Make it easy

It is the time of the year again that we file our income tax. Well, I looked at my form and I saw how much I had given to the government last year. I do go through my payslip every month and I wonder where those deductions go.

What do you pay for every month? I pay for social security system contributions, tax, insurance, health care and others. Sometimes, I am wondering what if I just stop paying? Oh, if it would only be possible. I think I would rather go to independent institutions that I am sure would be able to help me in the future if the unexpected would happen. Example is going to Allsup. I should have told my sister-in-law about this. Maybe she was able to claim her social security disability benefits for the six months that she was not able to walk not after the condition but even during that period.

If you know someone who is having a hard time to get such benefit, hen you might want to tell them about Allsup. They would make things easier.


How to make it in life

We could now feel the economic crisis. It is now a personal experience. Before, it was just hearing the news about life's hardships. I could say that we are still on that mid level of the society. Actually, I am not really a worrier. We were raised like that. We know that we just have to be thankful for each day that we survive. Having come from a big family, we are seven kids, I know that everything would be fine. I saw it as I grew up. My late parents worked hard though to feed us and to send us to school. That is why, I am forever greatful to them.

Now, I am a parent myself. Usually, the burden of raising a family is on the shoulders of the father. Today, it is joined efforts by both the husband and wife. The female population is now a major part of the working group. Multiple jobs are also common. It is not new in other countries but here, it is just starting. You would see a teacher selling goods during break time in school. My wife always comes home with either shoes or bags or clothes that her office mate sells and could be paid in installment basis. Everybody is trying to earn extra income just to survive and cope up with the basic needs in life. They are lucky if they could still insert some fun like watching movies or dining out.

My wife and I am thinking of putting up a business. I am now looking for some guides and tips from Executive Book Summaries. Knowing how the top CEOs made it would really help.

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Coffee and tea at the balcony

I am very excited about the construction of the second floor of our house. I am thinking of a small balcony where we could have our coffee and tea. I am looking forward to all those small talks under that big sky. It would be a great bonding opportunity instead of sitting at the living room with that small box. I am really excited! Yesterday, I was at the mall and visited my favorite store. I hope that it would offer some discount lighting fixtures. If not, I would just let the million of stars light our every night.


Watching Oscars

Yes, it is Monday morning here and I am watching the Oscars! Penelope Cruz won the Best Supporting Actress award! Congratulations!

Anyways , just a while ago, I had watched a great opening number by the host- Hugh Jackman! Anne Hathaway helped out! That was a blast. Anne has always been my favorite. I am so glad that I am here lazing around. No work today! I am all alone here at the living room. Wife is out, son is at my sister's place.

Hmmm... those two could really sing? And Hugh is a comedian? Anyways... I am not really interested on who would win. I just want pure entertainment.

After one month... excited to see my doctor

Tomorrow, I would go back to the hospital for another bout of tests. I lost around ten pounds already since last month. I feel light though and I can breathe well. I have not been doing some exercise, only sensible eating. Almost everything in the house is sugar free. Thank you to those juice makers. I have not tried sugar free ice cream though. The grocery store near us does not have one. I sure hope that the results will be okay and I could go back satisfying my sweet tooth. with that thought, I am excited to see my doctor tomorrow.

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Do some research first

Before purchasing an item, I do some research first. I make sure that whatever I would buy would suit our budget without sacrificing quality. Moreover, it must be something I like.

I was diagnosed with possible diabetes lately. I just noticed that my vision is becoming blurry. The reason is because my blood is now sugary. I am now taking some medicines but still it would not immediately make my vision lighter. Much more, it would not bring back my eyesight to a clear 20-20. I need to wear eyeglasses.

Here comes the instinct of searching for eyeglasses online.I found Zenni Optical in the New York Times?!. It is featured in one of the articles there about money. The title of the article is Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank. Zenni deserved to be featured there because of its Prescription eyeglasses for only $8! More than that, this online shop for eyeglasses could really compete with those branded ones because of the so many stylish designs to choose from.


Learn your lessons

It must be painful for a person when he becomes unwanted. But what if, it is because of his own mistakes that made him like that?

Forgive and forget? What if there are painful traces of that past? It is really hard to be in that situation. It is easy to forgive but to forget is another story.

There are some people who are very good though. They are like Saints! They have been beaten out yet they still welcome that person with loving arms. Beat me again?

There would come a time though that your heart would just be immune. It might even turn into a stone and just die. No emotions. No nothing.

How about you? Do you learn your lessons or just keep on trying?

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A Valentine Treat!

Whoever invented Valentine's Day, I would like to thank him! well, a least there is a dedicated day that would really remind us to stop and think about our loved ones. We are always on the go and have busy lives and yes, we should always show our love everyday but still, to make it more special even for a day would really make a heart happier. So, by Saturday, any idea of where to go? I am sure that many would be at weekend getaways. How about me? My wife reads this blog all the time so I might not just write it so that there would be some element of surprise.


Better be safe than sorry

One of our closest friends do not go to the malls for shopping. Yes, she does everything online. Her husband is not surprised anymore whenever someone knocks at their gate to deliver goods. She bought all of her baby’s things online from the tiny clothes to feeding bottles. Would you believe that she already purchased not one but two car seats? According to her, a car seat is a necessity. She is very protective of her daughter.

We do not have that item yet in our list because we do not even have our own car yet. Lol! However, I do agree with our friend that a car seat is a must. It is not only for babies but also for toddlers and kids up to 8 years old. You know, these children could not control their excitement sometimes especially when they are amused by things they see outside.

There are different kinds of car seats. For infants, it would be practical to purchase an infant car seat cum carrier. You could use it even outside the car. I would prefer one that could be altered also in terms of how the baby or child would face you.

Our son is already five years old right now. We do plan to buy our own car in the very near future. I think a car seat would still be useful by that time. Better be safe than sorry.

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Sugar free coffee

My wife is the sweetest in the whole wide world. She always make sure that I get what I need. I mentioned that I went for a general check up and the results are in! I have potential Diabetes Mellitus and Dyslipedemia that if not prevented would progress into something to worse. My blood sugar and cholesterol count are high. So, the verdict? I should stay away from anything sugary from then on. I told my doctor that my wife would not be happy. She asked why? Well, I told her that because my wife is sweet. Lol! Anyways, it has been 16 days since I stopped eating ice cream, cake, donuts and anything that has sugar in it. I have not been drinking coffee also. My rice consumption is also limited to one cup per meal. You know excess carbohydrate becomes sugar also. My wife is very strict with my diet. No chicken skin and pork fat too! All fish and tofu.

One day, she came from the office. She called me and told me that she has a surprise for me. Wow! She bought me a sugar free coffee mix. Yes, she knows that I love coffee in the morning. I really like her little surprises. I did not ask for that. I was just asking her where she put the remaining low calorie sugar sachets that she used during her three day diet. Well I want to put some on my oatmeal.

The work up would be for a month. After that, I would be having the same tests again to see if I followed doctor’s advice. I hope so because I could say that I am a very good patient.

thanks to photobucket.com for the photo


Quiet life

I have always dreamt of a quiet life. I consider living in a mountain provided that there is electricity there and internet connection. I want to buy a farm perhaps and grow Fig trees, mango trees, apple trees and all other kinds of fruit bearing trees. I would have birds also and some animals like horses, chickens, goats, cows, and some pet animals too! Am I dreaming big? Well, it would not cost me a dime! To realize that vision would!

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Good finds

My wife loves promotional products! That is what she looks for whenever she goes to the supermarkets or even at the malls! You know, all those promo items that you could get for free for a certain amount of purchase or pay for it at a lesser price. She already have a collection of these items and I think it is already a habit of her so I am prepared to see more of those in the near future. Well, I just have that there would be some good finds next time.

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Waste of time

Have you watched the film- The day that the earth stood still? My nephew asked me to convert the DVD format into an MP4 format. I was the rest day of my wife too so she decided to watch it on her laptop. She asked me if it was a good film. I did not want to really spoil anything so I told her to just finish it.

After more than an hour she told me that it was a waste of time. Oh, should I instead had told her ahead?

The film started to be promising, somehow the usual sci-fi flick that we like. However, there was really nothing into it. Well, it tried to say that we have to take care of our mother earth or else it would be destroyed by some unknown external forces. Keannu, the " representative" saw the love between Helen and her stepson and that was enough for him to convince their " group" to leave the earth. Oh, the movie was not well executed at all.

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