Show me the passport

I was asking my wife where she placed our son’s passport. She said that I should not worry about it because we have to replace it with a new one in the nearest future. Passports here in our country or maybe for the rest of the world should have the same look already? I am not sure of that law yet but one thing I am sure of, we need to secure a new one before the year ends. The new passport does not bear any signature but instead, it has a sort of magnetic strip unique for each individual. It is colored maroon too. What we have now is the green one.

Oh, would you like to know what happened to our son’s passport? Or, maybe the reason why my wife did not like to show it to me? Our kid made it into a drawing notebook.


Wasted energy

How would you feel if something you worked hard for would just be futile? Maybe it was my fault that I did not check first if one of my tasks could still be submitted. I put my energy into it the moment I woke up. I spent around 30 minutes writing it but then again when I was about to submit it...cancelled?

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Laptop or bathroom?

Pretty opposite, huh! Which is the want and which is the need?
Oh, well...
We only have one computer here in the house. I had mentioned in my previous entries that there is an offer for a laptop to be paid within 24 months in the office. I would like to sign up for it but still I am having second thoughts. I think we need another computer in the house. All the three of us use this computer. Then, there are also my nephews who drop by almost everyday to use this also. Sometimes, we all need this that someone has to take a backseat. I think buying a laptop is the solution. Another desktop is an option also. However, I prefer a laptop because there is no space in our bedroom for the desktop.

Anyways, how about our bathroom? We moved in our house last May and this house is not yet finished. There are lots of things to be done. The bathroom floors and walls had to be tiled. Plus, we need a new water closet.

Oh well...
We have decided. Bathroom first then by December, maybe a new computer. That would depend on the wife. :)

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The fat battle

My wife is quite depressed these past few days about her weight and her fight to loose it. I do not see her do some exercise though.Lol! Yeah, it is a battle everyday to wake up and step on that treadmill. I know that she is having a hard time. What pains her is she cannot buy the clothes that she used to wear when she was still slimmer. She would like to try diet pills already but somehow, she had to do lots of reading before finally taking one. She found this site, www.consumerpricewatch.net and it might just help her because there are reviews there about diet pills like Lipozene and other popular brands.

Butterfly Award - For the Coolest Blog I Ever Know

Wow, a butterfly! I always love butterflies...now it represents an award for the coolest blog!
I would like to thank Maria!
I believe Sandee also passed this award to all her buddies.
I would like to thank you both for this award!

There are some rules for this award and they are quite simple simple to follow (however, I would just leave it to you on whether you want to follow it); You pick ten people and pass this award to them. Then contact them and let them know that you have chosen them and their blog for the award. Also link back to the person who gave you the award.

I would like to pass this also to everyone in my blog roll!

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New list of Entrecard droppers

It has been so long since I have written about my 300 Entrecard droppers. Well, I was lucky to have many visitors then. Today, I tried listing down my EC droppers again and I went as far as back October 16,2008 to at least reach a number. I was only able to gather 135. It meant that most of my EC droppers are really the loyal ones or my blogger friends. I heart you all!

This sort of serves as my blogroll too. Rest assured that I will be seeing you more often if not everyday.

  1. http://comedyplus.blogspot.com/
  2. http://www.lifeislikeawheel.info/
  3. http://joshuatree.sasha-says.com/
  4. http://www.commuterslife.com/
  5. http://myownutopia.info/
  6. http://mlizcochico.blogspot.com/
  7. http://www.thecouchpotato.info/
  8. http://writingsofmaria.com/
  9. http://sasha-says.com/
  10. http://gellianne.blogspot.com/
  11. http://ocgolfcourse.com/
  12. http://www.gamefreakzblog.com/
  13. http://www.mamaflosatx.com/
  14. http://guitarbench.com/
  15. http://funkiemommy.com/
  16. http://jluttrull.com/
  17. http://laketrees.blogspot.com/
  18. http://snapshotcap.blogspot.com/
  19. http://vielerfolg.com/
  20. http://matt-speak.blogspot.com/
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A day at the mall

We went to our favorite mall yesterday. My son is going to attend a birthday party on Sunday, thus we need to buy a gift for the celebrant. It was sort of a breather also and bonding time with my son. My wife had to go to the office for her weekend schedule. Anyways, we had fun. My son played at the arcade, which he was not able to do for a long time. The last time we were at the same mall was for his check up because of his asthma. The clinic of his pediatrician is located there. How comfortable, is it not? As of me, I visited the do it yourself shop and our home section. Those bed frames delighted my eyes. I pictured them in my mind. I might just make one for us. We need a bigger bed!


Happy Haloween!

I was searching for free templates and I saw this! Yeah, I changed my template again. I guess this is very timely for the halloween. It is just free! You too, can grab it if you want.
Let me be the first to greet you all, a Happy Haloween!

Ah, I just do not know how long this theme will last on this blog. For this week alone, I guess it is the fifth replacement. Lol!

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What happened to my technorati?

SmileyCentral.comWhat happened to my technorati?
I am just in the process of building my technorati links but now it dropped to 18! It was 39 a few hours ago! Oh, had it been 6 months for some of the links? Oh, well. Before, it was the GPR thing , now it is the technorati. No wonder, I do not get as many assignments as I used to. Well, I am quite down and always sleepy these past few days that I think I do not have the drive to write...And now, this! It is so frustrating.


Would the memory be enough?

There is a laptop offer in the office that is very affordable. I would like to avail of it since it is payable in as long as 18 months. I am just thinking first because of the laptop memory. I do not think that it will be suffice for my files. If for blogging only and no big downloads, maybe it would be enough. Oh, I also have to ask my wife if our budget would allow it.


Wordless Wednesday- Dinosaurs?

Thank you to my son for this drawing! He said that these are dinosaurs. He drew this after watching Jurassic Park! Clapping Hands

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I changed my theme again!

He,he,he. I changed my theme again. No customized header this time. I cannot promise that it will stay this way though. I have to ask you again!Lol!
Anyways, I am looking for a nicer one maybe... I hope to find it soon. Meantime, I guess I have to be contented with this one. I still have other things to do and if I will keep on changing my template...I guess this will go and on and on. I will never be contented, I guess until I find what I really want. Choosy?
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Non- editable theme?

This is the nth time that I changed the theme of this blog. I wonder though why it is sort of non-editable. I cannot change the colors. Anyways, I just thought that I would go back to the basics. The previous themes seem cluttery for me. This one is simpler.
What do you think?

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Win the game!

Online Casinos are getting popular nowadays. Well, things are more convenient at the comforts of your own homes, right? I saw one establishment though located inside a mall offering online casino. It is dressed up with so many lights giving the player the feel of playing at Casinos in Las Vegas, maybe. I have not really tried playing in an Online Casino or at the real one. I heard though that it is fun. Well, I have talked to the winners. LOL! I am watching the TV show, Casino and I could say that it is exciting to play your favorite card games and that famous slot machine.

Well, if you are one of those Online Casino goers, make sure that you get the reviews about every online casino so that you could maximize your chances of winning.

Limitless possibilities in sales

I worked as a supervisor in a duty free store. What I love about it is whenever we reach our sales quota, we receive an additional bonus. That was quite a sum and I was able to buy so many things because of it. Well, as they say, the life of any business is in sales. If you would like to get rich early, you should try to build your own business or be in sales. Be it buy and sell, selling of lands (realty), food and anything, you could never go wrong. There are limitless possibilities in sales.

I have a neighbor who is a medical representative. He started going from one clinic to another, trying to run after every doctor he meets along the way so that he could convince them to recommend the medicine he is trying to sell. With all his hard work, it paid off. He now has his own car and is planning to buy his own house. So, if you are good in selling, you should really be going to that field.

Are you interested? If you are in Boston and would like to look for Boston Sales Job, you do not have to go out of your house to do that. Just check this site and choose what job would suit you.


I got the Big O

Today, I got the Big O. Well, I have been waiting for it since the first PR update. This blog was a PR3 before then it became 0. After a month, it became PR2 again. Now, it is ZERO. I thought I will not be affected at all. But, I am. Oh, well, I have to work harder, I guess. I begin to ask, was it because of the two paid posts I wrote yesterday? Oh well. I just have to write more again. I am quite sad though. But, I will be fine soon. There is a lot more to life than page rank, I guess.

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Get the buzz

We wish that a Business Internet Directory would be available at our company’s website. Not for anything else but it would really help us in so many ways. For now, whenever we need to look for something whether a taxi service or food delivery numbers, we would go to the internet to search for it.

Have you been to buzzshub.com? It is like browsing through the yellow pages. There are hundreds of business listings there. Name it and they have it. All kinds of businesses from restaurants, flower shops, banks, gym and others, you could find it there. No matter if you are in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and other parts of US, this site is a good search engine when it comes to products and services that you would like to avail.

Before we try something, we hope to get an overview of it first, right? Buzz hub.com provides that also. They feature the recent buzz or testimonies of the persons who have tried a certain product of service. This is very useful especially when it comes to food. Well, for everything, I guess we always want to get the value of our money. So, before trying anything, check it out at Buzz.com!

I love to cook!

I love to cook! Yes, I am the cook in the house. I can actually cook and I could sing and play the guitar like David Cook. How is that? Anyways, about real cooking, I am working on mouth-watering appetizer recipes. This early, I am thinking of the menu for our Christmas dinner. I always want it to be special and impress some relatives with my new inventions.


Statistics conscious

Are you statistics conscious? I am! Oh, my Alexa rating went down. Now, the more I was able to prove the power of EC dropping. I took a rest from that the past few days. Now, I have to work on it again?

I could not finish 300 drops in an instant. The reason? That is because I read the blogs I drop cards on. I just could not help reading interesting posts around the blogosphere.

Okay, got to go! I have to prepare for office.

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Presidential Pardon?

If God could forgive...then how could people not? That is actually the overused reasoning of many. I am a forgiving person. I easily forget. How about you?

It really depends on the gravity of the committed mistake? How about if you lost a loved one in the process?

Judge not and ye not be judged.

Who could really say?

A famous person here in our country who was convicted for murder was given presidential pardon. His release though is a big controversy. It is all over the news right now.

A good conversation topic over a cup f coffee.

Life goes on...

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For gadget lovers

I think we really have to purchase a universal remote control. We need one for our television located at the living room. Its remote control is broken already. Because of this, we could not adjust the colors and volume of the TV. Thank you to that need I was able to find Gadget advisor. I am beginning to love this site. Being a lover of gadgets that I am, I found this very helpful. It gives me the idea of the network media player that is the object of my attention right now. Most of all, if you would like information about online backup services, just check on this site.

A sure treat for the pregnant mom

When my wife was about to give birth, her OB rushed to the hospital. My wife said that her OB had been very helpful applying some Pregnancy Massage Techniques on her hips. It eased the pains of the labor process.

There is actually a Pregnancy Massage DVD that you can purchase. I think that it would be very useful for husbands who do not know what to do when their pregnant wives are complaining of discomfort brought about by the weight they are carrying.

A Pregnancy Massage surely is a treat for any Mom.

Are you interested? Go to http://www.videoshelf.com and order online!

Pregnancy Massage Video


Happy Birthday To My Only Sister

Birthday Glitter Graphics

Today is the birthday of my only sister! Happy Birthday, Lanie. She came next to me that is why we are very close. We are neighbors right now. We also lived together abroad. Actually it was she who gave me the opportunity to work overseas! If not for her kindness, I could have not bought a house and have a more comfortable life.

Again, Lanie, Happy Birthday. I love you very much!

Christmas Project

We live in a new village. Some of the houses are not even finished yet. My sister said that it would be nice to look at if all houses have mailboxes. Well if not everyone could afford it, maybe a drop mailbox for each street and we could just designate someone to sort it out? No, we are not officers of the homeowners association. Not yet but maybe in the future, who knows?

I told her that before thinking of others, we should see our own place first. I am looking for address plaques or house numbers designs that we could put on our gatepost. Yes, until now, we do not have our gate. I am thinking of a small veranda. We could not afford a garden anymore because the lot area is too small.

I was able to go to this site and saw whitehall products. It gave me an idea on what to do to that extra 2x4 square meters space in front of our house. I am excited. We are just waiting for our target date. When? Oh, when some extra cash will come in! December! That will be our Christmas project.

Nip/Tuck: You've got a friend in me

Are you watching NIP/TUCK? From time to time, I stumble by this show and I liked the episode that I recently watched. Well, they normally feature many stories in one episode but the one that I like is the story involving Roma Maffia. She needed a kidney transplant and no relatives left for a potential donor. The two main characters of the show volunteered to be tested for a possible match. It turned out that Julian McMahon was not a match while Dylan Walsh is 5/6 match. The latter was afraid of complications though and to undergo under knife. How ironic, huh!

One of their patients for that episode was Rosie O'Donnel. She lost her left ear and wanted it to be replaced. There was a scene there that is quite eerie~ to grow a new ear, some genes will be implanted and it was implanted on a mouse.

Roma and Rosie were bed neighbors in the hospital and they were able to share their stories in life. Rosie was a lonely fellow having all the money but no one cares for her. She said to Roma, she will give all she has for anyone who will just drop by and hold her hand. That scene was real touching. Roma offered her hand.

The story ended with Rosie being the match 6 out of 6 for Roma's kidney transplant.

There are other scenes/stories in the show but I really do not like some plots. I never thought that McMahon there is bad with girls...

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Ear surgery

It is supposed to be a nice Sunday afternoon. However, our friendly neighbor is having a good time with his Karaoke once again. I think he needs an ear surgery because he seems deaf to hear that the volume is too loud that it could be heard by the whole community. He is not sensitive enough to know that people might be resting. This is still a Holy hour at 3PM!

I was about to take a nap but hearing his noise made me get up and write about him...again, instead. Oh, if he was a showbiz personality, I am giving him free publicity here. How about us, his neighbors speak up and tell him that he is disturbing us? Oh, no...we do not want to get into a fight. It is still tolerable anyways... For patient people like us, huh! Good thing my son is well already. If not, I do not know. Lack of sleep could affect one's senses...

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Dress up your homes with affordable furnitures

My friend bought a condo unit and she is asking me to accompany her to a discount furniture store. She would like nice items but at least ones that would fit in to her budget. She also has plans for interior decorations. I advised her to just shop online. There is a clearance sale in one online furniture store so she must hurry.

Look at the bedroom furniture at this picture. Is it lovely? I am saving for one like that as a gift for my wife this Christmas.

How about you? Dress up your homes with affordable furnitures.

God is good all the time!

My son is doing good. He was able to eat his favorite pancit and he is starting to play again. He is doing his usual antics too that make my blood boils at times.LOL! But, I would love to tolerate it rather than seeing him quiet and down with his asthma. I pray that he gets well soon completely. He is excited to go to school already. However, the doctor said that he has to rest until Monday.

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Thank you to my Entrecard visitors for September

I really appreciate that someone has been visiting me religiously? Wow! I see some 30 drops here, meaning all the days of September going here? Thank you, thank you!

Wisdom Hypnosis 30
get some 29
Happy Life 29
Dunia helper #2 29
Dunia helper 29
Dunia Edukasi 28
Look around 28
my review 28
Sasha's Corner 28
Sasha says... 27

I also would like to thank those who allowed me to advertise on their sites and it made me got some drops too!

Widget shown on # of clicks
The Path to the Pegasus Letter 192
Treasure Hunting 106
Winnie The Pooh 87
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The Couch Potato 38
Time Less Images 36
Sasha says... 36
The Daily Dish 27
Matt-Speak 19

Again, my biggest thanks! I hope to see more of you here!

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Fear no more

One of our fears when we grow old is loosing our hair. I am correct about it? We do not like to people to make fun of us being bald. I could still remember that I was one of those naughty boys who used to do that. It is a common joke here in our country. Whenever you see someone who is bald or beginning to show receding hairlines, you would say “Pendong”! I do not see people do this nowadays though. It is a good thing because I realized that it is really offensive.

Unless you are old, it is expected that you do not have much hair already. There are other people though that are still young but already start to lose that crown f glory. Maybe that it is in the genes or for some other reasons. Here comes Hair Loss Products to the rescue! I have a friend who started using hair growers at the young age of thirty. The effect on him is that there is less hair fall. He actually does not know if new hairs really bud anew.

There is a site that features review on hair loss products. You could see there how much it would cost you and how long the treatment is. I checked on it and the one on top is not actually the most expensive. Oh, no, I do not need it yet. Hair color, maybe!