Dress Codes

Have you ever been to a Casino? I have not. I have friends who have gone there though. They say that it is fun going there. As of me, I am just watching a TV show right now that features Las Vegas. It is the place where most casinos are right? Moreover, who have not watched the movie series of one of my favorite actors in which the story line and shoot location is also in a Casino. My father in law used to go there also. My wife during one of her trainings, which was held in a Hotel, was given a pass and starting money to its Casino too. Well, she did not avail it though because she is afraid to lose. What if she won, right? Anyways, she told me that she is intrigued of what fun she could get in playing there. I do not want her to go there of course and I, myself would not be able to accompany her. Casino locations are very far from our place. It would take us more than an hour to get there. Casinos here also follow some kind of dress codes. I do not like to wear some formal clothes just to go there. Besides, we do not have a car. Just to satisfy our curiosity, I searched for Casino in the net and voila! You could play casino online. You might not be able to see those coins coming out of the slot machine but the feel of winning is always the same. Yes, aim to win, enjoy but know your limits!

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