We went to the doctor yesterday. It has been three days and my son's fever is on and off. The doctor wrote in the excuse letter that my son has pneumonia. He has terrible colds that is triggering his asthma. He was advised to take a rest until Monday. That means he has to be absent from class for a week. I am really worried. He is not eating. He just drinks juice and milk. The doctor said, it is okay? My wife is always asking our kid how he feels. He said that he is fine and the only thing that is painful is his throat. Maybe because it is being strained from the frequent coughing. Right now he is sleeping soundly. Maybe he is sedated? He is taking lots of medicines. He is now in antibiotics. I do not want to look for the meaning of pneumonia because it could just get me more worried. I am just praying hard that my son will get well soon. I think he has lost some pounds already.

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Flat tires

I have been experiencing flat tires lately. Good thing there are vulcanizing shops in almost every corner in our area. I am just worried if I will be trapped in a place where there is none. Actually, it happened to me once and I had to drag my motor bike for quite some distance. It was an hour of sweating pushing and pulling it. I ran out of cell phone load to make a call. I think that I have to check out Harley parts to see what I could use for my motorcycle. The tires have to be replaced already, I guess. Well, it has been serving me for one year and eight months now.


Lack of rest?

My son is as usual having his asthma attack. That makes me a walking zombie right now! Meaning, I have not slept the whole night. I was monitoring his respiratory rate. He is having some fever too . I had to give him his meds. It is now 526AM here and he is sleeping soundly. We are here at our living room for more room and fresh air. Our bedroom is quite small and has no windows.

I wonder what triggered his asthma attack this time. Oh, well, it has been raining hard the past few days. Change in weather? Maybe. I am thinking maybe due to lack of rest. We are used to sleeping late as I had mentioned in the previous posts. It is not only me that had an early shift last week but also him. From his original class schedule of 1PM, it was moved to 1030AM. Maybe the cold water in the morning... well, he does not want hot water.

Haaayyyy.... it would really be a Sunday of bonding with my family....we have to take care of our little boy. I pray that he gets well soon.

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Vehicle reimbursement program

I wonder if our company has a Vehicle Reimbursement Program. All I know is that all those who are provided company vehicles are given a gas allowance. However, for them to get that they have to present receipts from the gasoline station. I was able to speak with our neighbors who were enjoying that benefit. They said that the fixed allowance given to them could not cover their gasoline expenses because they live far from the location of their workplace. On the other hand, there are some who would even ask receipts from other people for them to fully reimburse the allotted gasoline allowance. Then, there is the issue of using the company vehicles for personal use. People also tend not to take care of things they do not really own.

It is high time that companies that provide vehicles for their mobile employees have a vehicle reimbursement policy. It will be for the protection of both the employer and the employee. In that way, losses would be minimized and both sides would be mindful of their responsibilities regarding the use of a company provided vehicle.

If you are looking for solutions in this aspect, just visit this site, Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. (CRS) at http://www.crsinc.com.

Sleepy me

It is already 11PM here. I am now sleepy. I have many things to do though. I have not been dropping cards lately.I would like to finish it today because tomorrow is Sunday! I would like to spend it with my family... no other things to do but to bond with them, I hope. My wife will also be here. It has been a long time since she had an RD on a Sunday.But...I am real sleepy...ZZZZZZZZ...

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I love funny t-shirts

I love funny funny t-shirts. When I am sad or quite depressed about things or about life itself, I make sure that I will wear something funny. It makes my world lighter. It could also hide some of my emotions. You could also send a message by wearing a funny T-shirt. The one in the picture, I think husbands need that! LOL!


Early Bird

Oh, yes, I am an early bird the past few days. Imagine, I have to wake up at 6AM! I decided to be in the earlier shift for a change. But, oh, boy! It is really hard to wake up early. We are used to sleeping late. We do not go to bed earlier than 12AM. That must change the soonest because I might stick with this shift for quite sometime.

Make it easy for Business Loans applicants

I hope that I could finally apply for Business Loans. I am still in the process of collating all the necessary documents. Applying for it could really be tedious, do you agree? I hope that there would be a finance facility that could provide easy processing, fast funding and excellent service when one is applying for a Business loan. One that do not have many requirements. I heard that http://www.ezunsecured.com provides that. I might just check this site and finally start my own business.

Internet connection: base station down?

Finally, our internet connection is working! After four calls to the internet connection provider. Am I mad and would now join the wagon of those cursing the famous telecommunication company? Not really. Their promise was to bring back the service within 24 hours and they kept it. I told myself that if there would be a second day, I would definitely write about it... Is it not what I am doing right now? Oh, well, I believe that for every system, there is a maintenance that is scheduled. Just like all the systems in the blogosphere, right? Entrecard, Blogger and other networks have its own scheduled down times. We just accept it because we cannot do anything about it or much more, we actually do not have the right to question it. You might say though that it is different if you are paying for that service and you expect to get what you are paying for all the time. You could always ask for rebate. How about the inconvenience? That is why there is rebate...??? The solution, always have an option. Me, I used my 3G connection. If you do not have a 3G phone, then use a 2G. Yes, you can use your mobile phone as a modem. That would be another topic though.

Anyways, I am just happy that my internet connection is back. Yes, I still love my internet connection provider.

Men can be vain too!

Until now, the construction of our house is not yet finished. It is true! We have been living here since May but we do not have our gate yet and most of all, my wife does not have her dream bathroom yet. That is why I am looking for discount bathroom vanity cabinets. You know women; they love to stay inside the bathroom. Ah, well, it is better than letting them go out for SPA because that would be more expensive, right? So, why not make your very own SPA like bathroom? Putting some furniture with a touch of art would make it a relaxing place. I told my wife that before December the bathroom plan should be in place. I am brave about it because I already canvassed for the materials. I even saw a discount double bath vanity items that I am sure my wife would love. She always wants us to have our own space and use our own things. She said that in that way, we would know who is more organized. I think it is a good idea. That would also mean that she would not rush me when I am shaving. You know, men can be vain too! On the second thought, our bathroom area is not that big so I might settle for the discount single bath vanity set. The one that comes with a cabinet and a mirror. I am now imagining on how our bathroom would look like. Indeed, it would be a great Christmas gift not only for my wife but also for the whole family. It would be a good investment because if the time will come that we moved to another place, selling the house would be easier. I heard that a good bathroom could be a selling feature.


What else has melamine?

Everybody is talking about the Melamine issue. My officemate asked, is it not the color pigment of the skin? LOL! He was asking about melanin. Kidding aside, melamine is a real serious issue. More than the impact it has caused some businesses, it is the lives of those victims that have to be given much priority. Renal failure is not a joke. Much more those affected were babies and younger kids.

I read that as early as 2007, melamine had been accounted for the death of some animals like cats and dogs because of the presence of the substance in cat and dog food. What happened then? Why was it not publicized as it is now? If it was given attention before, then it will not reach to this.

Everybody here in the country is now riding in the issue. I do not mind though because it will benefit the people. I just hope that it will not be temporary.

It was floated in our e-mails a while ago that some products were already pulled out of the supermarkets...Oh, no! My favorite chocolate candy is included!

I would like to know where else and what else has melamine.

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Trade show displays

What I love when I go to the malls are the trade show displays. Businesspersons are now putting it in malls because they know that people would definitely pass by whether they like it or not. Lol! Anyways, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it helps the consumer to have a view of products and services being offered.

The trade show displays look like a complete presentation. It must be hard work to put that up. I am sure you have seen one. If someone is planning to put a trade show display, he must contact a truss store. Trusses are important because these kinds of materials are presentable, light and handy. You will need it for your set up because it will serve as the foundation of the display.

My friend’s sister is on the advertising/marketing world and whenever she has to launch a new product, she makes sure that the banner stands are attractive and stable, of course. A banner is like the title of a story. Banner stands are actually all over the place. Wherever you go, you would see one. It is a good way to promote a product or service. I think it is more affordable too.

Oh, am I thinking of putting my own business? Well, maybe in the near future. The information above is good to know, though.

Cooking Hotcakes!

What a lovely Saturday morning! Family time once again! My son has to go to the cheering practice though by 11AM. His school’s foundation day would be on the 24th and 25th. We would like him to participate in the activities so that his social skills would develop. According to the teacher that is the area where he needs improvement. After more than three months in school, he still does not initiate the conversation and does not recite in class voluntarily unless he is asked to.

We are thinking of ways to help him be more sociable. Good thing there are some activities being initiated by some organizations as part of their organization. On the 27th, my son is going on a kiddie pizza making activity by Greenwich, a local pizza store here. I am sure that it would be enjoyable. To make my son familiar with the cooking, I let him make our hotcake today. He did the mixing.

Yummy! The hotcake was good! Now, we are all set for our day. I will be my son’s nanny today. My wife has to go to work.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Bigger memory needed

My wife is asking me what is the function of a hard drive in comparison with RAM. I told her that the hard drive is for permanent storage of files while RAM is for random access memory or for temporary storage. Good thing she asked because it seems that she is interested, I might be able to ask her to include in our budget purchasing additional hard drive for our PC. She is the one who loves to store so many pictures anyways. Yes, if you would check our files, those are all pictures. She loves taking pictures using her mobile phone and before she knows it; her phone will already hang because of more than 200 pictures already that have to be transferred to the PC. The hard drive of our PC is only 40GB. Very small, is it not? I am thinking of buying a 120GB, I hope it would be enough.


Jokes: the way to a woman's heart?

I remember when I asked my wife what she liked about me; she said that she likes most my sense of humor. Well, should I say that I got her with my knock knock jokes? In any conversation, a joke or two would always come in. That is how I try to cool around some hot heads at home and at the office. Laughter is the best medicine, indeed.

During the elections, political jokes are popular. Somehow, it made some votes for the candidates because of its presence in TV shows, text messages, newspapers, magazines and others. Jokes could really be a medium to reach out to people.

Brad Pitt supports same gender marriage

I saw in Yahoo news that Brad Pitt donated $100,000 to oppose the call for the abolition of same sex marriage? It is all over the local news here also.

I admire the guy for taking a stand. Here in the Philippines, same sex marriage is not yet allowed and no one had dared to seek for its approval. Maybe because the government here has partnership with the religious groups particularly the Roman Catholic sector. Even other issues like family planning cannot be pursued because of the opposition of the Bishops. Talking about separation of church and state, huh!

Going back to same sex marriage, I have friends who fall in love with the same gender. They have their partners and yes, they would like to get married also. Well , they are now working on their US visas to have like that of Ellen and Portia union.

When I was younger and immature, I really do not understand that this could be possible. Now, I know better.

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Pacquiao VS Dela Hoya:Boxing for Money?

It is all over the news that PacMan would fight Dela Hoya. Whaaaatttt? Is there really a match to watch or is it just for money? I would say for entertainment. Yes, it is always entertaining to watch Pacquiao’s moves and antics at the ring. I have not watched a single fight of Manny that bored me. Unlike the latest boxing that ABS CBN last Sunday. I could not even remember their names! Anyways, Dela Hoya and Paquiao’s upcoming bout would really be for money. I am sure though that it will still be a hit even though it is just for show…and big bucks of course!

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Noise versus Music

I love music. But when it becomes a noise, I begin to hate it. One of my neighbors started playing their karaoke system at 1PM today. It is already 6PM yet it seems that the party is just starting. It is okay if they just do it occasionally. However, they do it almost everyday! My wife said that I should just let them be. Much more, she just suggested for me to make friends and even join them? It is a free country? Maybe all the other neighbors are as kind as my wife is. No, I have not taken any step to stop them. I do not want to get into a fight. That would be shallow, I guess. So, what I did? I just went to our room and buried my head into the pillows so that I will not be able to hear them.

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To improve life, improve your eyesight

I think I need to take a look at the $ 8 Zenni Optical Rx Eyeglasses. My eyeglasses need to be changed already. My office mate who just came back to office from her maternity leave looks good with her new eyeglasses. I asked her how much was it and I cannot afford the price. She said it was around $255. Yes, she is wearing prescription eyeglasses. The one that I need also. I cannot read those small letters anymore. As a matter of fact, the font size should be at least 16.Lol! Anyways, I really cannot afford those expensive eyeglasses. Good thing that Zenni offers affordable ones. There are frames that can be purchased for as low as $8. I can buy more than what I need ! There are many designs to choose from.I read that the quality is okay so there is no catch regarding the low cost. Maybe they would really like to reach out and help improve the lives of those who cannot get a prescribed eyeglasses.Wow, that could be the promotion slogan, improving lives, improving your eye sights! That includes me! Well to be honest, the frame of my present eyeglasses is the frame of my sunglasses. Yes, I just purchased the lens. Now, I can have a brand new one.Thanks to Zenni!


And the winner is...

The votes were in. The drop line of the PDA 2 hosts was: The people had voted and decided who will be the next Grand Start Dreamer!

The suspense could never be contained! Some of the results were expected though. There were a few surprises along the way. Many people thought that it would be Bugoy, Laarni and Liezel at the top three. But, you, know, money talks. It was the number of votes that would matter and not the genuine talent of the contestants. Just like in American Idol, right? It just so happened that Americans are able to put the deserving winner all the time. Who can question the singing prowess of David Cook, Carrie Underwood, Kelly, Jordin and all the others who got the title AI? I guess, no one!

Going back to Philippines local version…sort of-
Bugoy really has the voice. However, the honchos are looking for the total package of a soon to be great star. Look at Melinda of AI also, right? Anyways, everybody knows now that Laarni Losala had won. IMO,she is deserving . She got the X- factor? Well she can perform and has presence of mind.

What were the surprises in the competition? Van landed at poor fifth and Liezel was fourth. Miguel, on the other hand was part of the top three. Oh, well…I expected it.

Anyways, another show had ended. What will I watch next? I am thankful that we have our satellite subscription back. I might just watch Heroes. No more singing contests or reality TV shows this time. One of the local networks here though is about to launch Fear Factor which is being shot in South America? I am not really sure of the details.

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Food for the Brain

Vegetables – We have not been eating vegetables lately. Could it be the reason why we sort of having short memory losses? Veggies have always been versatile. That is why we should eat as many as we can. They say stick with more greens but all different colors, shapes and varieties would be great!

Antioxidants – All I know are grapes. They say that it has lots of anti oxidants. It can also be found in vitamins E, C and beta-carotene- the orange foods or red foods like tomatoes! We should get plenty of these.

Omega-3 fatty acids – Good thing I love fish fat! Lately we have been eating sardines and mackerel too! Not that we know of its importance but because of budget constraints! Lol! Tuna on the other hand has been a regular on the table. Anything-fat fish will do!

A B vitamin – I must look on this. I am just into vitamin E. One B vitamin is necessary

A multivitamin – one daily is advisable. I watched in the TV two days ago that one celebrity is taking 17-23 vitamins per day! Uh oh…That is not correct. It could do more harm than good.

Thanks to everydayhealth.com

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The long wait is over

After almost three weeks of waiting, 17 days to be exact, I am receiving assignments again from my favorite network! Yippee! That would mean that I would have a more steady flow of extra income from blogging. Rather than waking up early, hoping to at least get one or two articles, I just have to check my dashboard from time to time. Thanks to the One Up There!

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Health benefit

I was browsing through my e-mail messages and the health insurance quote I have been waiting for from a prestigious company was already in. The annual premium looks manageable. My wife is planning to resign from her job and that would mean no more comprehensive health benefit for us. That is one of the best parts of her compensation package. When she finally decided we should just get our own health insurance.


Golf balls

Golf balls, anyone? My previous boss has a collection of golf balls. well, it is obvious that he loves to play golf. One day, I brought my son to the office and my good boss gave him a golf ball. well, I jokingly asked, how about golf shoes? He,he. My boss is so cool. No he did not give me golf shoes. He gave me a big grin and a tap on my back.

Computer is a must for every home

Computer is a necessity nowadays. My own desktop has been serving me for five years now and I think I have to replace it soon. My brother would like to inherit it but I told him to canvass desktop computers. Since the demand is high, I am sure that prices vary also. There are affordable ones and those high-end ones. There are certain specifications to consider. It will really depend on the purpose.

My wife spends almost half of her life in the computer that is why I am asking her to purchase a laptop. Sometimes she is sleepy already and would like to lie down but she cannot because she could not bring the desktop to the room. A laptop would be great for her. Maybe, I should give it to her as a Christmas gift. Though she said that we should buy the Gateway DX420 Desktop Entertainment Supercenter that she saw at Shopwiki.com. It will serve as an entertainment audio video system also since our home theater is also bidding goodbye.

For kids, like my nephews, I think they should get a budget PC. They can use it for their school assignments and as a training ground for computer basics. As early as preparatory education, there are computer subjects already. When they get older, they can get HP Compaq dc7600 Convertible Minitower PC because it has a bigger storage. I remember when I was in College, I had to go to computer shops and spent there long hours. I would like my nephews and my own child to have a computer so that they do not have to go out. It saves time and most of all, less exposure to the outside world means security.


Manic Monday- Juice

Fresh banana juice with milk and sugar. That was what I miss when I was in Morocco. Yes, I worked there for almost a decade and that was one thing that I surely miss there. I know that we could also or my wife can make one for me but it was different there because it was sort of automatically served to me every morning by our house help. Here, we do not have anyone to prepare things for us. My wife is also a working woman and we do not have a maid around.

We just content ourselves with the powdered juice drink that comes very handy. That is part of our grocery items and we could finish 20 sachets in a week. That means 20 liters of juice. Yes, we are all juice drinkers more than we drink water. You bet, in the near future, our blood might be sugary. I know we have to balance it somehow.


Singing Contests

If you were a regular visitor of this blog, you would know that I love watching singing contests in TV. Most of the content of this blog was the latest American Idol Season that brought about a real winner- David Cook! There was Philippine Idol (PI) also here which wrapped up last month but I did not really watch it. Maybe, because of Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA). The two shows are from the competing networks here, GMA 7 and ABS CBN 2 respectively. Anyways, regarding PI, it did not appeal to me at all. Maybe because I am used to American Idol and the version here in our country cannot be compared to it. The version of PDA on the other hand, of US or other countries for that matter has not been shown yet here. All we know is this show, Dream Academy is from Endemol where ABS has partnership with. There are lots of ABS shows in cooperation with Endemol like the famous Big Brother and Deal or No Deal.

Pinoy Dream Academy is about to end this September 14. There are six contestants to choose from and this will be decided by the masses thru text votes. In terms of singing ability though, three contestants stand above the rest namely Bugoy, Liezel and Laarni. Predictions are they will really be the top three. The rest of the contenders for the title the Grand Big Star Dreamer will just add flavor to the presentation? Well, they are winners in their own right, I guess. They got their own strengths too. They do not lose hope though as seen in their recent exercises. These three even believe that they will emerge as the winners. That is the spirit.

I would like to share to you the video of the three contestants as they performed in a Sunday variety show with the local artists of the Philippines. You be the judge who deserves to be the champion.

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Tires and wheels

Performance, longevity, strength and endurance. Do you think that I am talking about a sportsman? I am talking about wheels! The tires of our vehicles should be the best. Remember, if you got a flat tire, you will not be able to move. It is like having a sprained ankle. You could also compare your vehicle to yourself. When you shop for shoes, I am sure that you try fitting a number first, and then you look at the design and quality, then at the price before you finally decide to get a pair. Why? You would like to invest on shoes that will be with you for a very long time because you always wear them whenever you go out, right? Sometimes you even go to shoe factories to make a custom made one for you to be sure that it will have the exact fit. It is also similar with cars or any kind of vehicle for that matter. The tires are its shoes. Do you know that you can also purchase Custom Wheels for your vehicle? Yes, only at http://www.wheelfire.com/. You can get wheel and tire packages at very affordable prices. If you are interested, you can contact them via e-mail at customerservice@wheelfire.com or call them directly at 954-202-3001.Moreover, head on to the website and choose the wheel brand of your choice. Hurry and do not miss their fall inventory clearance sale!

Blog Roll

This is the hard thing for me. How to bring back my BEE FRIENDS.
Anyways, I took a look at other blogs and the blog roll is not really at the side bar but has a dedicated post.

Here you are guys!

New Link Exchanges:

A Grateful Heart - http://anemptycup.blogspot.com

BlogNow101 - http://blognow101.com

If you would like to exchange links, just let me now and I will be very glad to add you! :)

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Why I changed my template?

Have you seen my blog like this if you happened to drop by? I was not really shocked because I saw one blog like this a few weeks ago. So, I decided to change my template. Maybe that is what you get having a free template, eh! The one I have right now is still pro bono. I got the header by the way at ourblogtemplates.com.There are many templates there that you might like.

I hope that you like the new look of this blog. I still maintain the green color as I want it to look fresh all the time.

Happy blogging everyone!

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