life in one way or another.
One lucky man. Alive and kicking at 80. However, since most of his friends left him already like Fernando Poe Jr.- King of Philippine Movies/Action King, he always says that everybody including him has his sunrise and sunset. We are all going to meet the end of the road.

I am now 47 years old and my son is only four. If I reached 80, that will be a very wonderful blessing for me.


Good health

I am searching for the best diet pills for my wife. She weighed 111 lbs before and now she is 171 lbs! Yes, that is 60 lbs heavier since the first time I saw her. Not for anything but we have decided that she has to lose weight and I will try to help her. That is for her best interest because there are many complications of being overweight. Diet pills can also aid the process together with exercise.

There is all to gain and nothing to lose if you are in good health and in the best shape.
Good health is equal to good looks.

Top Entrecard Droppers

I have been reading in other blogs their top Entrecard droppers. I decided that I also have to be greatful as I really am to all who take their time going here. At first, I thought, how do they get the statistics? Do they count it via the dopper inbox?That is the tab that proved to be most useful to me because I go to other blogs from there. Anyways, I found out that there is a Statistics tab also. So here it is.Thank you, dear friends!

Dropper # of drops
Comedy Plus 24
A Commuter's Life 20
Life With Kim 17
And Life Goes ON for a Filipino MOM 15
SurfJedi's Musings 15
Memories Frozen in Time 13
AdsenseAddict 13
My Own Utopia 13
tenForty 12

Movie treat!

My wife and her girlfriends watched a movie last Wednesday. She came home late and while I was waiting for her, I watched a film on my own through the DVD. I turned off the light and imagined myself inside the movie house. But wait, I can smell something cheesy! I can hear the popping from the popcorn machines.Oh, it was just my wife who had arrived. She was knocking hard on the door as it was raining outside. What about my own movie treat? I have Friday night outs!

Write it on

I worked as a supervisor before in a duty free shop. Customers usually look for products that have bundled freebies. That is why we made it a point that we had promotional pens to give away. That proved to be helpful many times and sales increased. We were able to establish good relationship with the consumers and more so gain their loyalty.


Father and son

I saw that I have not been posting lately. Yeah, the usual losing some inspiration thing or maybe I am just sort of tired because of the morning shift. You know, waking up early, leaving the house by 8AM then going back home by 9PM. When I get here, I just want to eat, stay a while for siesta then sleep.

My son stays awake with us and he does his usual doodling of trains and tracks. One night he went to me and showed me this picture. He said, this is him and me. I almost got teary eyed and so proud of my son. I took a picture of this and here it is! It is saved in my cell phone and I have shown it to all of my office mates already!

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