Sugar free

I want to cry! Well, as a man I should not. All is just inside my mind. I did not control my diet and now, I really have to use that treadmill that seemed waiting for me all these years! I am certified diabetic. I am still at this hospital bed with my blood sugar being monitored. I am quite ashamed of myself. You know, it is hard to be sick. Being sick means extra expense. I could not compute the budget in triples! Sugar free items are really expensive.


Like a King and Queen

My wife has been telling me about Cancun All Inclusive Family Vacation. Well, that is her technique when she wants something. She will feed your mind with ideas. As a result, you will then be the one to sort of initiate or suggest the thing that she really likes to do. Clever, is it not?

By March, I think we really need to have some breath of fresh air. The four corners of our house is already suffocating us. Lately, she told me that maybe other couples do not fight because they have a maid or a house-help around. Wifey seemed exhausted already from all the household chores and office work.

So, what is her idea of a family vacation? A place where everything that we need is there. We do not have to bring anything like a bulky stroller or packs of medicines. We just have to go there and relax. A few days of being treated like a king and queen.

It is Christmas once again

Exactly one week from now will be Christmas time! Are you finished with your holiday shopping? I am not much of a gift giver... sorry friends! Kidding aside, I really prefer to give cash to my loved ones. It is easier and more practical. I leave the gift giving to my wife. However, I know that we have to teach our son the importance of giving or sharing... yes, the it is the thought that counts value... My wife is an expert on that because she is very easy to please. Give her a note and she will cherish it forever...

Giving gifts should come from the heart and should not be an obligation. You should not be forced to do that.

Christmas time now is very commercialized. People even tend to spend beyond their means just to comply.

Let us all think and remind ourselves what Christmas is really about.

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Motorcycle riders

There are many people who prefer to ride a motorcycle nowadays. It is faster and lighter and most of all, it is very affordable to purchase a motorcycle. The missing item is SAFETY. Yes, it is never safer. However, it depends on the rider as always. Even if you are driving a car if you are really reckless, then there is no difference.

I ride a motorcycle. Could you see me in the picture? No, I was not there. : )

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Comfortable and safe

There is only one hospital that we go to whenever any of us gets sick. That is because of its cleanliness and non-hospital like atmosphere. The hospital is complete with different kinds of exam tables to accommodate both child and adult patients. I could still remember when my child had to undergo series of lung X-rays at different views. During normal lung X-ray, the patient is usually standing. That time, my child had to lie down on that exam table. It was comfortable enough because it has cushions and wide enough so that the patient will not fall down.


Give me a new mobile phone

I need to buy a new mobile phone. The one I have has been with me for decades. Of course, it is only a figure of speech. But really, this one is an unlocked phone given to me by my cousin. It is pre-owned by her. It is still working but out of model already. I want a new one, please. I think it will be a good Christmas gift from wifey. I hope she will hear me! Give me a new mobile phone, please.


Dad and son time

My son sees me as the wolf in the house. He is afraid of me. I am the disciplinarian. I sometimes apply an iron hand to him especially if he is getting unruly. He loves to test my patience. I do not let him succeed though. He knows that I will always win over him.

Tomorrow, I will take him to Spongebob! That will be my reward to him for being a good boy. Tomorrow will also be the last day of their second grading periodical test. For at least an hour or two, he will see me as an angel.

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Four front teeth

Four front teeth? Could you imagine it? My son has it! Now, I might need a Plano cosmetic dentist because of this. At six, my son has not been to a dentist yet. I know that it should not be the case. I am proud to say though that he does not have any tooth decay yet. He has not experienced tooth ache also. To think that he does not really brush his teeth three times a day. Maybe because he is not fond of eating chocolates and candies. Moreover, he is not into solid food yet. There are only few kinds of food that he eats.

Going back to his four front teeth, the usual two front teeth are now at the front line.Those two move forward. Then another set of two front teeth grew. I really could not explain it but when he smiles, he has four front teeth!

Make them smile

The shipping boxes are ready. These are loaded with gifts for all! Why? It is Christmas time! The smell of imported chocolates, apples, ham, cheese and the Christmas air is around the corner! People who work abroad are somehow expected to send something to their loved ones here in the Philippines. I should know because I was once an overseas worker too.

Christmas is lonely when you are far away from your friends and families. Knowing that you could make them smile by the small things that you give to them would make it lighter and somehow make you move those facial muscles upward too!

Great bonding moment

Indeed, watching the Pacquiao- Cotto fight was a great bonding moment for all Filipinos around the world. My brothers came over to watch with us. My wife also watched with us and she was the most hysterical every time the PacMan received a punch from Cotto.

It was a very good fight. Of course, a Filipino won. But, I admire Cotto. He seemed pure and a family man. Untainted...

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In time for the Holidays

Holiday Fun Eyeglasses are perfect for the season!You could actually buy many as long as you choose the $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses. Very affordable, indeed! There are so many designs available especially if you look at the New Arrivals! Yes, there are many choices. I am wearing eyeglasses and it is high time for me to buy a new pair. I have been using these pair for almost three or four years now. That was just the length of time when I replced the shades with the reading lens. Meaning, the frame has been with me for almost a decade!


Save time and money

I had as a Boss, one of the most successful businessmen in our country. He is quite old now and his children inherited his businesses. Yes, there are so many of them. The kids or the business? Both! Kidding aside, my previous Boss is really a successful man. He is very industrious too. Hes still works yp to this day. He also has businesses in other countries thus he tours the world within a year in every year. That is how hands on he is in his ventures. He wants to see it for himself. He is quite strict and is in full control all the time.

I wonder if they have tried the online business. I hope he will. He has many retail businesses and selling online would be a good idea. Since the products he sells are already known or already has a name, all he needs is how to market it online. I think that there is somehow a different attack when your shopping mall is really at the malls or if your shopping mall is actually at the world wide web. Thus, he needs the expertise of a Marketing Company that could help him jump start his online business. Well, I am sure that he has a marketing arm in his company. Still, hiring experts in the online business would save him time and money.

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Be known

Because of reading about SEO Boston and what it could do for your business, I now have a better grasp of what search engine optimization (SEO) means. I tried searching for my blog and I was quite disappointed because I got tired of clicking the pages yet I was not able to find it. The secret is in the keyword used. I changed the keyword and finally, I saw my blog in the search engine. I tried searching for another word, this time the word laptop. I was expecting to find a famous brand at the top five spots but I was wrong. It was another site that is at the number one spot. well, being there, many should have read or took a glimpse of that site. That is the start. Someone has to know your site first. You have to be introduced. After being introduced, then it is now up to you. If your business is good or your products are proven to be of good quality, then definitely people will keep coming back.

So, what do you think about search engine optimization? There are free trials that you could try or even free analysis of your site. I think I might just try that in the future. For those who are in the online business, you really need this.

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You could be big too

Branding is really important. It is like a tag or a mark or an identity. A product is naked without a brand. If you would observe products and services that have been here for decades and are here to stay for long, it is because those products are good brands, so to speak.

Inside our homes, what products do we use? I am sure that you are using branded products from your toiletries to laundry bars and other cleaning products to bigger items like your clothes, shoes, appliances, you name it. I think even the nails you used in building your house is branded or at least came from a construction company with a name.

When we shop, what do we usually look first? Branded ones, of course. Just like me, I am looking for a new desktop computer. I want a branded one. Good thing that there are many branded computers already. There is a wide range of choices now. A branded product does not have to be always the expensive ones. It could be affordable too. There are products that are being patronized by consumers because of its affordability yet of high quality standards.

If you are looking for help to market your product for it to have its own brand, you might want to seek the assistance of http://www.brandidentityguru.com/. Who knows? You might become BIG too!

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Fight the virus

Much as our son loves to wash his hands, he loves hand dryers too! It started when we brought him to restaurants. Of course, he has to wash his hands every time. His favorite part is the drying up. Now, he is asking us to buy one for our home. Kids are really innocent sometimes. But, washing the hands is a good habit. It is just that, even in school, his teacher informed us that our son always stays long at the comfort room. After a while, she will find out that my son is playing at the sink washing his hands. Uh,oh!

Come to think of it, why didn't I took a video of him while he washes his hands? There was a contest in the office before in connection with the wash your hand campaign to fight the AH1N1 virus.

Floor area

That is our flooring after Ondoy, the typhoon. We used to have vinyl tiles. Would you believe that those vinyl tiles were older than our son? We have a choice to put those back or maybe just let the floor like that forever as my wife always says. She has not recovered yet from that disaster. According to her, she is afraid that there will be a flash flood again that will wash away all our things. I told her to forget about it. I am thinking of putting area rugs and maybe a carpet. Tiled flooring will also be good. There are lots of things to replace.

Saturday make up classes

It is a beautiful busy Saturday morning. It is like a weekday because everybody has to wake up at 530AM! Son has to go to school for his make up classes as mandated by the department of education. Students here in our region had a two week rest during the typhoon Ondoy and its aftermath.

Hohummm!!! I am sleepy. Tomorrow, finally, time to rest? Maybe not until the afternoon. My wife already prepared our clothes for the morning mass tomorrow.

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Yes or no

We always have this conversation before going to sleep. My wife always does create that so that she could keep me awake while she watches her favorite TV shows which happened to be at late prime time. Thus, we normally go to bed past twelve midnight. You just do not know how much I love sleeping. While I was trying to read about affordable term life insurance rates, she popped the question which was our topic for the night. She asked me if I will say yes if ever the Lord Above will give me another chance to life. Yes, granting that I will go to heaven, huh! I answered ,NO, NO MORE. It is not that I do not like or am not contented with my life right now but as I see the world right now, it is not a safe place anymore. Anyways, I already know the life here on earth so I might just enjoy the eternal life there, right?


There is an answer

It pays to read reviews be it a movie to watch or a new product to try. Just do not let those reviews make decisions for you though it is the purpose. Seriously, you have a choice. Even if you are already inside, I am sure that there is always a way to get out of it. That is why, it is best to get something that promises some guarantee, right? It also applies to web hosting. My friend told me that she got the best mysql hosting. That is as far as the review from WebHostingChoice.com is concerned. She told me to go to this site and read about web host reviews so that I could finally decide to get my own web host. My friend has her own web host already and so far, she is happy with it. What she values most is the always available technical support whenever the need or any problem arises. But, what about me? It is hard to get into something that you actually do not understand.

So, I took a peak at webhosting choicecom and I really like the site. I particularly concentrated on the frequently asked questions. Well, almost everything inside my mind was there and has an answer!


Trying to improve my Alexa ratings

Most bloggers know the importance of high Alexa rating. Since I have been away from real logging for almost a month, the Alexa rating of this blog dropped to more than 5 million! That is really bad for our online friends. That could be the reason why they are not that visible lately.

Today, I tried doing some EC dropping and commenting on blogs that I feel like commenting. I am also making a new list of blogs to drop on. I saw that those in my lists are blogs where the writers have not really been updating. If they have no time to write something in their site, then maybe they do not have time to return the EC drop too. I do not want to be compensatory though.

Anyways, I have a few friends in the blogosphere and I thank them for always dropping by. Special mention to Sandee of Comedy Plus. Well, she does not tire in leaving comments here. Thank you, Sandee.

See you in the blogosphere, folks!


The name to beat

More than five million! That could be the price tag of gold bullion? Maybe when I got a bunch? Ah, I am talking about my alexa rating. I have not been blogging much and that is the end result.

I am busy thinking of ways to improve our family income. We sort of have to start anew because of the recent flash flood that hit our town. Almost all of our personal belongings vanished. Just like that! My wife saved some of his gold jewelries. That really made me realized that buying so many unimportant things is not really smart. Buying gold or other precious metals are better. I should have listened to my wife in that aspect. however, we should always make sure that we buy from a trusted source. As of precious metals, Monex Precious Metals is the name to beat.


I hope to be back

Except for some assignments, I have not really been into blogging lately. As I have written in one of my previous posts, we lost our desktop because of typhoon Ondoy. It was washed away by the flash flood. We were able to save my wife's laptop. However, she does not allow us to use it as we use our desktop. I understand her. That is why, I could just write an article or two from time to time. I have ceased EC dropping too. Some of my favorite bloggers already dropped out from EC, though. I guess, I really have to do real deal blog hopping and commenting now if I want to improve that Alexa rating at my sidebar. It is down,down,down to more than 3M now! I think not everybody would like that especially my very good friends.

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No to dark circles

I want the dark circles around eyes, around my eyes to disappear. I look like I lack sleep all the time. Moreover, I look sick. I never really stay late. I always sleep on time. I know the importance of an eight hour sleep.I just do not know why these dark circles appeared and threatening to stay! Yes, you can say that I am vain when it comes to my face or my looks. Why should I not be?

Buy smart

It is back to school after two weeks of vacation after the biggest typhoon that hit our place. It was only yesterday that I realized that we lost so many things including my favorite high fashion eyeglasses. Now, we have to buy new pairs. Thank you to Zenni for their $ 8 Rx eyeglasses . if you have friends or kids who needs prescription eyeglasses, you do not have to buy the expensive ones. You will get the same quality with Zenni's eyeglasses. This is the answer to the question, How You Can Start Spending Smart? Start with buying affordable eyeglasses without sacrificing quality and durability.


New desktop

I need a new desktop! I do not have a computer anymore! The laptop adaptor/charger is also broken! Well, good thing the internet connection is working fine. But, what for? Oh, that is one of the worse effects of the typhoon to me! Pretty shallow huh!

Seriously, the recent typhoon, Ondoy that hit the Philippines has worse effects. It destroyed so many properties. Most of all, it destroyed spirits. I hope that the spirit of my son who had to be put in a plastic basin or else he would drown was not damaged. My wife, eventhough she does not talk about it that much, I know, is worrying inside.

Amidst all of this, thank God we are all alive!

Real rest and relaxation

We are almost done in fixing our house. Cleaning the floors and washing all the clothes inside the cabinets have not been easy. My wife endures all of that. Actually, after today, she would be back in the office after a very long leave. This is not a good vacation at all! What we have in mind are beautiful places like condos at gulf shores alabama! You know, enjoying the view and the sun while having a massage by the pool or by the beach would be perfect! That is real R&R!

My college bud

My College bud Auggenne is one of those cross country movers. She always say that or tell about that experience whenever we meet. Well, she is a travel PT. Thus, she said that better have a van where she could put all her things. There are months that she would really move from one country to another and stay in one then move again. Pretty tiring but she enjoys it! Oh, how she love to travel!

Wave goodbye

We have been working straight hours for the past eight days. We sweat a lot. Oh, if only you could smell us. Indeed, we could have lost some pounds because of this. I noticed though that my wife is still gaining weight. Well, maybe because of the pressure, she tends to eat a lot. She finds relaxation in eating. Who does not? Grabbing our favorite chocolate bar from the refrigerator has been tempting and she could not help it. Now, I hope that she does not forget the best weight loss pills that she was planning to buy before. I know that she still would like to lose some of her fat. I hope she would really try to wave goodbye to those flabs soon!

Excited for Halloween

My wife loves receiving Halloween invitations. She wants our son to enjoy parties with kids. This early, she is already thinking of the costume that our son would wear. Last year, he was a witch boy. He is big right now and looks like an eight year old boy in his age of six. Maybe we should be more creative this time.



Kids are innocent. They are pure. They do not know yet what lies ahead. They just depend on you.

We are trying to fix our things, err, our house when my son reminded me about his Paintball jerseys. I told him that I just have to buy him new ones. We have to buy new clothes, actually. It is not that all were burnt in fire but all are wet.

I found this store, ZephyrPaintball.com. Well, it could answer for all your paintball needs. I am happy to know that there is free shipping and the price is also reasonable.

It is written

Life is like a library owned by the author.In it are a few books which he wrote
himself,but most of them were written for him.

Harry Emerson Fosdick

True, is it not?
My wife will be on leave from the office for four days.
She will stay home, or she will make another home?

After the flood has taken away most of what we have...

She has to stay with me as we face this challenge in our lives.

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After the rain

It is a Sunday morning.
I almost could not sleep last night or could not sleep at all.
I was not lying on my own bed.
I was in another place.

It was a shocker.
I looked at my son.
He was so innocent.
He was crying last night, saying let us go home.

I praise God this morning.
That we are alive.
That we are safe.
That we could start a new.

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Meet Mickey

I am imagining I and my son holding Disney Tickets and we are about to ride the plane going to Orlando! Actually, my son has not met Mickey Mouse yet. He is into Tom&Jerry, Ben10, Diego&Dora and other cartoon characters but not Mickey yet. I am sure he will love Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters once we go in Disney. When that would be? When we got our visas already! Paging, US embassy!

If we culd not visit US yet, maybe we will settle for Hongkong. However, I really do not know if other attractions like Epcot Food and Wine Festival at the Walt Disney World Resort’s Epcot theme park, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Universal Studios Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights are also available there.

Farmville tutorial

I think I need a farmville tutorial. My wife was telling me about her officemates who are addicted to farmville. Well, I love to go on farming, real farming. Maybe, playing Farmville will be a good practice. When I have time, when I have time. Right now, I still have other things to do.

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Many people are stranded right now. Those who went at the office are stuck inside the buildinh. Others wanted and insisted to go home, now they are stuck in traffic. What is happening? The worst typhoon hit Manila after so many years. I feel devastated. My wife is at her office. I told her to stay there because the roads going to our place is closed. Besides, she is safe where she is right now. I hope the typhoon will leave soon.

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No more asthma

The most important medical equipment that we have inside our house is the nebulizer. We have been using it eversince my son was diagnosed of asthma. Thank Heavens, he has not been experiencing any attacks lately. Maybe his system has been immuned to the allergens causing it. I really hope so. It is hard seeing him suffer from shortness of breath every time his asthma attacks. Good thing we have the nebulizer to arrest the condition.

Sense of security

My wife would like to resign from her job. She said that the only benefit that her company could boast of is its health benefits for employees which has an unlimited coverage. However, who would like to get sick? She said that there is an affordable health insurance which we could always purchase if what we want is the sense of security that we will be accepted at any hospital that we would like to go to when the need arises. I told her to think not just once or twice but many times. It is hard to find a good job nowadays.



We really need to have a first aid box inside our homes. For those needs, you could shop at Allegro Medical online! Yes, you could find there everything you need.

My friend who is thinking of going to riviera maya vacations is already packing some things and I told her not to forget medicines , band aids, rubber bands, gauze and ointments. She is already excited to feel the natural beauty of Mexico. Actually, it would be a second honeymoon for her and her husband. They only have one child and they want more! I hope they could make twins there!


Boxing Sunday

Yes, it is Boxing Sunday once again. Though we will be watching it on a delayed telecast here in our country, I am still excited and expecting a good fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez. I actually woke up early and started washing clothes and cooking for lunch. Yes, it is me and not my wife. I could sense that she is tired from a whole week of work. She is not saying it but she seemed worried about some things again. She is quiet this time. She did not eat much last night. Well, she does not have to tell me. I know her. I hope that whatever is bothering her would be gone in a second. Right now, she is still inside the room, sleeping.

Okay, I have an hour to finish all tasks and be able to sit at the couch!

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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New TV

Our television set is really old. We have been using it for more than seven years already. I would like to buy a flat screen TV by December. During our recent visit to the malls, there are flashing designs that I really liked. Moreover, there are promotional offers like TV packages with another free small appliance, an extended service plan, and another option to buy another big appliance for a discounted price.By December, by December...

Ready for occupancy

We went to a housing project yesterday. No, we are not going to transfer to another house in the nearest future but we are trying to search for a new place. My wife told me that her office mates are excited about this new subdivision thus we decided to take a look at the model house. The unit is not really that outstanding. The door knobs are ordinary. There are no finishing touches yet. You will get a bare house upon the turn over. Well, it is affordable, that is why there are only few units left. We were able to speak with an agent and she mentioned that there are house owners who are into reselling. Now that is what we wanted. We would like a place ready for occupancy. The new subdivision is only in its ground breaking phase. Yes, no roads yet, just plain farm land.

Getting serious

My wife was chatting with her friend who is in USA last night. Funny but they are talking about some serious matters rather than the usual women talk like shopping, huh! Our friend was asking about Blue Advantage. My wife is not an insurance agent but she somehow understands the insurance system. This friend of ours is thinking of getting an extra health insurance. She wanted a more comprehensive package.

Design the box

We have so many empty boxes inside the house because of our recent moving in. Now, I am thinking of how to recycle those and put it into a good use rather than throwing them away. I think I should buy a box cutter. I would also do some research of designs. I went to a bookstore yesterday and I should have bought that book about recycling things. I might just go back there today to finally buy it.


Good referral

I could still remember my previous boss and office buddy. Yes, he is one and the same. It happened that this manager of ours was very friendly. One time, he asked me to find him a nice place with a beach and a golf course. He mentioned about Myrtle beach golf packages. Funny, he was asking me to search for it yet, he already had one in mind. Anyways, he made my job easier. Maybe somebody referred that place to him. Well, Myrtle is such a nice place. I hoped that he asked me to with him. I really do not know how to play golf but the place is very beautiful to resist. Good referral!

I am her bestfriend

I was not able to sleep well last night. My wife came home late and asked me a hypothetical question regarding work ethics, memos and others. Well, I used to issue memos since I was a boss before.

At first, she presented it as a theory but eventually, she said that she was sort of involved.

I really appreciate it that we are having some bonding again. Well we have not been talking to each other like that for the longest time. She told me that she needed to talk to me so that her worries would be away. We slept at around 1AM already...and we have to wake up at 530AM as always...

I saw in her facebook account or twitter, I think that she is thanking God for having me as her bestfriend.

Thank you too, sweetheart....

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Good host

Having a free hosted blog is really cool! You know, having your own space here at the web for free! However, they say that if you would like to have more control, you should consider hosting it to a private web host or paid host.

So far, I have not encountered a problem in this blog. Maybe because, it is just a personal blog and I am not really using it for business. It has some assignments, yes but I think that it is still of a personal blog. I did encounter though one blog with a very high traffic that I could not open or if I would be able to get in, it would immediately go down. That is because of a limited disk space? I really do not understand those technicalities yet.

I am sure that many of us are into paid hosting already especially those who decided to make it big on their blogs. For those who are interested to know more about hosting just like me, I suggest http://wpdesigner.com/. Maybe you already saw some of the featured web hosts there form affiliate ads. It is still good to learn more about them and each of use deserves a good web host or if not, just stay where you are now.


Valuable coins

I am fascinated with rare gold coins. Coins have this certain beauty. I think that is a form of art. It is! Coins are carefully designed. Moreover, coins are durable to stand the test of times. Historic, even, right? This potential could be the reason of Monaco rare Company to venture into the coin business. I guess, if you have the rarest coin in town, that could make you rich, right? Come to think of it, I should keep some of the present coins and put it in a safety box. I shall label those coins and tell my son about it. Well, who knows? In the future, the coin that we have now could have a very big value.

If you want to build your own coin portfolio, contact a Monaco representative now!

Peace of mind

Hoping for a take three!
My wife could not sleep again. She took an exam and she thinks that she missed out some questions. She is now praying that hopefully, she passed.
I guess, she has to pray hard.
I also hope that she would be given another chance if in case she really did fail.
Knowing how OC she is, I am sure that she would try to find out her score today.
For her peace of mind!

do not be a worrier

Time management. Time to work. Time to sleep.
When you have lack of sleep, what do you do?
My wife had lack of sleep yesterday. She went to bed at around 2AM and had to get up by 6AM. Well, she was sort of worried about her office mate who was shot. The guy is fine now though still at the ICU.
Now, my wife said that she had lack of sleep.

Do not be a worrier.
Entrust everything to the Lord.


I have skinny legs. Yes, I have to have some leg workout. I am not really into sports. Well, I do not like to sweat. I mentioned before that we have sort of a mini gym already having a treadmill, AB trainer, dumbbells, and other exercise equipments. I noticed that we do not have a pedal exerciser yet. I have been going through the products of AllegroMedical.com and I saw this pedal exerciser. I think I need that for my skinny legs, eh!

There are really many good products at AllegroMedical. I even found Polar Heart Monitor. I just do not know its use yet. I was just curious. There are diabetic supplies too. Check it out!


Things you do not like to hear

My wife has been quiet lately. I do not know what is running inside her mind but I like her being quiet. Men do not like loud wives, right?

My intuition was right. She was trying to tell me something. My wife is always careful about my feelings. she does not like to make me feel down or uninspired. That is why, when she has problems, she keep it to herself.

This morning, she finally spoke out. She said that she is afraid that there would be a retrenchment at their company. Moreover, she is afraid that she might be included. well, I just encouraged her that maybe it will not happen to her.

My wife is ready though. We have not been rich in our lives. We just live a simple life. Her only worry of course is our son. We want the best for him and to do that, we have to have jobs to earn and have money to spend for all his needs.

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Another honeymoon

I read from one of the celebrities that I follow that he has a travel emergency. Maybe he would like to visit Europe again with his wife. Oh, what a beautiful place. I think they had their honeymoon in Rome. This time, they already have a beautiful daughter to tag along. Honeymoon baby? That was four years ago. No wonder, he is having this urge to travel.

I would like to go and ride the plane real soon also. I miss the clouds and the vast sea. It is relaxing. I hope we could really have that much needed vacation soon. Another honeymoon for me and my wife? Why not?

We start our diet today

Well, we decided to stay home today. I just browsed through the pictures I took last time. I came across this one:

Aerobics forever, huh! I told my wife to join the club. She said that exercise has proven to beone of the best fat burners but it is tiring. She would prefer to take pills. Well, if she could lose weight while sleeping, she would definitely choose that option. Lol! No pain, no gain, Honey!

Today, she said that we will start our diet again. Yes, that includes me because I am also not a healthy eater. Well, for now, she only has one rule. What is it? A serving of vegetable at least once a day.


Health update: A malingerer?

I came home and I told my wife that the doctor said that there is nothing wrong with me. My wife laughed. apparently, she had just told my sister about it.

The doctor asked me to do some arm motions and some finger motions. There was no limitation of movement yet I complained of pain? The doctor was confused. She just based her prescription based on what I told her. She said spondylolysis even without seeing my x-rays. My wife told me that it was not right, no wonder the doctor did not write her diagnosis on her RX paper with her name and license number. Wife said that I would just be given a placebo treatment and it would be even noted in my record that I am just malingering.

Maybe they are all right.
I am just afraid to grow old.
I want to immediately arrest any sign.
How could you run away from the truth?

Solid foundation

My sister's eldest son would be graduating in College this year. At long last! That was what came out of my sister's lips with a big smile. She is really happy and this early, she is looking for the best tuxedo for his son. She said that it is one last shot. She is expecting that after buying the graduation suit, all the expenses would be over. It was not easy for her bringing her child to College. She is joyful to know that at least, she was able to give his son the greatest gift, that is education. That is already a solid foundation for his future.


I could see and feel that my wife is not happy with her present job already. However, she does not like to undergo any kind of pre-employment screening anymore thus she decided to stay with her present employer. Well, it is really hard to find a decent job these days. Perhaps, she could just channel her energy to more positive thoughts like the generosity of the company she is working for.

In life, sometimes we get bored or seeks new challenges. However, there are things that we have to consider like responsibility.


We went to the park last weekend and my son had a blast! I am glad that there are many swing sets, see-saw sets, slides, and monkey bars set up that could accommodate many children. Well, yes, we did enjoy some swinging too!

This morning, my wife woke me up by the sound of her aging washing machine. She said that she would like everything done by Sunday so that she could have a real rest by then. I told her that I am thinking of another picnic at the park. She gave me a look.


Signs of old age

I am only 48 years old yet I feel that I am really that old. I am suffering from arm pain and I do not know what it is. My wife said that it is because of the fusion of my C6 and C7 vertebra thus the nerves exiting the vertebral foramen are being impinged. I really do not know.

I decided to go to the doctor today. My wife advised me to go directly to a specialist. I wanted to seek second opinion. The opinion of a professional and not of my wife, ha,ha,ha! Well, she is a graduate of a medical course and she reads a lot. Actually, you could already get all the answers from the internet. I just want to be sure and get the right prescription maybe. I have been taking pain killers lately and my wife had been constantly reminding me that it would be bleeding of my stomach that would be next in line if I continue to do so.

I have a sort of a health card. Thanks to the company my wife is working for. However, the outpatient benefits are limited. My wife asked me to go to the hospital where the laboratory fees are cheaper. Yes, there is no standard laboratory fee here. It depends in the hospital. If you go to an expensive hospital, then the fees are more expensive too. Well, it is in the amenities? Like in my favorite clinic, it is air-conditioned and you could watch TV while waiting for your doctor.

My wife had been praying. She believes in miracles. Yes, she believes that prayers could heal me.

Then it all boils down to a change in lifestyle. I guess, we should really be following a strict diet coupled with exercise and good habits if we would like to live longer.

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The sexiest woman for me

I was able to say to my wife before that outward beauty really fades. I do not know if she took it seriously but it started her journey to lose some weight. I might have hurt her feelings then? I hope not. I just hope that the diet pills that she chose to buy would really work for her. I could see her struggle with the flab. If only I could do something to help her. I just tell her that she is the sexiest woman for me. :)

The perfect wife and the perfect girlfriend

I fell in love with her a month before she was about to turn eighteen years old. I was already thirty years old then. Yes, we have a twelve year gap. Everybody objected and somehow doubted my intentions including her late Dad. I actually doubted myself also. Today, she is already my wife for ten years. We had a long term relationship of 8 years before we got married. Come to think of it, we have been technically together for 18 years. That is something, huh!

Our relationship was not perfect. Just like any relationship, it had its ups and downs. She had always been submissive and very understanding. She accepted me and forgave me every time I commit mistakes. I could say that she was the perfect girlfriend as she is the perfect wife today.

I could not say more about this lady in my life. All I could hope for and pray for is more years of togetherness and happy memories.
Today is our tenth year wedding anniversary!

Not a single centavo

One thing that I am proud of about my wife is her being wise about our finances. I worked abroad before and whatever amount I sent her, she did not spend a single centavo. She did invest it though at certain things like this house we are living in right now and she got a life insurance and an educational plan for our son.

Today, she does not stop and still look for free insurance quotes, house and lot quotes, and others from friends, newspapers, and the net. Well, she said that there might be something for us there and we just have to find it.

No shoes and clothes this time

Whenever my wife sees something that she thinks I like, she would call on me, Honey,Honey come here. She shouted so hard that even the neighbors could hear. That is how she gets excited most of the time. Anyways, today, she called me because she was browsing through the web and she saw a very nice outdoor furniture set. She said that it would fit my project. I told her that it could also be used indoor. What she saw was really pretty. I am glad that she is sort of shopping for household furniture and items today instead of shoes or clothes, lol!

My son's favorite stores

Going to the mall is really fun for my kid. He has his favorite stops. Number one for him is of course, the toy store for obvious reasons, huh! Well, it is a good thing that we could negotiate with him regarding what toy to buy. You know, some toys are expensive and some toys are more affordable. We go on a certain budget and we could only spare a few pesos for his toys. Well, our son is kind and has simple happiness. He just wants to have something then he would keep quiet and would ask us to already go home so that he could already play with his new toy. That is when we get somehow impatient especially when we are not yet finished with all our errands. What we do is my wife and I have to separate. One of us would just go on with the errands and the other must bring our son to his second favorite store. What is it? The pet supplies store! He loves it there! He has a fish for his pet. He also likes other animals but for now, a gold fish is enough for him. I think he could not maintain or take care of a dog or a bunny yet. In the future, maybe.

The shrimp story

My wife was craving for shrimps. It was already eleven AM and she wanted to eat shrimps for lunch. We decided to just buy fresh ones and cook it on our own rather than eating at the nearby restaurant. Well, it would be cheaper and we could splurge on a kilo to compare with four to five pieces being served in the restaurant. So, off I went to the grocery store with my motorcycle. I arrived home at around 1230 PM. My motorcycle stopped and needed some repair. That was one of those times that I wished I had brought a motorcycle jack so that I could easily find out for myself what went wrong. Anyways, it was just a spark plug and good thing that I was able to buy one at the repair shop which happened to be two blocks away from the place when my big bike stopped.

All's well that ends well. We were able to eat that very hearty lunch. My wife was satisfied. I wonder what she would want come dinner time.

The meaning of Cory

Last August 5 was a de ja vu for many Filipinos. The spirit of Ninoy Aquino seemed there at the funeral march bringing the former president of the Philippines to Manila Memorial park for her body to lay and rest. Thousands of people waited at the cemetery while the others accompanied the truck bearing the lady from the Manila Cathedral to the cemetery. It was around eight to nine hours until the final ceremony and finally the coffin was put in the grave.

The present government was pleading for the opposition not to use the death of Cory Aquino against the administration. IMO, the mere mention of the name of Cory Aquino is already a political statement. Cory Aquino means EDSA revolution. It means freedom. It means democracy.

Cory Aquino is now in heaven. She might be dead here on earth but definitely, I know that she would continue to watch over the Philippines. She is even more powerful now because she could go directly to the One Up There to ask her favors and not just by mere praying. ;)

thank you to shenbrood of photobucket.com for the image

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Rain or shine

The weather here is very fickle. In a minute, the sun would appear. After a few hours, it would rain. I admire the construction workers who brave the season. Our neighbor's house is somehow being renovated or let us say that the second floor and the third floor are being built. It has been two weeks now and the boys do not stop even if there are heavy rain showers. I could relate to them. I was once a construction worker. I am more involved in the electrical jobs, though. Thus, I do not have to weather any storm.

Something that you could afford

My wife believes in insurance. She said that it is force savings. It means that we really have something to look forward to in the future because it is just like a time deposit but longer. What more? You are covered. If something unexpected happens to you, you have less worries or the one that you would leave would be more secure. She said that there is actually no risk because you can find cheap term life insurance rates. That is why others are afraid to get insurance. They are not sure if they could pay the monthly or quarterly dues. In my own opinion, it is better if you get the plan that is suitable to your needs and something that you could afford.

Remembering Mom

Today marks the death anniversary of our mother. It has been a year since that very sorrowful day. I woke up with a call that our mother left us already.

I could still recall a week before her death, I and my son passed by their house and brought her some rice cakes. She was very happy. She loved sweet food.

I know that she is at peace right now.

We would be having a celebration of her first death anniversary later in the afternoon. There would be a mass offering for her soul. Then, there would be some food. I would cook merienda for everybody. It would just be only a family affair though. Everyone who would remember is welcome .

Wherever you are, Mom. Please continue to be our angel.

photo credits: BetoMatheus from webshots.com

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Like father, like son

We are a family that loves music. I could sing and so does my wife.One of our fondest memories as boyfriend and girlfriend was when I played the guitar while she sang to its melody. Pretty romantic, was it not?

We are thinking of enrolling our son to a piano class. Another option is , a piano teacher could just come to our house for his piano lessons. We just hope though that our son would love to play the piano. If not, I could just teach him to play the guitar. Like father, like son?

Good job, Mr. President!

I am not talking about Obama here or about the president of our country. We have a woman for a president, here! Anyways, I am talking about the president of our home owners' association. I think he is doing a good job. Our house is opposite their house. This morning, we were awaken by the barking of so many dogs. Apparently, there is an anti-rabies campaign going on. There is free rabies vaccine for all the dogs in the neighborhood.

Yesterday, there was the owner of the popular junk shop in town collecting all the old newspapers, plastics and used bottles and other kinds of useful junk. That is a lifetime campaign.

He has other projects and one that I would like to materialize involves security. Our subdivision does not have a security guard. Anyways, we are a small community. I heard also that others do not like to pay additional monthly dues.

Anyways, I would like to say thank you to Mr. President for all his good projects. I hope he reads blogs. Well, we are not that close and I am not really into politics. I prefer to stay at the sidelines.
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Loneliness has to end soon!

Believe it or not, I am looking for wholesale computers. I would like to give my nephews who do not have a computer yet. I think that it is a very good gift for Christmas. Actually, I want one for myself too. The desktop computer in the house is ruled by my son and the laptop could only be used by my wife. You know what? Whenever both of them are busy with their computers, I feel left out. Nobody talks to me and I just have to watch television to entertain myself. Anyways, that would end soon. I hope to find a good deal because I am planning to buy two to three units of computer.

The most useful electronic equipment

One of the most used electronic equipment in our house is the Linksys router. It is really very useful. My wife could bring her laptop almost anywhere in the house. Actually even our nearest neighbor could get some wifi signal. Well, sorry but upon learning that, I have to put a lock code so that we could control who could access our internet connection.

My idea of a family vacation

Our son always dream of a family vacation at the snow. Yes, playing with snowballs and making a snowman. His idea is that he has a baby brother or a sister whom he would throw snowballs at. He said that there would be two teams. He would team up with me and the supposed little brother or sister would team up with his Mom. It is really funny.

Anyways, that is not my idea of a family vacation. I want to go to a private resort by the beach where we could enjoy exotic food and good service. I would like to go to a place where I could really relax. I read that in Mexico, there are so many private beaches, virgin at that.

Maybe when my son is bigger, we would fly him already to different places. As of now, we have to content ourselves with the swimming pool.


Gates issue: a classic case of misunderstanding and miscommunication

The neighbor was concerned. The black man was sensitive and tired. To add, he might have been so much tired from his trip and he could not enter his own home. Then came the police, who just responded to the call of the concerned neighbor... however, the police do not know every face of every owner of each house, right? I just do not know how was the approach of the policeman in trying to identify or to catch a suspected robber who happened to be the actual owner of the house. Oh, how difficult the job of a policeman could be, right? What if the reported two black men were real offenders? I am sure the story would go the other way or be totally twisted.

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Everybody gets sick these days

Everybody gets sick these days. Yesterday, we heard that my nephew fainted. Maybe due to so much stress. He and my wife work for the same company. My wife assisted him with his health benefits by coordinating with the HR department. I would visit my nephew this morning for a visit. My wife already interviewed him and according to her my nephew was dancing when he fainted. After that he vomitted. His mother worried about him so much. Though the health benefit is the benefit that nobody would like to avail, it helps in emergencies like this.

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Thinking ahead

We would like to manage our finances. No, we are not that rich. actually, we are just starting a life. We are still young on the so called life, really. We have lot to learn. In Filipino, there is a saying that we still have lots of rice to eat. We have not really taken this matter seriously in the past. However, we noticed that our child is growing bigger and we would like him to have a better future. Except for this house we are living in, we do not have any other thing yet to give to him just in case we would be living the earth soon. No, we are not going to another planet. You know what I mean. Anyways, the first step, I guess is to know our credit standing. Do we have to hire an accountant? How about getting a credit report?I think that it would be easier. I believe that in the US, you could get a free credit report? Good for you, guys. In our country, I have never heard of such. We just know our credit standing whenever our application for a loan is approved or not. If it is approved, it means that the bank trusts you and believes that you could pay. reading about credit report, I think that if we have that here in our country, then we could do away with much paper work. I read that a credit report actually contains your personal, financial, and employment history. Though there could be cases that there are some discrepancies, you could always dispute that and it would be updated, right? I have not really been researching about credit report here in our country but I might just do that next time. If there is none, then I think that we should have one. I am sure that if we would be provided a totally free credit report, then many would get one for themselves.


New account?

I am watching a late TV show right now. You know what? The term they are using for a new relationship is "new account". Funny, huh! Well, it is supposed to be a late comedy night talk show. Anyways, it keeps me awake and keep me company as I watch my son who is sleeping here at the living room. He does not feel well and needs more ventilation. Our living room has the biggest area in the house.

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No wasted effort

Infliction of personal injury is actually a very common case. However, I think that it is actually one of the most neglected cases also. Meaning, more often than not, such case would just be dismissed. That is very true for our country. I never heard of someone or an attorney here that is very much like that of a Morristown personal injury lawyer who is an expert in such cases. If there is one here, then maybe the victims of personal injury would really pursue his or her demand without hesitation that his efforts much just go to waste.

The authority figure in the house

My brother has a twelve year old son who is beginning to be confused about himself. It is hard to bring up a teenager. i was able to experience it when we were all still single. Of course the one who was responsible for the younger ones would be the older one. I have three younger siblings. The girl who came after me was easy to manage but the two younger boys, it was real hard.

I have a son and this early, I know that if not guided properly, he might grow to be spoiled being the only son. I am glad that he sees me as the authority figure in the house. I am more the disciplinarian. His mother is more tolerant.

Well, we parents can only do so much. After doing our best, all we could do is pray that our kids would grow up to be the persons that we want them to be. As our prayer goes, to be God fearing, God loving and a good member of the community.

One year supply

One of my brothers work for a construction company. He paid a visit last weekend. He was inviting us for the birthday celebration of his youngest daughter who happened to be a nurse. My niece graduated last year and also passed the nursing board the same year. Oh, my brother could never be so proud. One thing that he does not like though, it is whenever her daughter tells him of so many kinds of diseases like mesothelioma. That worries my brother because he is exposed to asbestos. I told him that his daughter is right. You know what he did? He bought one year supply of masks.

The daughter who loves gadgets

My friend's daughter loves taking pictures and videos. After taking some shots and motions, she would write something about it in her blog. She is nineteen years old. She is studious too and as a matter of fact, would already be graduating from college this March. For her thesis, she asked her Mom for a laptop! her mother gave in to her request since she knows that her daughter really needs it. Just a while ago, my friend called me and is asking about camcorders. She said that her daughter is asking for a camcorder this time. Well, I do not see anything wrong with it since it is a good investment. If they buy one, they could use it for a long period of time until they decide to replace it with a new one. I just told her to choose a good brand.

Stomach health

If there is an honest review about a colon cleanser, it is the Colonix review. It tells about the pros and cons and the precautionary measures that you need to keep in mind when you start taking the product. I never read such a review like that.

Anyways, I might start looking for a good colon cleanser. It is very important especially for me because I was diagnosed before to have some stomach bacteria. I spent a hefty sum for my previous medication. They say that I should do some detoxification at least once a week or better yet, avoid oily foods.


Thanks for the rain

I do not know if many people love the rain. I do. I love the rain. I would like to go out of the house and literally sing in the rain. I always think of rain as a blessing. Imagine, free water from the heavens. I love to water the plants and I do not have to that when it rains. Maybe I was a frog or a plant in my past life.

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My nurse friend

I am excited for my friend who is on training as a nurse right now. Well, she is already a registered nurse even in US as she recently passed the CGFNS. She would really like to land any of those jobs in health care. She would like to serve as a nurse. I admire her determination. She is one workaholic person. To think that she is still single and does not have much responsibilities like me. I pray that after her training, she would get that slot in one of the prestigious government hospitals here. She does not think of the salary anymore. She is more of to be able to use what she had learned and practice her profession.

Pretty and proud

Pretty and proud, is it not? That is how I see this elliptical. My wife is begging me to buy another exercise equipment. I am thinking of buying this elliptical. What do you think? I just hope that she would use this and would not just be another display in the house like the treadmill. It is rainy season here and we could not go out to jog or walk outside or else we might catch flu. Thanks to the inventors of these running machines, we could exercise at the comforts of our own homes.


Trendy look

Shopping is one of the things that I also like to do. Ironic for a man? Anyways, what caught my attention the last time that we went to the mall were those branded eyeglasses. I do wear eyeglasses already and I am thinking of replacing it. There are designs that I liked but those would not fit in to the budget. Then I remembered the $ 8 Rx eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. Yes, I could just search from there the design that I liked.Great news for parents who have kids who need prescription eyeglasses. Buy your children not only one but even more than two of those eyeglasses. It would also encourage your kids to wear the eyeglasses for better vision because of trendy looks available.This optical shop is now becoming more and more popular these days. I hope you catch Zenni Optical on TV!!!

Well, let your kids choose what they like and say, High Five to Zenni Optical!

Earth Song by Michael Jackson

This is one of the videos I love. This portrays Michael Jackson's love for the Mother earth.

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Pure gold

They say that everything would go down but the price of gold would not. I believe so. Actually, I am in favor of investing in gold. It does not have to be in form of a jewelry as women see that as an excuse to buy more jewelries that sometimes I find useless. I might be more convinced if you would ask me to invest in a gold bar or even gold coins. After all, appraisers or gold investors go for the actual grams of gold and do not look at its design or any other form of enhancement. Pure gold is still better.

Satellite disc piracy

Satellite disc piracy. Have you heard such thing? Well, who would not like nice TV reception for a one time fee?

I pity those who invested for that satellite signal.

We are paying monthly service fee for our subscription. Most of our neighbors do not. I already warned them that their service would disappear in no time because they are sort of just robbing it somewhere. In a nice manner of course.

do I envy them having the service for free? Not at all.

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Best time to shop?

It is 5 months and 24 days to go and it is Christmas time! Yeah, time flies so fast. Were you able to finish your goals for the first half of the year?

My ever cool wife who would always like to see the brighter side of things greeted me a Happy July first! What is good about July first? She said that it is the best time to shop to avoid the Christmas rush. Huh?

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Medical products for home use

I want to live long but I am afraid to be old and sickly. My wife studied geriatric rehabilitation and I was able to read some of her books also. I read about the need to use hydrophilic catheter and so many other things that an aged person needs especially when some his body systems are not that functional already. Well, it is a choice between wearing adult diapers or use of a catheter.

I would like to thank those who are continuously working hard to find ways to improve life. I must admit that this early, I am conditioning my mind that all of us will get old. All of us might need to be aided by medical products to survive.

I think even this early, we should invest or buy some health products and equipments. We already have a blood pressure monitor and of course a nebulizer which is being used by our asthmatic son.

Anyways, the best cure is still prevention.

Live a healthy life and live longer fruitfully!

Women and weather

I had the regular flu shot this year. For three days now, I am suffering from sore throat, cough and colds. It is really irritating. I do not like colds at all. I feel weak and moody. Maybe I caught the virus or I am affected by the fickle minded weather. In the morning until mid afternoon, it is always extra hot, as in real sunny. After 2PM, expect a heavy rain. I do not bring umbrella or raincoat always.

They say that women are like the weather. That fickle? I could tolerate their changing minds... what I could not bear is when they start to talk and do not stop at once. :)

Elvis and Michael

The rumor that Elvis did not actually die when they said that he died years ago was or is still being believed by the many. Now, it is Michael. Some people are saying that he might not actually be dead? Then, why come up with that pronouncement?

I do not think that death is something that should not be taken seriously. No one should play with death. Also, who would like to die? I do not think that Michael would like to exit like that.

Souvenir items

One of the things that the wedding coordinator thinks of is the wedding souvenir. Before, when you attend a wedding, expect that you would be given a candle or a picture frame or a figurine. You know,those usual stuffs. Today, there are so many unique wedding favor ideas to choose from. The last time that we attended a wedding, we received personalized chocolates. I think it is more practical. How many of us keep a cabinet with those tiny items? Better give something edible. The taste of that chocolate would forever linger in the memory of those who attended your wedding. Moreover, you could also give something that is usable like a tote bag, perhaps.

Anyways, leave it to the wedding coordinator? If you do not have one, http://weddingshop.theknot.com might be able to help you.

Computer mechanic

Go home early, Daddy! That was my son told me when I left home this morning. Well he knows that I am going to buy the needed parts for our desktop. He misses the computer a lot because he is only being given an hour to play.

My wife was constantly reminding me and sort of warning me to make sure that I would buy the correct parts. You know, I am not a computer mechanic. She was convincing me to just bring the computer to the repair shop. Or, maybe just buy a new one this December. But, I and my son could not wait anymore.

Anyways, I would give you an update if I am successful in the repair or not.

I am sunrise

You Are Sunrise

You enjoy living a slow, fulfilling life. You enjoy living every moment, no matter how ordinary.

You are a person of reflection and meditation. You start and end every day by looking inward.

Caring and giving, you enjoy making people happy. You're often cooking for friends or buying them gifts.

All in all, you know how to love life for what it is - not for how it should be.


Women love jewelries!

My sister loves jewelry. I have not given her any gift for her birthday the past years. Bad brother, huh! She had sold almost all of her true jewelries and she has stopped buying jewelries. Life is hard and she has two sons going to private schools. Education has always been her priority for her kids.

From time to time, our cousin abroad is sending her designer jewelry pieces. It makes her feel good. You know, women. They love bags, shoes, clothes and jewelries!

I am now secretly looking at a designer jewelry site that sells affordable costume jewelries. I am planning to buy some pieces for her and for my wife. They would never know how much is the real price not unless I tell them. I am sure that I could make them smile!


Sports minded

I think I need a new pair of eyeglasses. I thought my wife was searching for New York Yankees tickets all the while. Well, she was searching for New York State licensure exams requirements. Maybe I just incorporate New York to the Yankees. Who would not agree? Well, have you reserved your tickets, New Yorkers?

Here in our country, the only sport that I have watched live was the college Basketball tournament. That reminds me. I have to bring my son to sport events so that he would have some inclination to it instead of playing computer games the whole day.


I want to see my grandchildren

So, Michael is really dead! Thank you to Sandee for providing the link. It is confirmed. Now, I fear for my health. Okay, I am 48 years old. No, I do not want to die at 50. I still plan to see my grandchildren here on earth and never from above yet. My son is very young too! He is only five!

Before, I was telling myself that I do not like to get old, old. Or, maybe old and lonely? That is right. When I got married and now a Dad, I would like to live for as long as I can.

Death is fearsome. But, it is real. It would come to everyone. Let me be the last, please.

Study table

We need to replace the lamp at the living room. It is dim and not very good for reading. My son usually does his homework at the area. I am now looking for discount lighting because of budget considerations. Better yet, my son could just study somewhere else in the house where there is better lighting.

I am also thinking of making a study table with installed lighting so that it would really be more conducive for learning. Moreover, my son's eyes would not be harmed because of insufficient light. He could see his notes well.

I could still remember the one I made for my wife when she was still in College. If only I could pull that out from their old house. However, nobody lives there anymore. Too bad, she was not able to bring it here. Anyways, I would just make a new one.

Walk or jog

We have a treadmill in the house. Actually, we have other gym equipments. Call us health buffs? Well, we bought the treadmill four years ago and it still looks new until now! Nobody is using it. Now, my wife is thinking of selling it. She bought it for around 11K and someone is interested to buy it for only 5K. I told my wife that maybe if she is going to use that treadmill then she could get more than the monetary value it could give. Yes, those unwanted fats might just melt every time she walks or jogs on that treadmill.

Be healthy again

My wife is under strict blood pressure (BP) monitoring for two weeks. Her recent BP reading during her Physical Exam last week was 120/90. The doctor said that it is not good for her age and weight. Again, my wife was advised to lose some weight by good diet and exercise. Yesterday, she started her aerobic exercises but she only lasted ten minutes and she got tired already. But, it is okay. She is just starting. Now, regarding her eating habits, that she could not control. Maybe she needs to take an appetite suppressant this time. Well, she has to consult her doctor about it first.

I want my wife to be healthy again in the real sense of the word.


Goodbye, Michael?

MJ is in the news! He is dead? They said that he died of a cardiac arrest? Is it really true?

He is 50. Still very young!

I hope that a formal announcement would come out soon.

I do not want to believe hearsays... or I do not hear what I do not want to hear?

Yes, things that we could not accept, we hope that those are not true at all.

If Michael is really dead... let us all pray for the eternal repose of his soul.

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Read and check the labels

I like the new TV commercial of my son's favorite milk. It is very informative. It focused on the sugar content of the product compared with the other two equally popular milk product brands. It did not mention the other two brands but only identified as S and L. My son's milk is Nido. The commercial said that Nido has the least sugar thus we are getting more nutrition and value for our money. I am glad that we made the right choice. Thanks to my wife who is religiously reading labels.

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Sleep early, wake up early

I have not been around. Busy me. Classes here in our country already started. M son is in Prep now! I am so happy for him. He was excited to go to school. Would you believe that his schedule is 7AM? Even I could not get up in the morning to go out of the house that early! However, he sleeps early and wakes up early. Somehow, he understands and could calculate his need for sleep. Ha,ha,ha!

Til next time folks!

It is never too late

They say that regretting something could never be done first. Regret is always at the end. I should have taken any of the available online college courses in information technology because that is what I really want. I think I would excel in that field. Is it too late? Not at all. There is no required age nowadays. Anyone could go back to school and get a diploma without sacrificing their present jobs. Of course, it needs time and dedication. The school of choice is Capella University which had been in the business for more than ten years already. It had served more than 20,000 students from different countries. So, why not try it?

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Think more than twice

It is hard to decide especially when it seems that you really do not have any options in the first place. How ironic, huh?

I could still remember when I made the decision to go back home. There were rumors that our shop would close. I did not want to be jobless thus I just resigned from the job. I want to leave with pride, I guess. Now, our shop is still there, going strong. Did I make a wrong decision?

Before jumping into something, think many times.

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Always covered

When I was still working abroad, I remembered that my wife presented to me some travel insurance quotes. She said that her boss actually has this travel insurance so that he is sure that he is always covered. I did not listen to her. I told her that my company already paid for my travel insurance. She said that it was just the regular insurance that was required for every passenger. My wife wanted me to get a more comprehensive one.

I do not like to go bald

I color my hair. Okay, I am that conscious about having gray or white hair. Well, it shows my real age. Thus, why not hide it by using hair color? I know that it is not usual for a man to go for hair color. Moreover, I do the coloring on my own. Why not? There are many hair products available for sale. You just have to follow the instructions. How about another aging problem that is hair loss? Well, that is one thing I think I should give to the experts. Yes, I am considering to undergo hair loss treatments in the future. I do not like to go bald.

She is afraid to lose me

I ride the motorcycle. My wife always reminds me to wear my helmet and be careful at the road. I completely understand her worries because there have been many motorcycle accident reported cases that she saw in TV. Sometimes though, my wife has this long litany of what ifs and how should. She said that there are no lawyers here like that of a San Jose motorcycle accident attorney who would make sure that you get your claims or even more. I just laugh at my wife every time. She loves me so much and is afraid to lose me.


Certified diabetic?

The triad is polyphagia,polydipsia and polyuria.
I am only guilty of polyphagia, I guess.
I always feel hungry.
Last night, after dinner, I even drank a glass of my favorite drink.
My wife was tryig to tell me to stop.
I told her, I still feel hungry.
Maybe because we are not really water drinkers?
We prefer juice or soft drinks for water.

I have not gone to the doctor after I finished my one month program. I lost weight. I felt better. However, I went back to my old eating habits too.

Anyways, it would be June 1 on Monday. It would be a good date to start my health watch again

The kid in me

Summer is about to start! Where are you headed? If I were to be asked, I would like to take one of those Orlando vacations. There are packages that you and your kids would surely enjoy. How about a trip to the Sea World or play with their favorite cartoon characters, live in person? One of the places I would also like to go is the Universal Studios. You know, picture taking with the stars! I would also like to watch the featured 4 D movies there. I am sure that it would be thrilling! Okay, it is most of all for my kid and of course, the kid in me!

Battle with the bulge

The longest and most difficult battle my wife is still facing right now is her battle with the bulges! Now, she is reading diet pills comparison books. I could not tell her but really, the secret maybe is cutting on her food intake? I might be affected too if I would say that to her! :) I do not want to get hungry! Only she needs dieting. Not me!

Play, fun and more fun!

Who does not like to have the Disney experience? It is both for adults and children. It is fun to see Mickey and friends. Though there is Disneyland in Asia already, I would like to go to Disney Florida. Yes, I would like to set foot on the green land. Why Florida? Why not? There are still more to Florida after Disney! I would like to go to Westgate too! After the play and the fun at Disneyland, there is still more at Westgate! You could enjoy swimming with your kids. You could also do boating and fishing! How cool is that!

In time for the school days

Our desktop is busted! I have been trying to repair it and it is still down for almost five days now! My son is quite sad because he could not play online anymore. My wife does not allow him to use the laptop for computer games. She is afraid that it might be go down too.

Well, maybe it is time for our computer desktop to go? It had served us for more than six years already, anyways. Now, I have to convince my wife to buy a new one. However, I know that he got a point when she mentioned that it is a blessing in disguise. School days are here again and without the computer which serves as a temptation for my son, he would be able to concentrate on his studies.

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So what if he is gay?

Hello to all! I have been quite busy! It is obvious, huh! I have not updated this blog for so long.

So, it was Kris Allen that won the AI season! My wife was right after all. Adam Lambert might have been the most talented person in that contest but it was still a voting campaign? It meant that more people love Kris?

One of my friends who is a gay said that maybe it was because of his admission? I would like to think that it was not the reason. So what if he is gay? I know that America is not discriminatory. People just love Kris.

What could I say? Congratulations to Kris Allen though his triumph is still being questioned by Adam Lambert's fans.


The signal is clear

This new direct TV service gets my interest these days. I am a member of a forum of people who are interested and use satellite service. In our country, there was only one provider of the service until this new provider came into the picture. It is promising as one of the members of the forum posted the screen shot of their LCD HDTV opened showing a local TV show. The signal was really clear!

My nephew and the SD

My nephew was navigating my wife’s phone yesterday. He was so curious about it and he tried to remove the micro sd from its slot. When he put it back, there was a disk error prompt and instruction to remove it then insert it again. He panicked. My wife told him that he had nothing to worry about because he is more important than the micro sd.We could just buy a new one if ever it was corrupted already.

Burn the fat

She is reading a weight loss pill review again! One of her office mates told about her about this diet pill that seems effective to her. According to her colleague, she is only on her fourth day of taking it and she already saw some visible results. Her flabs were starting to feel soft as if the fat stored there are slowly but surely being burnt.


Nobody wants a sickly employee

My wife kept on ranting about her salary increase for this year. She is thankful though about the increase. The company she is working for has always been generous. I asked her what went wrong. She said that her being late most of the time and her being absent from the office when she was sick affected her evaluation. She understand it very well though. She told me that nobody wants a sickly employee.

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