Birthday celebration

So, what did I do for my birthday? Are you thinking that I might have had that Cancun Adults Only vacation? A week there could really be lovely. I should have my wife (of course!) with me. That could be a perfect second honeymoon? Staying at the luxurious hotel room, having spa together, walk at the beach under the moonlight, enjoy fine dining while being at the heart of nature... Beautiful! I wish I had a birthday celebration like that.

However, I did not. We went to her hometown to attend a very important family event. Somehow, it was a quiet formal celebration. I met more of her relatives. We did not have a grand wedding that was why most of them have not seen me yet. I am glad that I was able to do away with the usual scrutinizing interviews from the conservative family like what do I do, where I graduated from, who are my parents, where I am from and the like.

All in all, it was a good birthday. I could not ask for more. Maybe, next time, I would have that vacation. I mean, we...

Sweet Sandee

I have been away from a while and I was as always surprised by the sweetness of one dearest blogger. Who else but Sandee! Hey, I got the most number of birthday greetings from you! Thank you very much! I really appreciate that!

I was about to lie down and take a few minutes rest but then again I decided to open my blog. I have not really seen this for almost a week now. As usual, I check on the comments to see who took time to see what's up here. Well, almost all of the posts have comments! All of those are birthday greetings from Sandee! That is real sweet and I could not help but get up and write this post to thank her.

Thanks again, Sandee!

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General check up

I had a general check up of sort today. I am alarmed because of my high blood pressure, tension headache and neck pain. My vision is blurred too. I easily get irritated. Oh, I was afraid and still is. Dying is not yet listed in my plans. Our boy is still very young and I think my wife could not survive just yet alone. I want to live a very long happy life. So, I decided to go for check up. The diagnosis? Obviously, hypertension. Diabetes Mellitus and Hyperlipedemia have to be ruled out though. I went through a series of lab tests including an ECG. Blood culture is to follow tomorrow. It could not be done today because it requires a 12 hour fasting NPO. I hope everything would be fine. I know that after the doctor had seen the results, it would mean some sacrifices in terms of food and alcohol intake. Moreover, it could mean a total change in lifestyle. Oh, since I know already what to do, why did I still go to the doctor? Oh, people always need confirmation. That does not exclude yours truly.

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Surprise me!

My birthday would be on January 25! Yey! Gifts of all sorts are welcome, guys! I am not that choosy! Kidding aside, I am thinking of buying something for myself. Oh, the kid in me is acting up again and I want a PSP, would you believe? Well, I am really into gadgets. My wife said that she would not give in and maybe would just get a new camcorder. What we have now is real obsolete and it is actually only borrowed from my sister, lol! I do not know, maybe she would surprise me with something? That is what I observed with married couples, no more elements of surprise. I think we should work on that. I will talk to her about it. Yeah, in time for my birthday!


Thoughts on Obama

When there is recession in US, it means recession around the world. Almost all countries in the world are affected. It is like, US recession means global recession. Putting Obama into office is right timing? He promised to cope up and meet the expectations of US citizens. Filipinos do count on him too, I guess.

Hopefully the man could really live to his slogan, "Yes, we can."
His track record as a public servant even before the presidency so far is impressive. That made him won the elections, right?

Action should start with each one of us though. Whatever we dream or aspire, it depends on us first. As they say, you reap what you sow.


Once afraid

My wife is a graduate of Physical Therapy and she was able to study some pediatric conditions like cerebral palsy in her medical subjects. Because of this she developed a fear before about bearing a child. However, she knows that through proper natal care and prayers, everything would be fine. When she gave birth, she made sure that our child was being watched in the nursery. she did not want anything happen to our child because she knows that accidents in hospitals might also cause affectations that might be irreversible.



Multitasking, this is a favorite word of my wife. Well, it is very true for her. She always multitask. Women are experts in that area. They could talk hours over the phone while watching TV! Lol! Kidding aside, compared to men, women are really great when it comes to doing two things at the same time. Like blogging while washing clothes and at the same time cooking and washing the dishes, huh! Yes, I got one hell of a woman here. She could do all that. I wonder why her weight continues to increase though despite all the physical and brain activities that she does. Maybe, she needs something like Leptovox to do some multitasking also in burning those fats.


Now it is a big ground for Lil Rounds

It is the AI ground for Lil Rounds. She was the last to audition in Kansas. According to the judges, she was the best they had seen so far. I think she is another Melinda in terms of voice quality. Lil has more stage presence and star quality though because she is younger. Nice name, Lil Rounds. Be ready for your bigger ground! Is she my favorite? It is too early to say. Let us wait for the final twelve. Now that would mean more and more posts until the final night of AI! I hope you do not get tired reading about it.

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Check your car

It is the time of the year again that everything has to be checked to make sure that all is set for another twelve months. Like for cars, make sure that those performance parts are well maintained or replace if necessary. I suggest that you do not go to a second best automotive shop or worse, to those stores that sell affordable yet low quality spare parts. Go for the best. That is what National Speed could give you. Why not try it and see the difference?

The moving brand

If you have packing, moving or storing needs, boston moving company has gotten it. They could meet your requirement be it residential, corporate, international, just storage or even portable container. No worries since this company has been in the business for over 40 years. It could boast of good service. You could only expect the highest quality of service that they provide to their customers. Their employees are well compensated and well trained from the driver down to the packers. Two factors that are very important commanding exemplary customer service towards satisfaction of every person that or establishment that would hire them. Everybody benefits from each other. Its biggest achievement so far that just by hearing this, no one would have second thoughts of hiring them was the safe transfer of a $135 Million dollars worth painting No scratches, steady and just on its same condition. Who could beat that? Oh, I am sure if my friend who is brand conscious would hire a company in case she would transfer to another place, I am sure that she would hire these Boston movers. Yes, I think that when it comes to moving, it is the brand! So, why look at others?


The blind, the bikini girl and the new judge

Watching the late telecast of the pilot episode of American Idol was all worth it, I guess. I was entertained and I am writing it right now. First item that caught my attention? Well, the new judge, of course! KARA DIOGUARDI. She is a song writer and a record producer as I have read in the American Idol site. I could say that she could sing really well too after that argument/ challenge with the contestant in that bikini outfit. Wohooo! Well, it was obvious that the guys would put her through the next round. I also think that it is to give some spice to the show. AI always has that.

The pilot episode's last AI wannabee was the blind man. His story was really inspiring and yes, he could sing.

I am looking forward to the next episodes. AI is the only show that I and my wife watch together. We sort of judge and make bets if a contestant would make it or not.

photo taken from: http://www.americanidol.com/bio/kara_dioguardi

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Study online

There are times that you get bored of your normal routine. It seems like you want something more. A breath of fresh air maybe. Anything that would cause a break on that monotony in your life. You want more to do. You want to achieve better. Contemplating on these things, you begin to realize, do I need to look for another job? The next question is where would you go if ever? Actually, with the global crisis going on, everyone should stick to the job that he or she has. A continuous education might be the answer like perhaps getting an online university degree. I, actually am thinking of that. I realized that if you would like to increase your core value, an added diploma could help you with that.

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.

Back to reality

I really admire those who could update their blogs regularly. Yes, I think it should be a habit. As of me, there are times that I absent myself from the blogging world. It is not actually a choice but because of so many factors. For this week, reasons are: house construction, back to school of the kiddo,and of course, back to office! Oh, I miss that very long vacation last Holidays. Now, everything is back to reality!

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Thank you, brothers

The advantage of having many brothers is that you have someone to depend on in so many things. I have five brothers. Our late father thought us his skills in carpentry, painting, plumbing and electrical maintenance. Actually, we had accepted some projects in the past.

Today, we all have our own families. There are times that we need some house repairs or home improvement activities. Well, should I look elsewhere for help? No need! I could always ask my brothers. Yes, for free! Imagine that saving from fees that I do not have to pay anymore. I could have not dictate time though because they could only do that during their free days. Well, beggars could not be choosers, as they say

I think I had mentioned already about the needed improvement for our house. My brothers are helping me right now.

Thanks again, dearest brothers.


Another ring for her birthday

Come to think of it, I have not been giving real gifts to my wife for quite some time now. Well, I mean those women things like perfume, jewelries, bags and shoes. She is the one holding the budget, that is why. Lol! Anyways, her birthday is on April 22 and I think I have enough time to save for a piece of a Designer Jewelry. Would you believe that the only jewelry I gave to her was our wedding ring? If you would consider watches as pieces of jewelry then that makes it watches and a ring. All the rest like her earrings, necklaces and bracelets were purchased by her. Diamonds are forever and it so happened that her birthstone is a diamond. Do you think four months is enough for me to be able to have the cash to buy one?

I plan to buy her another ring. See the one in the picture? It looks so real, right? She actually has a pair of earrings with that design already so why not match it with a ring? Yes, I could afford it. Who could tell that it would only cost me less than a hundred dollars? No one! It is perfectly crafted and of high quality. That is only from HolstedJewelers.com. There are lots of beautiful things in that site that would touch a woman’s heart.


Excited for American Idol 2009

We were having lunch and as we turned the remote control from channel to channel, we passed by Star World with the American Idol season 6 marathon. ( By the way, we promised to eat at the dining table instead of eating in front of the TV as we used to for most of the past year. Okay, we had our first violation. Start to first step again at dinner if we would have one tonight inside the house. We plan to go out since it is a Sunday.) It was still fun to watch and entertaining. Well, I just thought that it was how the Americans really put value to their rights? Everyone could audition and no initial screening whatsoever? Well, there were aspirants who were not deserving even to audition at all. They ended up being ridiculed and heart broken. I feel especially for those sixteeners who were given false hopes by their parents maybe? That they could really be the next American Idol? That is crap! It could have a psychological impact on them. Am I just being so serious? Well, maybe because I could not stand such honesty from the judges especially from Simon. There was one episode when Randy was cruel also. Paula did not have to say anything but you could always see on her face her disgust or likeness for a contestant.

Anyways, I am excited for the next season. The initial telecast would be on January 14! I already marked our calendar. I love American Idol. I could sing and play the guitar. No, it never entered my mind to enter any contest. I am too shy for that. I did though when I was a student. You know, all those school programs and your classmates and teachers adored you. That ended there, though.

I watched from Carrie to Taylor to Jordin and to David Cook… Who would be the next American Idol?

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Reservations online

Have you experienced lining up for New York Yankees tickets or any favorite game that you would like to watch? It really takes much of your time especially during the finals season. I could still remember that university basketball championship game that I watched years ago. Whew! We had to use influence just to get those tickets for the front row. It was all worth it though. We were able to witness one hell of a game!

Good thing these days you could already make ticket reservations online.

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For all from all walks of life

Uh,oh! My cousin has been playing slots again! I think she always go there every payday? I hope she wins more! She loves the game! I wonder about the enjoyment she gets from it that she keeps coming back. Well, each of us has his own idea of entertainment, right? I know someone who goes to yachting every weekends. Others go to road tripping, clubbing, cruising or to the extremes of staying home to watch television or spend big money on a casino.To each his own as one might say.

Talking about casinos, it is quite important to me since one of my family members go there. I hope she could consider my suggestion of playing online. That would be a good compromise between her and her husband and daughter who had been airing their contradictions about it. Since they could not totally make her stop then maybe she could stay home being the mother of their household. Maybe she could also explain it to them why she loves to play slots.Anyways, playing online casino is already making waves thus security could be assured. Moreover, she could have more control of her game and even track her winnings. One thing more about online casino, it is no longer for the wealthy only or for those royalty. No gowns or suits. It is for everyone from all walks of life. You could play at the comforts of your own home! Just make sure to download it from the trusted source. Get it from the leader, Golden Palace Casino.It is is powered by Playtech online casino software you can be sure that you are on the safe site.

A woman's favorite online game

Funny but since we still have to go to the office even if it was a non-working Holiday, we actually had nothing to do in the office! Well, I could say that it was a wrong decision to put a very big number of skeletal force. Imagine 7 days of extra pay to the employees! I think everybody would like to take a leave and there were only a few persons who would like to get that additional compensation. I salute everyone who loves working during Holidays. I am just thinking though if it was for work or because of actually not working but still being paid for it. Yes, there are still things to be done during those days but people tend to be slack and do not give their one hundred percent compare to working on a normal day. It is a Holiday! That would be the reasoning that you would hear from them. Okay, that includes me. Why am I saying this? Well, I saw people in the computer room playing games. I wonder if it was their break time. Even the female population in our office are now hooked with those game downloads. The favorite is Diner Dash. Well it is about working in a diner and making the customers at ease and pleased with the speed of service, cleanliness and good food! There was even a criteria in the game about seating the customers at the right company. You know, do not sit those serious ones near the loud ones or they would leave. Okay, yes, it is a holiday, thus I could observe those things, lol! Well, at least there is something you could get from that game,huh! I checked where it was downloaded from and found out that it is one of the Casual Games Downloads at ChocoSnow.com. Okay, I have to find a game that is more manly? There is a game there called Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe. There are free trials for one hour then you could buy and download the full game if you liked it.