Where is the fire?

Michael or Matt? Michael was booted out of the latest A.I. season. If you would ask me, I know that he would not make it to the finals. It is already obvious who would be left and who the judges like. It is always the more experience who prevails. Unless there would be the like of Sanjaya again who made it far to the top five or six? The Indian community is that big also in casting their votes. Is Anoop an Indian? In that case, he has a bigger chance to remain. Well, Anoop can sing well and has this special charm. I am quite disappointed though that there is not much fire in this season. Or, maybe it is because of the overall situation of the economy again that it affects everything? I think the organizers of the show also feel what I feel because as far as I have been watching American Idol, only this season that I saw so many featured guest artists. That is good by the way. At least I have something to look forward to.

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Light conversations

We are talking about water retention last night. My wife discovered another excuse why she is continuously gaining weight. Actually, she came from a big dinner and she told me that she ordered bottomless iced tea. My wife always make it a point that whenever she orders bottomless, she would have minimum three glasses. She said that is to get her money's worth.Anyways, the rest of her dates also ordered bottomless. One of her friends informed her that whatever amount she takes in, she has to take it out. My wife was amazed and concluded that maybe that was the reason why her friend is petite and slim. She does not retain any fluid inside her body at all! I told my wife that maybe that it is a factor or maybe she needs a Colonix. Yes, from the word, colon, Colonix. Sounds like a gay lingo or a medical term? Anyways, I think all of us inside the house need detoxification and colon cleanse. Constipation also makes a person bloated. Now, my wife has another reason for being on the heavy side. Oh, how I love her! I really enjoy light conversations like this though weight or being overweight is really a serious matter.

Practical choice

I like the Grohe faucet that I saw at Faucet.com. I think it would suit our bathroom sink. Yes, I have not finished our bathroom. It has to wait until I take another leave from the office. Actually, we do not have yet a bathroom sink also. That is why, I am having frequent trips to the hardware store and do it yourself shops at my favorite malls. My wife's birthday is nearing and since it is austerity, I would just give her this gift. Isn't it very practical? All of the family members would benefit from it. Kidding aside, it was her idea.


Unbreakable or Global Crisis?

I have not been a worrier. It could be seen at my face. I look ten years younger than my real age. I do not think much of problems. I take one day at a time. Money is never an issue to me. When I have it, I spend it. If you come to me for help, you would never have to say it twice. Then, I would forget about it. Then, I realized, my outlook in life is also ten years younger or even more than my real age? The present global crisis really hits me.

I came to this realization as we are about to watch the late Sunday night show. It is a choice between Unbreakable and a documentary on global crisis, entitled: Walang Pera (No Money). What did I choose? The latter. My wife did not argue. Thanks to online movies!

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Conveying to people the value that they would get by buying online particularly on a specific site that sells items at a lower price or offers a better deal is not easy. You really have to get certain personalities with great talent to convince and eventually convert subscribers into a real Sale, do you agree? I, myself need to hear it from a reputable person before I buy something. I think all businessmen know that. Look at any form of media and those products that succeed in the market are those that are being endorsed by known individuals. Let us all hope that their salary would not be charged on the product that would make its tag price higher. So, why not see it for yourself and try it? You could tell.


Two points for the good lady

My wife bought an educational plan for our son. It was a good decision on her part when I was still working abroad. She also got an insurance for her. Another great move. Two points for the good lady! I am saying this because as I studied the insurance rates today, I could say that she got a good deal.

There are many ways to invest and getting an insurance is one. Just make sure though that you get a plan that you could afford. Study the options also and the money back guarantee. After all, every single penny is a fruit of your labor.


American Idol Top Ten

I have heard the American Idol contestants, specifically the top 11 all sang for the first time yesterday. Well, for my pick? I think as the judges want them also, it would be a toast between Danny and Adam. My wife likes Anoop and Kris for obvious reasons? I think it would be men again just like last year. I am still expecting some turtles coming out of their shells in the next episodes, though. It is too early to tell.

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My worried wife

My wife has been worrying about me ever since I went for a general check up and was diagnosed to have DM and dyslipidemia. My doctor also sent me to a neck x-ray and the more that my wife became disturbed after seeing the results. Yes, she is afraid that I might die soon. Everyday she checks on me on how do I feel and if ever I had a headache or anything. Maybe she is making a tally? All these days, she had been trying to search the net for my condition. Maybe she does not trust the doctors or she just like to have some peace of mind.

I have been complaining of neck pain and x-ray showed that there is straightening of my cervical spine and fusion of C6 and C7 vertebra. The postural change is causing my neck muscles to become spastic thus the pain. The fusion, that she has to find out. After searching the web, fusion is a surgical procedure that is necessary to protect the underlying structures like the spinal cord and nerves.

I pray though that I would still live long. Our child is still very young. I do not know how my wife would be able to get through life if ever I would be gone. Sometimes, even I, am afraid to close my eyes for fear that I would not be able to open them again. Morbid, huh! Who is not afraid to die?

No one could tell though how long would we stay here on earth. That is why we have to be prepared. Live life to the fullest if possible. Show our love before it is too late.

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She is ready

There are some news at the office of my wife that a few of the employees would lose their jobs. That would be so sad. The consolation is the exit package that would be given. Many are thinking about gold investing. Well, it has been at their office even before. My wife was able to buy some gold jewelries from her entrepreneur blooded colleagues. The value of gold appreciates over the years. That would be a wise investment.

As of my wife, I do not know about her standing at their office. But you know what? She has so many plans and she told me that whatever happens. she is ready for it. I really admire her strength.