Financial freedom

They say that every Filipino and even those that has not been born yet is already indebted. What a horrible truth? The rich community does not seem to feel this compared to the poorest of the poorest sector. It is very evident when you look around and open your eyes. I wonder how we could get out of debt?

Each individual also has its own debts. Those who use credit cards, get any kind of loans, borrow money from someone and other scenarios. All of those mentioned could be considered as debt. It can be big, it can be small. One thing sure, once you mismanaged your debt, it could really blow out of proportion. I know some people who are experienced that dilemma right now.

I could say that we are not totally debt free ourselves also. Oh, who does not want financial freedom? We are now trying to project a better future ahead of us. That is very important especially that we have a child to raise.


Rainy day on New Year's Day

That was the prediction and it is raining right now. I hope it would continue . Yes, I am praying for the rain. Kill joy? I do not want the smoke and noise of some dangerous firecrackers. My son has asthma. I already bought extra masks if ever those firecrackers would survive the wet surroundings. Believe it or not, if it would not continue to rain, I plan to water our front yard. I really do not understand why people would like to burn money. I am talking here about the dangerous firecrackers that could harm. As for those fountains and others being used for fireworks displays, I am all for that.

Anyways, I just hope for a safe New Year’s celebration for everybody

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Happy New Year!

I would like to be the first one to greet all of you, a Happy New Year!
Many things had happened to us this year. There are good ones and there are those that meant to be not to be really forgotten but at least learn something from. I know that many of you are now thinking of a New Year's resolution. Why not reflect if your 2008 resolutions were realized? But it is okay to always try to change for the better.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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Building Family Ties

So, Christmas had passed and I have been quite absent. I just did some assignments here and there.

How did you celebrate Christmas?
Ours was a happy one. Well, the plan of my wife did not pursue because we spent it at my brother's house. Well, they are the ones who are lonelier because our mother lived with them. It was the first Christmas that Mom was not present. So, we just agreed to go there. It was a happy occasion in spite of the absence of someone who is very close to us.

I guess we really have to build our family ties now that both our parents already left us. We might have our own immediate family already but the bond between brothers and sister~ (we only have one sister) should be kept strong.

It was our kid who enjoyed it the most. He loves to be with his cousins. We were actually not that complete since we are seven kids in the family. Only five were there. But it was enough to cheer up my younger brother. I know he misses our Mom so much as much as I do... we all do.

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Enjoying the movies at home

One of our dreams for our home is an entertainment area. You know, that kind complete with a good sound system, wide screen and home theater seating. We used to have a sort of mini theater in our old house because we had a projector and of course a wide linen screen. Oh, how we enjoyed watching our favorite films at the comfort of our own living room. Now, our place is too small to put an entertainment area. The lens of the projector is also not working anymore. It only had maximum of hours and it was consumed already. I guess, we just have to go out again to watch movies.

Main consideration: high memory capacity

Yehey! We bought my wife's laptop last December 22, 2008. Yes, in time for Christmas. She is enjoying it right now. I told her that we could already chat! She told me that I have to work abroad again for us to do that. Oh, she has always been gullible.

She is contented with it because of the high memory. Imagine, 200GB! Her friend already bought her own buddy. She is thinking of upgrading its notebook memory because it has only 80GB.Well, that was my main consideration in purchasing ours.

Eyeglasses for my nephew

I am sure that all of you have watched or read Harry Potter. One of my nephews is so addicted with HP to the point that he wanted to wear eyeglasses even if he has 20-20 vision, lol! Well, I would not mind buying him one knowing that there are as low as $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses! Where to get it? Only from Zenni, the popular online eyeglasses shop. Because of the affordability, no wonder why it is so popular. There are Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical that are composed of various designs and colors. Yes, even the one that looks like that of HP's !


Wax is in!

Men like to bikini watch. Okay, most men do . What is wrong with that? It is perfectly alright the architecture of the human body. Just keep your imagination clean. I am sure that most women also look at those hunky body builders or popular celebrities wearing that single piece of clothing! Well, for anyone who would wear that bikini, I think should check out brazilian waxing. Yes, let go of shaving as a means of hair removal. Wax is in, I suppose. It looks painful though but to guide you on how to do that, you might like to purchase a brazilian wax video. If you think that it is not for you, then why not give it to someone in preparation for summer? It is in a three to four months time here in our country.

See the video here: http://www.videoshelf.com/waxing.htm. You could purchase the product by calling 1-800-414-2434 or visiting www.VideoShelf.com.


Give me the pink one!

We have decided to get a laptop! Yes, it the Christmas gift to the wife. Well, we did not find a hard time choosing because we already know what we want. We just had to double check the specifications as to the installed video card, processor, speed, RAM,hard drive and all. We are going to buy an affordable one that would just suit my wife's needs. Nothing really fancy. At first she was amazed by those colored laptops. She wanted to get the pink one! Oh, women! However, the one that she liked would mean a few thousands more so she changed her mind. Good thing she is always budget conscious! :-)

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Feels like winter

I miss all the snow but the cold weather, no! It has been very cold here the past few days! I think the coldest was last December 18. I got sick and guess what? I was not able to go to the evening mass from then on. I am quite and disappointed. But what can I do? Oh, maybe I am really aging.

I would like to thank my wife for taking care of me and missing her Christmas party. Well, she has always been sensitive to my needs that I do not have to even ask.

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Useful gifts

My sister gave my son NFL Jerseys for his second birthday. We were excited to see him in those NFL uniforms. He looked good even though what my sister bought were sizes larger from my son's actual size. Yes, it looked large on him during that time. That was three years ago. Now, my son could still wear them. You could imagine how practical my sister was to have thought of that. Well, come to think of it, we tend to give gifts that might be of use to the receiver for the present. Why not give him or her something that he could use in the future? That would be applicable especially when you are going to attend baptisms or first birthdays where the celebrant usually receives so many gifts. It would be a different story of course if there is a gift registry or you were personally asked to buy a specific item.

Christmas is really here and parties are left and right. My wife had attended two already while I am still to attend mine. We have a wish list for our gift giving and I just put there something for my son. Another jersey? Well, I just put there the site where they could go to check on some kids stuff.

I heard the alarm clock again!

I made it on the second day. It was so tempting t just ignore the alarm clock and go back to sleep. It is cold here and it feels warm to cuddle with your loved ones. But, I have to complete the novena of 9. My wife was asking what I am wishing for. Well, I will not tell yet until I have finished it.

I am glad to see many people going to church during this time of the year. The church today is overflowing with mass goers. Many are standing outside already. I noticed though that the priest seemed sleepy and lacked energy. Oh, he is human too just like everyone else.

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Still generous in spite of the crisis

We would be having fourteen visitors this Christmas eve. At first, my wife would like us to have a sort of exchange gift so that we would have something to do after eating. That could add some memory to the occasion too. She would like it to be memorable because it would be our first Christmas here in our new house. However, she changed her mind about that activity. She decided that she would just buy all the gifts and it would be our son to play Santa. I do not know what my wife has inside her mind. I just know that she is cooking something. Now, she is asking me what gifts she should buy. Well, those items are not really our real gifts to them. So I thought, maybe she should just buy Baseball Gloves, caps, t-shirts, towels, balls and other toys for the younger ones. For the older people, she could buy a towel or dinnerware set or a basket of groceries or toiletries. There are really a lot to choose from. Then, I told her,"hey it is your idea, why include me in the thinking,huh!" She is trying to be generous in spite of the crisis. Nothing can stop Christmas. It would always be a merry one.

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Women and shopping

The global crisis could be felt by almost everybody. We went to the mall last week and it was very different. There were few people unlike before that everyone should be in a single pile. It is Christmas season yet, shopping carts are empty. People learned how to save or they are afraid to let go of any savings? Maybe they are just preparing for tomorrow. News are scary about recession.

I met with some friends the other night and the topic of our conversation is how to earn more. Answer in a snap is to put on a business. But what kind of business? The better option is to look for a Franchise For Sale. That would mean not actually starting from scratch when it comes to target clients and business image. My Chinese friend said that we should think of something that could be of use to women. Yes, the female population is always directly proportional to shopping.

That kept me thinking. There is a site http://www.franchisedirect.com/, which is actually a directory of franchise and businesses for sale. You could search by industry and location. You would have an idea how much cash you would need to invest. I think it is safer to buy a franchise than starting your own brand because there is a little risk. It would mean a higher percentage if not one hundred percent ROI (return of investment).

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Night mass

It is December 16! The start of " Simbang Gabi", Misa de Gallo or night mass. Ironically, the famous Simbang Gabi is actually mass at dawn. I would try again this year to complete the novena of 9. Yes, I made the first one a while ago. It was actually a plan for the whole family to hear the early morning mass but the kid is sick again because of the general house cleaning that took place in time for the Holidays. He might have inhaled all the dusts that made his lung bronchioles constricted.

My mobile phone alarmed at 4Am and I saw my wife making music with the keypads. Our son was sleeping soundly at our bed. Oh, how I wanted to go back to sleep.Wifey said that I was late already. Good thing the mass started at 430AM. In no time, I was home at 545AM. Yes, the church is just a few blocks away from our house. There could really be no excuse for us to miss going there. I got some "puto bumbong" and congee for breakfast! Yummy!

Time to prepare for the whole day ahead of us! Tomorrow, I hope to hear the alarm clock again!

Have a great day, everyone!

thanks to photobucket.com for the photo

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2008 Photograph of the Year contest

Hey, photo bloggers! Have you heard of PhotographyCorner? They have a contest where you could win as much as $11,500! If only I have the camera, the eye, the style and gift in photography, I would surely join. It is a great opportunity. I sure hope that those bloggers I know who are really good in taking those shots would be in this contest. I am positive that they would have a fair chance in winning.

It is easy to join.You must be a member first of this club and should have at least five posts at PhotographyCorner.com Forums. Registration is free. Join now! Who knows? Your photo could be the 2008 Photograph of the Year! Hurry! Submission is until before midnight, GMT, of December 31, 2008!

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Best deals

No wonder why Zenni is the popular online eyeglasses shop nowadays. That is because of the affordable prices and various designs of the eyeglasses they sell online. One of the best deals that can be found there are those $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses. You could buy as many as you want instead of buying from other optical shops whether online or not.Check out the Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical in time for the season.

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The most beautiful girl

Who is the most beautiful girl in your eyes? For husbands, they have this outright answer, " My wife" or their daughter and if they already have a daughter...

Anyways, for contests...Ms. Russia is crowned Ms. World!

I like watching beauty contests. Guess what is my favorite portion? Ha,ha,ha,ha! Not what you are thinking...It(Swimsuit competition?) is one of my favorites though. However, just like everybody else, I always look forward to the "brainy" part of the show. That usually make or break the contestant. But then, again... that is a beauty contest and not battle of the brains, as some would say.

If you would ask me now, who is the most beautiful woman for me? My wife knows the answer.

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The trouble with things that are free

I opened my blog and I saw " this image had been deleted by photobucket, upgrade to pro now". It is the second time that it happened. Well, I cannot complain, it is their right. I am just not ready yet to buy a theme that I could say, all mine and no one would take away. Maybe when I turn to paid hosting already. For now, thanks to btemplates.com for this free template and to Lena for the header. By next year, I would have to change theme again. I hope you would not get bored.

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Happy Fifth Birthday to My Son!

Today is my son's birthday! My wife started his day by telling him the story about the day he was born. I could still remember that day! The night before, I and my wife walked around the village for almost an hour. At around 1-2AM, she started to have some contractions. She saw some blood around 5AM so off we went to the hospital. My son was born at around 11AM via cesarean section.

I could not explain the happiness I felt seeing this tiny little boy as the doctor handed him to me. What a joy! Indeed, he is the greatest gift we have received in our lives!
zwani.com myspace graphic comments

Happy Birthday, Son!

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Great news for football fans!

Good news for football fans! Carlsberg Brewery launched a web TV site that features news and information about football that you would surely love. I checked this out and I like all the trivia about the great football players. There are now fun clips available also for you to watch! Where to find it? Only at www.partofthegame.tv.


Fearless and classic boxing?

Dela Hoya waved the white flag and did not want to continue with the fight. Pac Man had him with eight rounds of fearless and classic boxing? I missed the Dela Hoya I knew. We all know how great a fighter he was before Manny Pacquiao. Maybe if they were of the same age, that could have been a better match. I think it should be added in the rules and regulations of boxing. What do you think?

However, we all rejoiced with this victory of Pac Man. Congratulations, Manny!

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Fair for all

If your company is providing Car Allowance to your employees, what kind of checking do you have to make sure that you only give what is needed? Do you go over the receipts presented or you just let it go? Well, you better start reviewing vehicle reimbursement procedures. If you are looking for help, check out Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. or CRS. It provides the best if not one of the best vehicle reimbursement programs that you could be sure will make you save more money.

What are the different scenarios that could add cost? That would be gasoline expense, accident exposures and car repairs. With CRS, they have formulas that take a look into these situations. Rest assured though that it would not only benefit the employer but also the employees.

Just imagine the time and resources that your company would be able to save if you have a vehicle reimbursement program. Let us face it, auditing one's expenses could mean forever and sometimes might cause some rift on a professional and personal level. But if there is already a laid out plan or a sort of rules and regulations to follow, it would be fair for everybody.

There would be no lies anymore as to mileage, unnecessary gas expenses and the driver would take care of the vehicle like his own. He could be at peace also that he gets the compensation that he deserves.

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In time for Pacquiao/ dela Hoya Fight

Finally the broadband connection technician paid us a visit today. We can now enjoy the videos at YouTube again. It had been almost a week since I called their customer service. It is very important for me to have a fast connection in time for the Paquiao/Dela Hoya fight. Even though I think that it is just for the show, I still would like to see how it would turn out. The whole Philippines is waiting for it. No matter what, I hope that Manny would win.

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Spaghetti fight

My wife was craving for spaghetti.No, she is not pregnant. She got her Christmas package and there are ingredients for spaghetti like noodles and sauce. What can I do but give in to her request. I cooked half kilo of spaghetti noodles for dinner. For more eating fun, I invited my sister and her son. Oh, they seemed having a fight over the spaghetti as they finished one serving to one serving until they had four! Well, do I need to say that I cook good food? Lol!

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Entrecard Droppers for November

Wow! I am very happy to see new faces at my top ten entrecard droppers for the month list. Thank you, guys! Most especially to Sandee who is always here! Thanks, Sandee!

Comedy Plus 29
Septagon Studios Inc News Blog 28
Faris Fakri 28
Mr Soleh’s Outburst 28
Programming Made Easy 28
my review 28
Look around 24
New Orleans Food & Fun 24
Austin Counsel Lawyer Blog 22

My World in My Own Word 21

And if you want to get more clicks, buy adverts from Sasha's Corner

Most of the droppers here came from her blog! Thanks, Sasha!

I wish I could return all those drops also!

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